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  1. I'd love to know what's up with those tires as well. I've noticed long time ago that performance tires found either in car repair shops or in flat tire stories (basically 100% condition tires) will always have higher max pressure than performance tires found anywhere else. Never knew about third type though, nor have I seen any other.
  2. You need to have a screwdriver in your inventory to upgrade guns.
  3. No need to be so rude. I answered your question best to my knowledge, this issue has been discussed before many times and it's not a bug, just unfinished feature. Mind that the game is still in early access. I've recorded a video specifically to show you exactly what happened to you and how to avoid it in the future. In the video I used a car model that is only available in debug mode, this car is animated so you can see when the door is opened and when it's not. Also the car has full condition windows and doors despite them not being visible very well due to the model. As you can see you need to wait a moment for the door to close after entering it, if you start driving immediately the door will not close. Hope this answers your question.
  4. Your door was open. When you enter the car, the character takes a short while to close the door, if you interrupt the process by eg. opening the map or something the door will never be closed. Currently cars don't have animations for opening/closing doors so just make sure to give your character enough time to close the door before performing actions. You can see the process of closing the door with the newly added infinite progress bar above your character, when that disappears it means the door has been closed.
  5. Version 41.77 Singleplayer No mods Reproduction steps: Get a car with low engine quality and/or empty gas tank. Take note of remaining battery charge. Try to start the car engine and fail. Notice that upon a failed attempt to start the engine the battery does not get discharged. Upon successful start the battery will lose some charge.
  6. Hello, this is indeed caused by blood decals (and ash decals if you burn zombies). I've reported this issue before here. The problem is that blood and ash leftover after killing zombies never go away and as you kill more zombies in the same area those decals pile up and cause framerate drop. Currently the workaround is as Hugo stated to turn down blood decals in the settings... or grab an entire trunk of bleach and a broom and do some cleaning :D. This could be fixed in a future update by having blood and ash wash away with rain.
  7. I like this idea as I stopped bothering with upgrading clothes mostly because it makes them ugly. If the patches were at least placed symmetrically it would already look much better.
  8. Version 41.77 Singleplayer No mods Reproduction steps: Prepare the following clothes: T-shirt, Hoodie. Preferably in different colors. Wear T-shirt and hoodie, you'll notice the T-shirt clips through the hoodie, the hoodie clips through your pants, and also your arms clip through the hoodie when aiming. This is just an example, this probably affects a lot of other clothes. Video below shows some combinations with hoodie and poncho.
  9. Version 41.77 Singleplayer No mods Reproduction steps: Place a water container outside during rain and let it collect water (the bug doesn't happen at this point yet). Wash your clothes using water from the container. At this point the container will start to collect water again but will stop doing so if you enter a car. I've tested this and can confirm it happens for the cooking pot and the bucket. This bug doesn't seem to affect water collector barrels.
  10. Hello, I have a small suggestion to improve readability of magazine stacks. Currently we have two types of .308 magazines: the 3-round mags for MSR788 rifle and 20-round mags for the M14 but they both fall into the same stack named simply ".308 Magazine". This is tedious to look through the stack to pick out the magazine type we want so I'd like to suggest separation of these two items by giving them different names such as ".308 3Rnd Magazine" and ".308 20Rnd Magazine". I assume stacks are created based on items' names, so giving the mags different names would be a simple solution to the problem.
  11. Version 41.76 Singleplayer No mods Reproduction steps: Have three guns of the same type in your inventory, let's call them: Gun A: the weapon you are actively using, with good condition, attachments and magazine with bullets, Gun B: low condition gun you intend to repair, Gun C: low condition gun you intend to use for parts to repair gun B. Repair gun B assuming it will choose the worst condition gun in your inventory for parts (gun C). Realize that the repair system not only chooses the gun with best condition (gun A) to use as parts for repairing, but it also consumes all attachments and magazine with bullets inside the gun it chose to use for parts. The workaround for this is to favourite your gun so it won't be used but I still think the repair system should choose the worst condition weapon available for repairs and also return any attachments and magazines present on the weapon used.
  12. Oh but they do spawn. As I said, I've found a gun light in there during normal apocalypse run.
  13. Version 41.76 Singleplayer No mods Reproduction steps: Plant a crop and water it using Full (100) option. It will instead water the crop for 50 units. Another thing, it seems like watering cans have capacity of 195, I'm pretty sure it was 200 before, possibly bugged.
  14. Version 41.76 Singleplayer No mods Reproduction steps: Go to the shooting range [coordinates: X:13259 Y:5438 Z:0]. Check the loot tables for brown cupboards. In LootZed these containers are labeled as GunStoreCounter and have a chance of spawning two unused weapon attachments: gun light and bayonet. I've personally found a gun light here and it doesn't appear it has been implemented as there is no way of using it. I have never seen those attachments anywhere else so I assume those containers are special and it's an oversight.
  15. Version 41.71 (save originates from 41.70). Singleplayer. No mods. Sadly no easy and quick way of reproducing this I'm afraid. During my current and longest run so far I've encountered some performance issues. I've started in Riverside and made my base there. After around 5-6 months I've started experiencing framerate drops while going through the town, the problem was getting worse as time went on. Some time later the framerate was unbearable so I travelled across different towns spending a few months out of Riverside. My run ended with death in Louisville after over 1 year into the apocalypse. I've decided to make a new character and hop in debug mode to see if the issue in Riverside still persisted, and sure enough it did. In the middle of the town I get framerates below 20 fps (around 10 fps during thunderstorms), for reference I normally have between 60 and 144 fps depending on where I am and the weather (worst case it drops to around 40-45 when driving at high speed, fully zoomed out during thunderstorm). My guess is that the performance is heavily impacted by the dried up blood on the streets which never seem to disappear and ash piles left after burning zombies, which also never disappear. If my assumption is correct, the easy fix for that would be having blood and ash disappear over time or during rain. Below is a quick video of me going around the "lag zone" in debug mode with fps counter in the top left. As you can imagine driving a car through this is a nightmare.
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