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  1. Lol I kinda thought that spot was normal to have a fence to imitate a deck I guess the map modeller's accidentally placed that and didn't notice it.
  2. They should also let us use wrenches to plumb as I've seen people do it in real life.
  3. I think using the cars as a mode of going on top of would be alot of work and glitchy and cheesy for early game. Other than that I think this would be a cool idea.
  4. As an asian myself I find it a bummer to not be able to use vinegar into my food. I mean it's a main ingredient in most foods for us and I don't see why it can be used as well in pz, americans use vinegar on their food too right? this would be a good addition cause I have a stockpile of vinegar and I dont need them to preserve some veggies since they cost alot and you only get a few days worth.
  5. wdym change the size of the loot screen? I mean you can already do that.
  6. Yes please add this, I don't like quick looting when the looting hud is covering almost the whole top part of my screen.
  7. Wouldn't it be cool if all of your inventories have like small compartments so your forced to sort them out, basically the user interface adds in your possible placesments for items like: shirt pocket, pants pocket, hoodie pocket, leather jacket pocket, Hiking bag left compartment, right compartment, main compartment, Water Bottle Compartment basically makes micro management even more micro.
  8. Just level up Tailoring up to 4 or more for even better defence then just get these armor set: Leather Jacket Police Bullet Vest(Freaking gives you pog body armor) Denim Shirt Overalls(the farmer outfit) Long Johns Neck Sweater Tank Top Long Sleeve T shirt Biking Helmet(For head and Neck 100%) Tailor all of those up and all the protection in your protection tab will be green, LOL I raided the south east residential area on rosewood and got grabbed by 2 zombies on my back, took them like 7 animation grabs to finally scratch me lmaooooooo
  9. This sounds cool, I'd like to see this go in the updates and when you jog you have a chance of tripping which plays a cool animation.
  10. Update: Just found out Project Zomboid app wasn't on the switchable graphics, put the game there and set it to high performance then boom, the problem is gone!
  11. Alrighty then, btw both my intel and amd driver is up to date, updated them from my dell application and also tried driver booster. I guess I'll update it then, what version do you recommend? I'm going for the 1909 version
  12. What do you mean by defense? Sorry but I only played project zomboid b41 and I don't know much back then, I'm assuming it's when a zed is about to bite you and roots you on place and you can hold spacebar to defend via push them? is that the case? if so then does that mean higher defense higher chance of not getting successfully bit or scratched? Oh short blunts are very op imo when I reached lvl 8 its basically a 50% chance 1 hit on the first land, you can just farm spawn kill police officers for their nightsticks then bam you can body a lot of zeds without getting tired. Yeah metal pipes are good but I mostly use them for defences and to level metalworking since they break much faster and swings slowly than a nightstick. Crowbar? lol I have like 7 of those lying in my base they're not that hard to come by imo, just take lucky. The hunting knives part are what I'm concerned about, I have like 30+ of them but I never use them, I mean I do but in rare occasions that my main weapon breaks down. What I'm confused is that when I attach a hunting knife to a spear the condition lowers down to like 35% does the maintenance tell how much condition I get when I attach a knife to it? I don't really attach knives or anything to spears cause it's just not worth it and spears are like 1 hit gods now and I don't see any use for attaching something onto them. God I just wish they add in Metal Spears, if so I'll main spears.
  13. I want to main spears too but I don't like the fact that they break so fast even at lvl 5 maintenance and max carpentry, I'm the person who kills like 100+ zombies everyday(well almost lol) that's why I level up my short blunt to lvl 8 in just 3 months, I want to know if axes are worth while than short blunts.
  14. So I reformatted my laptop since I wanted a new fresh start on my pc and I updated all my drivers and now I can't run project zomboid! It crashes randomly and sometimes when I open the pz application it just shows a black screen but with music playing. I reached the point where it shows my character and the world but it crashes after 3 secs. I have the latest Java installed but my windows version is not up to date since I don''t want windows bloats and my system is performing really well on 15063version logs.zip . I also noticed that the part when I actually get to create a new save and when it crashes and I open pz again they say the save is corrupted. I tried launching woth compatibility when playing a game on steam, it works but the texture quality is bad and I cant zoom out. It also shows outlines when inside a building. I tried b39 and it works properly. Please help I haven't played project zomboid in 2 days and I'm itching to play. console.txt logs.zip
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