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  1. yea no problem at all, actually it's still in WIP as I got a job some month's ago and had to adapt/learn a lot new things for that job (so less free time) I only restarted my development about a day ago (srr for everyone wanting this mod faster.)
  2. hi, I recently began again with some modprojects I'm working on and have some things I'm a bit stuck with. first of all: I've learned/found that the current modData ( only takes data from type "number" and type "table". But I also read on a topic(forgot which) that there would be support to save data from type "table" in the future. so my question is: is this true that there will be table save support for the ModData object? and if so can someone say me if it's already in a testbuild or if it still is on a to implement list? thanks in advance
  3. how to check if its been used? well first you will need to add a contextmenu (with lua code) for that item, second you should add a function to do whatever is need to be done when you click the menu (also lua code) for the adding of menu options you could take a look at ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.lua (media/lua/ISUI/ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.lua)
  4. this is a wonderfully idea, and realistic as nails will run out and in the future of multi-player it is a must, because: more players = more supplies needed
  5. 7Roses

    Events && Performance

    and a onUpdatePlayer how frequent is that been fired lemmy? (or other devs/knowledgedatabases)
  6. o damn and I was creating a hole set of functions to transform tables to strings ad visaversa so I could just save my tables :/ why did I do that if it (is/was/will) implemented into the moddata itself (again) yet knowing that will speedup my mod a bit again
  7. force that window !! would love a way to get a little bit faster into a house when its raining
  8. nha was more searching for a serialize kind of transformer that way I can overcome the only strings or numbers into the moddata tables (I'm currently making some util scripts for my ongoing project and the project requires a lot of table-structures to be saved, and I don't want to save them in separated key value pairs into the moddata table.)
  9. nice suggestion, but why only couple this to a fat/skinny character? why not make it a trait? that will give -1 on the traitscale?
  10. so you finally decided to release your utility scripts :/ is there a easy way to translate strings to tables and from tables to strings?
  11. I love it finally not always needing to go to the prompt and doing everything from there to start PZ just to have the console opened later to see my mistakes
  12. can't you do something like recipe somerecipe{Pillowcase,dogfood/something/something=3,Result:CanFilledPillowCase,Time:60.0,?or is the =3 only possible for results? (or possible has the same result as just placing 3 times dogfood/../..?) just a tought, not yet tried myself.
  13. euwm, on vacations without much bandwide, haven't got any version above so indeed it could already be in the game ( only just noticed your green name color and staff title )
  14. probably not known by people that where never on the old forum, but there was/is already a mod that let you slice bread into 10 slices of bread and let you make a lot of vanilla items with them. Tooks food expansion TIS already asked to the author if they could include his recipes into the vanilla recipes.
  15. as far as I know the current scripting is done with java, so as far as a suggestion goes, you may try to put it in a topic for PZ suggestions, not mod requests/idea's if it would become part of the PZ-vanilla codebase I think much mods would be happy. at this moment if we want todo such a thing the coder is required to place those extra trait/skill specific things in code that executes while distributing/using/crafting the items.
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