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  1. Version 41.71 (save originates from 41.70). Singleplayer. No mods. Sadly no easy and quick way of reproducing this I'm afraid. During my current and longest run so far I've encountered some performance issues. I've started in Riverside and made my base there. After around 5-6 months I've started experiencing framerate drops while going through the town, the problem was getting worse as time went on. Some time later the framerate was unbearable so I travelled across different towns spending a few months out of Riverside. My run ended with death in Louisville after over 1 year into the apocalypse. I've decided to make a new character and hop in debug mode to see if the issue in Riverside still persisted, and sure enough it did. In the middle of the town I get framerates below 20 fps (around 10 fps during thunderstorms), for reference I normally have between 60 and 144 fps depending on where I am and the weather (worst case it drops to around 40-45 when driving at high speed, fully zoomed out during thunderstorm). My guess is that the performance is heavily impacted by the dried up blood on the streets which never seem to disappear and ash piles left after burning zombies, which also never disappear. If my assumption is correct, the easy fix for that would be having blood and ash disappear over time or during rain. Below is a quick video of me going around the "lag zone" in debug mode with fps counter in the top left. As you can imagine driving a car through this is a nightmare.
  2. This reminds me of carrying a bag full of loot in my hand and being jumped by a zombie. When you pull out a two handed weapon the bag just goes into your inventory instantly making you over encumbered. I think those bags should be dropped on the ground in that case.
  3. I've mentioned that in my original post. Not sure what you mean with these icons but that would most likely require devs to design additional icons into the game.
  4. Version 41.71 (new save) Singleplayer No mods Reproduction steps: Enable search mode and choose a focus category. Discover an item. Walk far away from the item and go back. Due to how search focus works, sometimes previously discovered item will turn into a new one from focus category. Pick up the item. You will receive the original item instead of the new one.
  5. Hello! All of you know the struggle of searching for one particular item in a long list of things in your car's trunk. Want to grab the gas can from the trunk? Sure, just need to scroll through all the tools, fishing gear and loot first. Or maybe you want to move the currently equipped screwdriver back to your backpack after dismantling that TV? No problem! just scroll through all the equipped clothing first. We've all been there, scrolling through a long list to find something is a big but painful part of this game. Now there's one method of getting rid of the clutter especially in trunks. Just grab a trash bag or other lightweight container, rename it to "Tools" and put all your tools in it, then put that container in the trunk. This is nice, however you can't take items from a nested container, so now to get your tools you first need to either equip that container or drop it on the ground and then put it back in. This is only a little bit less annoying than scrolling through a giant list of items. To fix this issue I'd like to suggest implementation of custom categories a player could create. This would work in a following way: The player can select multiple items in their inventory or a container and right click on them to have an option "Create category". This would bring up a window where we choose our category name. After choosing the name, all of selected items would be collapsed into a single category "item" in the inventory. The created category can be expanded and collapsed to access the items inside in similar way we can expand and collapse a list of many of the same item we have. Items can be added to the category by dragging them into the expanded list, and similarly they can be removed from the category by dragging them out of it. All of the items in the category should behave as if they were normally in the inventory i.e. be available for crafting - categories are meant to help with clutter, they are not containers. Moving a category between containers should not break the category i.e. if I have a hammer and saw in a category "Tools" in my trunk and I drag the category to my inventory I should end up with that category in my inventory with hammer and saw in it. However I should also be able to expand the category inside the trunk and grab a single item from it. Category would be removed by right clicking on it and selecting an option "Remove category", this would return all items inside the category to how they appear in the inventory normally. That being said, taking all the items out of the category should not remove the category itself, it should remain as "empty" category that can accept items back into it. I would also like to suggest adding an option in the game settings to allow players to choose how many lines they want to scroll through at a time. This is currently set to one line per scrolling step, which is too low. I hope you like the idea. I'd love to hear what you guys think.
