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  1. I realize that this is really low priority, but the blond hair color looks very artificial and it would make the game look better if it looked better
  2. I'm not seeing something doing anything beyond the reach of humans in your gif. I see something that can barely move
  3. I play with a hybrid style. I use a PS4 controller in my left hand, controlling movement and opening menus. I use a mouse in my right hand, a multi button Razer. I find the PS4 joystick far superior for movement than WASD keys, but the controller is far too slow and imprecise compared to a mouse, for aiming and actions. So I found what I believe is the perfect compromise. Seriously folks, try it. I think you'll like it.
  4. I understand that you can't please everyone, and I don't want to seem like I don't appreciate your efforts, because I do, and you guys have created one of the best games going. I definitely don't want to be the constant chronic complainer, because I know you guys are working hard. You are doing something I never could, and you have my respect. But I want the game to be the best possible, and Its not about zombies being a non threat or a source of cheap kills. Its about them having a virtual super power that is beyond the capabilities of humans. They have the super power when they fall due to stumbling over a barrier but not when they fall due to being shoved by the player?
  5. Zombies are dull witted and uncoordinated at their best. I get that they are determined, and don't feel pain or fear, but I stand by my position that however much they may want to take you down with them, they would be incapable of coordinated behavior while falling, a near impossible feat for much more coordinated living people, let alone a being that can only move and think on a primitive level. I have fallen, and was completely disoriented during the instant it was happening. Instinctively throwing out my arms to catch myself was the limit of possible meaningful action, and I have far more coordination and awareness than a zombie. Falling equals being momentarily out of control. That is an even greater impediment to meaningful action, such as grabbing. Grabbing also requires keeping eyes on and visually following and tracking a target, while falling, a feat that only trained athletes can even attempt, and not with great success. Zombies have far less dexterity and awareness than living humans. Determined does not equal physically able. I also stand by my position that it is far more logical that a falling zombie should be extra vulnerable rather than extra powerful.
  6. This new mechanic where zombies grab and pull the player down, and injures him, after falling over a fence or through a window, has to go. It is absurd. I understand that the devs thought it was an "Exploit" that players could easily kill zombies as they fell over a fence or through a window, and wanted to fix it. But this is way too far in the opposite direction. It makes far more sense that a zombie should be extra vulnerable as they fall than that they should be extra deadly. A normal person with full senses is going to be disoriented from falling flat on their face, let alone have a momentary super power. Imagine a being that is uncoordinated, clumsy, and can barely walk to start with. Please, devs, this is a glaring and completely unrealistic situation.
  7. In the original NOTLD and the remake, and the first seasons of TWD a few zombies seemed to have retained a little more mental capabilities. A few of them picked up rocks and other objects and used them to smash windows. The little girl zombie used a trowel to kill her mother. If I recall correctly, a few turned or tried to turn doorknobs. Some definitely appeared to be more aware than most. Several of them appeared to try to return to familiar places. In the original Dawn of the Dead they flooded the mall because it was familiar from life. In Day of the Dead, Survival of the Dead, and Land of the Dead one or two of them attempted, unsuccessfully, to use firearms. Excuse me, Bub successfully used a gun. I think incorporating zombie behavior based on imitating life, and seeking out familiar places, would be interesting.
  8. In the original NOTLD zombies were afraid of fire and retreated from it. I would like to see this as a sandbox option
  9. I would like to see blankets and comforters in the game. At least for sleeping, hopefully as a clothing item
  10. I would like to see a way to prevent female zombies and NPC's from spawning with bald heads or crewcuts. If you want to create your charachter like that its one thing, but IRL such women are quite rare and you shouldn't be seeing them all the time. It is unrealistic and interfers with immersion
  11. These traits should give improved vision and awareness in forests
  12. There should be a way to stop female zombies and superb survivors from spawning with bald heads and crewcuts. If you want to create your charachter like that, fine. But IRL such women are very rare and you wouldn't be encountering them all the time.
  13. It should be possible to stick ones head out a window for a look down. IRL you would not rappel out a window blindly into a mass of zeds below
  14. traveling across grass and dirt should make significantly less noise than on pavement
  15. Leather clothing should be significantly tougher than other clothing. Leather items should be plainly indicated in their description, IRL such items are obvious. Motorcycle jackets and leather trench coats should be in the game
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