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  1. So here's some feedback for the secret special sauce - ordered from buggy to whiny: 1. Sometimes, the zed's hand didn't even touch me and I still fall down. 2. Sometimes, I fall down after killing the zed crawling towards me. 3. I'm guessing that zeds that are in the middle of the climbing animation is now considered standing up? My character will hit them as if they are standing up, and they will stand up instantly. 4. Due to #3, my character will prioritize in attacking a zed climbing through a window or fence rather than the zed that already climbed through it. If I remember correctly, there was a patch that prioritized attacking a zed standing up than attacking a one lying down. Now with the secret sauce patch, the more prominent danger is the one lying down, crawling towards you. 5. It feels like there should be an intermediate sauce, in which the character just stumbles for a second rather than falling down 100% of the time. It could depend on the number of crawlers, player's stats, and whether or not the player is facing the zeds. Realistically, can you make someone fall down while you are lying flat on your stomach? 6. The crawl attack animation looks a bit too fast. It looks like the zed is sped up for a moment, and it's kinda awkward. Overall, it's a really cool feature, but currently using fences, which should be a defensive advantage, is way more dangerous than not doing so, mainly due to the bugs (#1-4). The window is a bit better since I can find a sweet spot where the problem in #4 won't happen, since the zeds come from a single hole.
  2. With 41.30 it's happening without tables near the window, and with much larger "window" of time.
  3. Even if the zed is more than half way through climbing the window (it's torso touching the ground), attacking it will trigger regular swing instead of vertical ground-attack, and the zed will stand up right away and take the hit.
  4. When there's a hole in one of the pair, the gloves become "worn" and the other one does not provide any scratch/bite protection.
  5. I found out that the emergency radio channel is assigned 102.5 MHz, but I can only increase the radio frequency by 0.2 when I add a preset. I can set the frequency to 102.4 and 102.6 MHz but not 102.5 MHz!
  6. So there seems to be a bit of problem when it comes to the visibility of zeds on the north side of a wall. With pre-existing walls, the wall becomes transparent and reveals what's next to it only at certain angle & distance. With player-made walls, the wall seems to be transparent only when player is next to it. My suggestion is to give the isometric cursor the same transparency effect as the player, so I can aim near the wall and see what's next to it. That is, the wall's graphic should react as if the player character is standing next to it when the isometric cursor is nearby!
  7. I'm at that phase where I start exploring other towns, and I think it would be super useful if there are rough maps of the entire Knox county. I don't really like looking at the online map. I love exploring the county, and an immersive in-game map would be awesome
  8. During a thunderstorm, I can barely hear anything even with the sound effect turned down by 50% through the advanced audio option. The same should apply to zeds - they shouldn't be able to hear any sound made by the player very well. I did some testing (yelling, swinging weapon, crouch-jogging) at various distances, and I really couldn't tell the difference between a sunny day and during a thunderstorm. So if this is already implemented, it would be nice to make the effect more severe so that it is more pronounced. Or even better, make them move towards a random direction every time a lightning strikes! THAT will be fun.
  9. I'm not sure if this can called a bug, but zeds seem to know that they need to go around a fence to reach the other side. Not just when the entrance (or the end of the fence) is right next to the zed, but even when the entrance is far away or hidden behind a building so that the zeds cannot have a direct line of sight. Furthermore, I think this happens when they are randomly roaming? I often see a group of zeds walking along a fence and going around to the other side. As a result, fences are extremely dangerous to walk nearby, instead of providing some cover from zeds. If I make some noise fighting a zed near a fence, everything on the other side will be come around the fence even if the fence is one-block-long. FYI, I'm playing on IWBUMS build 41.
  10. When you hit a zed when it just starts to fall over a waist-high fences to get to the other side, it staggers and then all of a sudden it's on the other side of the fence, standing straight. There seems to be a very short time window this happens, since if I hit them in the middle of the falling-over they would be lying down on the other side of the fence after the hit. Please note that this happens when the player's attack animation is the one for zeds standing up, not the one for zeds lying on the ground.
  11. I feel like it would be nice if I can at least drop light-weight objects while I'm moving. I use ripped sheets to mark already looted houses, and I always have to stop to drop one!
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