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  1. 1258: Now that money is going to have a use (in vending machines) Wallets and purses should be changed to be containers that will sometimes have money in them, sorta like how sewing kits spawn with needles except they would be on zombies. They are not common enough that this would do much to damage server economies
  2. Go here in options: and change jump scare SFX to zero
  3. 1252. Way, waaaay down the list of importance, but the model for the big industrial vats in Louisville is missing a tile. I noticed when assembling the model in TileZed
  4. I am making custom buildings in the building editor at the moment, and I would like to add a double door to one of them, but I can only make it so that two individual left opening doors are side by side. I would like a proper double door that has two doors in one frame, rather than two separate doors side by side. How can I achieve this?
  5. 1247. On Apocalypse mode house alarms cannot be set off by zombies, but this results in situations where the player can set off an alarm by simply entering a house that has already had extreme amounts of damage done to it, which doesn't make sense. Just now I entered a building which had had all its windows and doors smashed down by zombies, and the alarm went off the moment I walked through the empty doorway, despite the fact 25+ undead monsters had just ravaged and destroyed all of the entrances. This is inconsistent with the rules the game sets out for house alarms. Rather than add a feature to Apocalypse mode that was intentionally left out (zombies setting off house alarms), houses that have had significant damage done to them by zombies should have their alarms neutralised so that they don't go off when the player enters.
  6. Issue is still occurring, character simply drops dead in an instant
  7. 1243. Wound infections should have much more of a serious effect if left untreated. Right now (unless I am mistaken) they have a barely noticeable impact on pain and healing, but they should at least cause sickness/nausea. 1244. No more safely drinking from contaminated sources (rivers/puddles) just fine but being unable to safely drink the same water out of a bottle. Water directly from a contaminated source should be contaminated no matter how you drink it.
  8. Update: This issue is still happening although now I am pretty certain it is just an animation issue where the game skips the death animation
  9. 1240. The time a watch or clock's alarm is set to should show up when the watch is hovered over with the mouse even when the alarm is not set to go off, with a separate piece of text showing if the alarm is active or not
  10. Recently on a single player Apocalypse Mode save I was killed by a single zombie instantly, without any other injuries or negative moodles other than Anxiety from not smoking cigs. There was no changes in the sandbox, I wasn't carrying anything heavy and I wasn't exhausted. The death happens the same way as instant mortality on sandbox mode, without the screaming or animation, just a crunch sound effect and my character instantly dying. This happened with a single zombie, so it wasn't a drag down death. No mods were being used. I have been successful in causing the same instant death on a previous backed up save of the world, albeit under different conditions (multiple zombies when the original 3 insta deaths happened with just 1, and also the insta death happening on the first hit. Both times I have caused it intentionally it took multiple hits, but it was on the first hit the three initial times.). The first video shows the insta death happening on the second hit, and shows the instadeath without the proper animation, while the second video shows the death after a number of hits but shows the lack of animation more clearly. Both times I show the character had full health, which in regards to the first one should mean it would take longer than 1 hit to instantly kill me, even if I was bitten in the throat. On other worlds the death animation is fine, and my character takes a number of hits before screaming and flailing and dying as usual, but on the backup saves of this characters world the death animation does not play.
  11. 1236. We should be able to make wine into vinegar for purposes of food preservation/canning. Perhaps the wine becomes vinegar after about a week of being exposed to open air? I read a thing from a chef who explained how you could make good wine vinegar by adding 3 parts wine to 1 part unfiltered vinegar and leaving it for a month. The new liquid mixing mechanics would be great for something like this (though maybe reduce the length of time it takes) 1237. Add concentrated squash/juice that we can add to water to get happiness buffs like soda does. Drinking the concentrated squash should give unhappiness while drinking it diluted in water should provide happiness buffs. This would be useful for nomads or people who travel who don't want to carry very heavy soda bottles around, as they can carry 1 bottle of the diluted squash and add it to water they have for the buffs, saving on weight. Negative buffs for undiluted squash should counter the positive of having it be a more concentrated version of soda (though maybe the buff shouldn't be as good as soda either)
  12. It doesn't make sense to me that a police officer could be illiterate, or a doctor be afraid of blood... You'd be hard-pressed to find an obese lumberjack. That is to say, some traits are incongruous with some occupations. Frankly, there aren't many traits which DO clash like this, and most of the occupations work pretty well with all traits, but some don't seem to work at all. This is sort of already present, with how some occupations automatically add a trait which is mutually exclusive with another (Veterans can't be cowardly for instance). This WOULD only remove the ability to add negative traits (as far as I can tell) but this wouldn't be a benefit, as it could make the player pick negative traits they would have avoided otherwise, or multiple traits instead of one bad one, if they wanted to pick a powerful occupation AND have a number of good traits along with it.
  13. 1227. There's a chance this has been said before, but just in case; Camp Cooler boxes should provide a limited amount of food refrigeration rather than just being regular storage boxes.
  14. 1223. Battery-powered Camping Lanterns. Can be placed as a light source or held as one might hold a lantern.
  15. Can't you already do this? When you're in the loot menu, just select all the stuff in the crate and drag it over to the floor icon below the crate icon on the right side of the loot menu. It dumps everything onto the floor. Like this: EDIT: Or wait, I think you can also just select everything in the crate and then drag it off to the side without bothering to hover over the floor icon. I just shut my game down but I'm sure you can check yourself.
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