  6. Version 41.71 (new save) Singleplayer No mods Reproduction steps: Check the model of radio installed in a car or install one yourself. Notice the parameters of the radio. Get in the car and open the radio. All radios are converted to "WaveSignalDevice" with parameters of a basic ValuTech Radio. Radios with higher frequency range will loose the benefit and are defaulted to 88 MHz - 108 MHz. Premium Technologies Radio will loose it's ability to play CDs. Ham Radios will loose their two-way communication capabilities.
  7. I was about to make a suggestion regarding cruise control setting so I'll add my thoughts to this post. The fact that cars now remember the last speed cruise control was used at is very nice, but this also creates the problem of not being able to adjust said speed fast enough. As mentioned above having cruise speed set to something high and wanting to lower it quickly requires clunky sequences of actions such as lowering the cruise speed by 5, braking, lowering it again, braking and so on. I propose a new way of using cruise control: Cruise control speed is adjusted by holding down SHIFT key and using mouse scroll wheel. Setting the cruise control speed should be possible both during it being active, and being inactive as a way of pre-setting the speed for later. There should be no forced delay between subsequent changes to allow for fast adjustment with the scroll wheel. Keep the current method of turning cruise control on - SHIFT + W. Keep the current method of turning cruise control off - braking. I think this method of adjusting cruise control would be very intuitive and easy to use. I'd love to hear others' opinions on this.
  8. Version 41.71 (new save) Singleplayer No mods Reproduction steps: Position and pin the following tabs: "Investigate Area" and "Health Panel". Close and reload the game. The Health Panel will still be opened but will loose it's pinned state and the Investigate Area window will not be opened at all. This is a minor bug but hopefully easy to fix. I like to keep those two tabs alongside the inventory and loot windows for easy access by mousing over them but I have to re-open / pin them each time I launch the game.
  9. Canned variations of veggies used for trapping such as carrots, potatoes and tomatoes should also be viable for baiting traps. This would come in handy for trapping on the go while traveling or when you simply haven't farmed for baits yet. Currently canned food can be added as bait just like any other food item but it has no effect and will never catch anything (tested with canned carrots and cage traps).
  10. Version 41.71 (new save) Singleplayer No mods Sadly I haven't managed to find out what triggers this bug so I'm unable to provide reproduction steps, however I have managed to record the bug happening. It appears that after a while the sound of tires squealing while the car is braking by either normal brakes or handbrake is not played anymore, the bug happens seemingly at random. This is fixed by quitting to menu and reloading. I've tested and can confirm this is happening with Chevalier Cossette and Dash Elite. Also tried with Ambulance however I couldn't do it. I may have experienced this bug before with Ambulance and Franklin All-Terrain during regular gameplay but it was a while ago and I wasn't paying much attention to that back then. In the following video I drive around in Dash Elite in debug mode and try to use handbrake a lot to trigger this. At 0:54 time you can hear tires squeal while turning for the last time, then at 1:00 there's a full handbrake turn with no squeal sound. I'm also attaching log file, maybe that will reveal something. 13-06-22_08-18-44_DebugLog.zip
  11. @Yana M.D. @Pandorea I've ran some tests and seem to be getting consistent results of cars' rears being lifted into the air once connected to a flipped car. I'm not sure why Yana got a different result. Below I've attached a video showing the test I've prepared, at the beginning I'm showing the way the tests were set up. This was done on 41.71 new debug save.
  12. Attaching it the other way around made almost no difference, ambulance's rear still got flung into the air but with less "force". Still unable to drive it. Haven't tested with other vehicles yet. I'll do that later and post an update of the results.
  13. Version 41.71 (save originates from 41.70) Singleplayer No mods Reproduction steps: Find a flipped car that you want to get off the road by towing. Connect the flipped car to your car. Your car's rear will lift into the air making it impossible to drive. EDIT: Since we're on topic of towing, sometimes when attaching a vehicle the trunk of my car receives damage for some reason. Haven't found a way to reliably replicate this though.
  14. Yes it will work, for some reason it's kinda glitchy however. Darkness effect is based on light level of the tile you're standing on so being near any light source will work.
  15. The wiki is so outdated I wouldn't trust anything from there.
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