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  1. Hi! Yes, it is vanilla, i was playing multiplayer without mods and found this fish in a car with fishing loot the strange thing is that in English it is called "sunfish", although in Russian it was written bluegill
  2. Why can't I clean a denim rag in the lake? By the way, for some reason, the red pop-up window says: "Drinking dirty water is dangerous, sterilize it by boiling it over a fire."
  3. btw, sometimes, when taking water from a reservoir, the sound of water being drawn from the tap is played
  4. Hi, I noticed a small problem with a lit candle, and it is that if you light it and place it somewhere with "place item", it will have the texture of a regular candle, and also wont shine, wasting durability
  5. Another bug when trying to place a wall shelf, it is placed much higher than the specified place
  6. Hi, I noticed an unpleasant bug when, when entering a garage by car, all 3D models simply disappear. When you leave the car, everything returns
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