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  1. Tbh what they can do is like make multiplier maths, so whenever a player has several clothing its more effective, for ex: A player is wearing only a tshirt(1.1x) = 1x protection then a player is wearing a tshirt(1.1) then a tanktop(1.05) = 1.155 then a player wearing a tshirt(1.1) tanktop(1.05) Leather Jacket(1.3) = 1.5x protection I think that's how base protection should be calculated and not just adds for each layer like as of now +5 + 10 +20 that kind of thing, multiplying sounds more like a better idea imo.
  2. Well I mean yeah, they are mindless and don't care about what they're doing thus being careless about their teeth. Though that doesn't mean that their teeth are no different from us, they're literally biting off multiple layers of clothing and yet they can still pierce through it like it was paper.
  3. As the title sais, who here besides me thinks the clothing protection in project zomboid is VERY unrealistic? I mean I know it's a game and a game means usually it's unrealistic, but considering pz strives to get a almost realistic zombie apoc manner then I think it's only fair that they should ramp up the clothing protection. I mean a zombie can bite through a leather jacket? I've watched a test where different people try ripping off a leather jacket or just a normal jacket with their teeth, it didn't rip, considering that the lore in pz didn't say that zombies will get a stronger and sharper
  4. I agree the animation is annoying and unrealistic, maybe just root the player if the player is not moving and make the player fall or push back when he is moving while the zombie lunges
  5. Ah yes, a popular snack among police officers... SEEDS
  6. OMG yes pls, it would be mood to add tuna to my salad, and can we also allow ginseng? cause its also related to being a veggie.
  7. This is good, I also suggest that they make the insta kill 100% when a zombie is on the ground when using short blades
  8. Damn the corgi looks cute though tbh
  9. Lol I kinda thought that spot was normal to have a fence to imitate a deck I guess the map modeller's accidentally placed that and didn't notice it.
  10. They should also let us use wrenches to plumb as I've seen people do it in real life.
  11. I think using the cars as a mode of going on top of would be alot of work and glitchy and cheesy for early game. Other than that I think this would be a cool idea.
  12. As an asian myself I find it a bummer to not be able to use vinegar into my food. I mean it's a main ingredient in most foods for us and I don't see why it can be used as well in pz, americans use vinegar on their food too right? this would be a good addition cause I have a stockpile of vinegar and I dont need them to preserve some veggies since they cost alot and you only get a few days worth.
  13. wdym change the size of the loot screen? I mean you can already do that.
  14. Yes please add this, I don't like quick looting when the looting hud is covering almost the whole top part of my screen.
  15. This sounds cool, I'd like to see this go in the updates and when you jog you have a chance of tripping which plays a cool animation.
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