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  1. Ya, think you may be right. My laptop had an old hobbies mod installed and I might have started the game on that when I was traveling. I started a brand new one and that one was ok. The butchering issue looks like it may have been due to the rodents being frozen.
  2. I am unable to butcher small mice and rats. Have them in inventory as well as a kitchen knife as the crafting menu shows. However, am still not getting an option to actually do it. Also, every time I load a game, I get an error pop up in the bottom right corner with the number 1 or 2 above it. It pops up and them quickly minimizes down to where you cannot see it. No Mods enabled IWBUMS 41.56
  3. Haha ..maybe once or twice. Unfortunately, they were not zombies so it did not work out so well for me heh
  4. I know this is a game. However, I was in the military for 6 years and wore my first pair of combat boots for at least the first 3 or 4. However, after putting on combat boots in game, they did not even last a week. Not trying to be mean, but that is just straight up ridiculous. If you have to make boots like that wear out, then they should only drop by a fraction of a percent per zombie you stomp. It would also help if items had a highlight or some sort of pop up indicating a broken piece of equipment that had been worn. The only moodle you get is when you walk over shards of glass not knowing your boots were just suddenly not on your feet anymore and get the bleeding moodle.
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