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  1. This seems like a solid option, but I also feel like the way damage is placed on the body & how different hits are animated/telegraphed could use some major work in general.
  2. Vinegar isn't so much a staple in the US, but it's used in & on plenty of things. I see no reason why it shouldn't be usable as an ingredient for cooking.
  3. I mostly suggest this as some more (admittedly humorous) world-building and unique clothing to see in the wild. Finding some silly graphic-print track jackets, neon colored or metallic stuff, maybe even some parachute pants? As stupid as they often are, things like these were staples of 90s fashion pretty much all over the US, and I don't doubt that a solid amount of Knox Infection victims would reanimate in their favorite silly outfits while out at the mall or wherever else they're hanging out.
  4. Definitely important to keep balance in regards to zombies in mind, and cars definitely should not be a magic bullet for dealing with hordes. I personally try to avoid zombies entirely and only roll over bodies at a crawl if they're in my way, but cars often spawn with nearly wrecked parts and even careful driving doesn't make certain bumps and scrapes any better. All I was really suggesting when I posted this was that the ways repairs & specific part durability (e.g. trunk space) work should be looked at a little differently, as they seem sort of obtuse and don't make all that much sense.
  5. Canoe and kayak paddles are already in, so I would guess that it's either being considered or in the development pipeline already. Great to see some ideas for how they would work, though!
  6. Definitely worth considering some sort of electric motor for a pedal bike, too. At least, I would keep it in mind personally. Just a little motor kit you attach and have to keep fed with batteries, maybe have repair for it attached to electrician skill. Great for long rides when you need to conserve energy, or are too out of shape to pedal for a sustained period.
  7. I remember a post about bicycles here already, but seeing more interest in them is great. With how big the map is transportation is definitely important, going on foot is nigh impossible.
  8. Definitely important to nip exploits in the bud, cars just seem to work in strange and frankly frustrating ways. All I wanted to do was offer some ideas, and I'm glad it's got people talking!
  9. This may already be in the pipeline, but I've been playing around with cars lately and the way their condition works bothers me a lot. Firstly, I don't think a damaged trunk should so heavily affect the capacity of it; no matter how many dents or dings in it there are unless it's literally crushed inward the space doesn't just shrink inside of it. Secondly, I should definitely be able to repair parts more than once rather than genuinely needing to replace them--the hood of a car should be able to withstand being whacked back into shape or patched with metal/duct tape more than once, especially
  10. The M36 already in-game is a solid little gun that fills a short-range, quiet-ish shooting niche and I'm quite a fan of it, but I think having a similarly-sized automatic would be a good addition to the game. Different stats would ideally include some trade-offs; a magazine roughly comparable, maybe slightly larger than the cylinder of the M36, lighter weight, but lower accuracy and longer aiming time. Considering the availability of cheap 'saturday night special' sort of pistols, especially in the 80s and 90s, they would definitely be a solid choice for gun variety.
  11. Good idea, though it'd also be cool to have the ability to make stone walls like that. Not everyone will have a need to gather all the stones and mortar for a path, but I guarantee that low walls/fences would be a solid choice for utility.
  12. I've been having this issue roughly since the latest patch and am unsure what's causing it. I'm not using any addons that alter the position/amount of attachable items. Has this been happening for anyone else, and if so could I have some insight on the root of the issue/how to fix it?
  13. With the tailoring skill in the game, I think it'd be a helpful addition to be able to make your own clothes instead of just repairing what you find. Sheets could be cut and stitched together into light & airy clothes like tunics or ponchos, perfect for hot summers late into the apocalypse. Additionally, tarps could be used for waterproofing existing clothes or even making cheapo waders to keep your legs dry. Later on when animals and hunting are in, pelts would definitely be useful for making winter clothes. Maybe even pillows could come into play as padding for warmth and protection.
  14. There are already the 2 bolt-actions, but I think it would be interesting to include a few more long arms. Especially given the Kentucky setting and amount of rural farmland, it would make sense to me for some people to have an old repeater sitting around. It could also make a decent middle-ground option for survivors training their aim, with shorter range and lower damage than the hunting rifles owing to using .38 special or .44 magnum ammo.
  15. I know it's not a major thing to be working on, but is there a possibility that some patch down the road will add the option to tuck pants into boots? Specifically the army uniforms, but jeans & the like would be nice too. Not entirely sure if there'd be any mechanical changes to make, but it's a cool cosmetic one that would probably be simple to implement (e.g. jackets with hoods down/up) and I think would enhance the 90s immersion seeing army zombies wearing their BDUs authentically. Here's an image for reference:
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