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  1. That'd be a great animation, plus it would force the player to do some microing to fill said tubs/sinks before the water turns off, I'm, not sure how the LUA code works, but maybe make it possible where all water becomes tainted after sitting for a certain time? Either way, keep up the good work.
  2. I've been searching for the Betty Ford Cancer Clinic in West Point to solve this issue as well; the bald percentage definitely needs to be nerfed in vanilla.
  3. I'd like to see the option on Apocalypse for a large migrating horde to appear in the knox creek area (near where louisville will be eventually) or possibly from the east part of the map on the muldraugh side of the river to prevent players from barricading the bridges) to spill out and carve a random path of destruction through the map; game needs the option for some new and easy to add horde meta events to keep the mid-late game interesting; otherwise with a rural strategy the game only ends with your own hubris, after all this is meant to be the story on how you died.
  4. Riverside; I always seem to spawn in the west side of town; often in the bar. There seems to be always keys to a vehicle outside it or the general store's parking lot next door. The close proximity of a gas station, a vehicle, large stashes of non perishable food, backpacks at the school and firearms at the police station makes it a great starting location. The picket fence neighbourhoods allow even a level 0 Strength character on Apocalypse to thin the hordes out for tool/weapon looting in garages. I usually use this starting location to gather some basic supplies and drive out to a remote rural area to wait out the helicopter meta.
  5. Hopefully a rework of the Helicopter meta; it's far too easy even on Apocalypse difficulty if your character is in a remote area (perhaps a game code change to follow you for longer if the zombie population is low in a cell?)
  6. Axezombie; go outside a bar or night club on a weekend if you want to find out the percentage of smokers that carry their own lighters, it's a lot lower than you think; maybe the lighter 'fuel' needs to be increased; I often wonder what lighters they were using in knox county that only last a pack of cigarettes.
  7. Love the idea for mass logging, the current system with ropes stops you from carrying more than 3x 4-log stacks effectively (with the military backpack).
  8. Perhaps an animation overlay could be implemented to create variation/texture in the snow, similar to how puddles work in game.
  9. The option for bicycles would be great for stealthy scouting, and as an efficient way to exercise Obese characters. Perhaps a failure rate when your character is suffering from Extreme Panic that could cause your character to crash/fall down off the bicycle to prevent players from abusing it to herd hordes?
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