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  1. I'm relatively new to this game, having only had it a few weeks, but about three times now I've spawned in one of those barricaded houses full of zombies. Each time there's been less than 0.5 of a second before I've received fatal wounds and had to make a new character. I checked the in-game survival time last time it happened and I only survived 9.56 irl seconds. I'm sure this is a bug but I was wondering how often it actually occurs. I asked on reddit and apparently it isn't common at all but three times in two weeks is a bit extreme, especially when considering I haven't played this game every day. Oddly, the last time this happened my new character I made after my old one died in the barricaded house spawned in the exact same barricaded house, except when he did all the zombies that had been there previously were gone and the house was safe. Although I did have to jump out a top floor window as there was nothing in the house to remove the boards. Please note this has never happened on my first character in a new world, and all of these happened on apocalypse mode, not sandbox.
  2. After I put my basemap in and try to do BMP to TMX I get the error 'A tile listed in Rules.txt could not be found. The missing tile is called 'blends_natural_01_080'. Please fix the invalid tiles index or add the tile if it is missing using the Tilesets dialogue in TileZed. (While reading Rules.txt)' I am no good at computers so I figure I've just done something really simple wrong but I can't seem to fix this, what can I do to?
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