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  1. Stormc12

    More Buildings and Mountains Release

    These are such great looking buildings!
  2. I have a few things I think the game could use, but putting them all in separate posts would probably end up cluttering the forum, so I’ll put the ideas down here. 1. Desire Paths - Players using the same route enough times should cause the grass to die and be replaced with dirt, forming a pathway. It’d work perfectly with the erosion system, and would also potentially lead other survivors to wherever your hideout is... 2. Ladders - I’m sure these are already being made, but it won’t hurt to mention them. Ladders are something that will definitely come in handy. There’s be a stationary ladder that’s fixed to the sides of buildings (a couple of places in game already have unususable ladders on them, usually in the back) along with movable folding ladders that could potentially be used to also build and repair roofs. 3. Being Able to Move on Water Tiles - I’m sure this one could be accomplished easily enough by having a simple system judge the depth based on how far the water tile is from the nearest “ground” tile. Shallow water would have characters wading slowly, while deep water will have characters swimming (along with risking being drowned from too much supplies being carried and/or exhaustion) while zombies would be able to move along the bottom of deep rivers and lakes since they don’t exactly need to breathe. As more ideas come along, I’ll no doubt end up updating this post. Tell me what you all thing of what I came up with!
  3. Stormc12

    Cap Levi, Normandy, France

    Dang, this looks good.
  4. Stormc12

    Weather Channel

    Since the developers are working in a more realistic weather system, and since radios and televisions are in the game, I think it would be a neat idea to have a TV channel and Radio frequency in game dedicated to forecasting the weather. Thoughts?
  5. Stormc12

    The Red Question Marks (solved)

    You're not going to tell anyone how you fixed it? Thanks.
  6. Stormc12

    Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    While this was hilarious as all hell to happen to me (see image below) I was unable to get out of the car as I was stuck on what I believe was the "second floor" unable to get down, and I was also unable to get back inside the car.
  7. Stormc12

    Community project: Radcliff [beta released] v0.2

    I like the way the map looks. Reminds me of the smaller towns in North Texas that I used to go to. I could probably help with making buildings if you wanted.
  8. This week feels like it's going on FOREVER. With fallout 4 next week, and an upcoming update for this game, I'm doing nothing but waiting for these things. In the meantime, Fallout 2 and Garry's Mod will have to do. Looking foward to the creative mode!
  9. Plot Twist: it will be released on Tuesday
  10. Stormc12

    NecroForge (OUTDATED)

    Does this work for Hydrocraft?
  11. Stormc12

    Sewerage systems under streets

    While older cities like Paris, London, and other centuries-old cities, a modern day city like Muldraugh would have a sewer system that would force you to crawl through the pipes because of how small they are, and that's just taking into account that no sewage exists in them.
  12. Stormc12

    [Moodle] Something smells rotten around here...

    Would work well, actually. Maybe over time it would gradually become less and less prominent as you get used to the smell.
  13. With multiplayer and soon-to-come NPCs, having the ability to see the tops of buildings will be essential, which is hard when in dense urban areas. A simple toggle for this would help out with seeing the tops of roofs, or simply seeing how high a building is without going inside of it Say a rouge survivor is on top of a building sniping random survivors? You wouldn't be able to see him unless you are in a clear area or he yells at you.
  14. Zombies shouldn't be attacking any structures at all unless they hear something inside of it, and even then, they should treat walls made by players the same as normal walls (unless it is a shoddy one filled with holes and gaps that they know they can go through if they beat it down enough.) Though zombies attracting others through the sounds of them pounding on doors or windows makes sense, but just randomly decided to just hit a wall that happens to be right next to them just ruins the game for me a slight bit. You may as well just not make any structures at all if the zombies will just home in on it. I know the goal is to be "hardcore survival," but this isn't exactly the best way to do it.
  15. Stormc12

    Resident Evil / Biohazard Map Project

    I may make some buildings for you. The buildings in the game seem to have a downtown urban style, at least for the urban areas. Hoping to see a map of the mansion soon!