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  1. So as far as my experience goes, when a random wound gets infected, it's not a big deal. Just a takes a bit longer to heal I guess? Would be cool if infections would actually make you sick sometimes. Also, amputating limbs would also be dope. Not sure why this just popped into my head, but imagine playing on a server where someone has a high medical skill, you get bit in the hand for example, and hey might as well take the chance and get that hand amputated. You're gonna die anyways, so an amputated hand is worth the risk!
  2. This happens to me too. Or in some cases, I'll be standing in front of the cabinet and when I loot the cabinet my character will walk a few steps away and start looting.
  3. For those days you get lost following a never ending road, or take a wrong turn in the woods... Would be super nice to have the option to just sleep on the floor, much like how you can sit on the ground.
  4. Not really a fan of this idea, but if it was an option for some of the easier game modes then I wouldn't mind.
  5. I have found some smokes on zombie corpses (I took the smoker negative trait so I've been on the never ending search for smokes), although you are right they are pretty rare to find on corpses. A bit unrealistic yeah, but keeps the game challenging for people using that trait.
  6. ikewimpsley

    Combat Renovations

    The anticipation.... I want to play this build sooo badly. Is there any eta for this.... anything, a hint even, so that I can feel some sense of comfort knowing I wont have to wait years.... Unless...
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