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  1. In my most recent game I played someone who was claustrophobic. So naturally being in doors the panic went to extreme (which made it impossible to sleep). I noticed something. Since I wasn't able to sleep I fast forwarded time. My panic would go away when I fast forwarded, when I brought the game to its normal speed the panic returned. The only way my panic should have left is if I used beta blockers or leave the building.
  2. With the amount of people that smoke in the world, I find it odd that no matter how many zombies I kill there are never any cigarettes on a zombie corpse. That's slightly unrealistic. Suggestion! Create a new pack/carton system. Pack of smokes. You find it on a zombie. It will have x amount of cigarettes inside it. Similar with cartons. Maybe have 10% of the zombies with some small amount of cigarettes, additionally maybe about 10% of cars will have a carton. You could have them sealed and unsealed as well, so that players know if the pack has been partially smoked or not. Perhaps some of the unsealed packs contain the risk of infection due to being bled on by the zombie, so sealed packs become the item that is sought out.
  3. I've been asleep, when did ya'll switch to c++? I seem to recall Zomboid being a Java Creation.
  4. A little off topic, but I am playing build 41 and the noise of the reply from the forum made me jump out of my skin.
  5. This also worked for me. I turned 3d corpses on and changed 3d models to player+1
  6. Really enjoying the new medical system a lot more than I thought I would. I was desperately searching from house to house on a moderately populated server looking for disinfectant because I got scratched fighting zombies with a rolling pin. Eventually found one to discover I somehow recovered from the infection without disinfectant, which surprised me. Not sure if that's a bug?
  7. I keep getting the message saying that it's using version 30.1 rather than 30.2. Is there a way for me to downgrade to 30.1 so I can play on the server? Not sure how because it doesn't let me pick the exact version via steam.
  8. Would very much like to join your server, was waiting to see if it was updated to build 30 due to the medical system and erosion.
  9. Someone needs to ban these people, they clearly don't know or respect the rules. Yes it is a pvp server, but as rule 1 clearly states Rules: 1. No RDM (Random Death Matching) Killing other players without RP reason. I went up once again, they said they had a reason then shot me. No IC interaction whatso ever, clearly against the rules.
  10. Was playing on your server. Ran up towards the hotel and some guy name Xeston, or something along that line just started firing at me. We both wound up killing each other. But I figured I would report this, since RDM'ing is illegal on this server. I said "Hey", followed By "Help", then he shot me out of no where. Edit - This happened at around 5:07pm est. Figured I would let you know, so you can ban the rdming ahole. Double Edit - To further note how this was an RDM, I had a pistol in my hand. But I did not raise it until he fired at me. Triple Edit - Xeston and BoskiRoman BOTH shot me on sight as I reapproched the hotel (Sunstar) to inform them that RDMing is illegal. I barely got the words out and they dropped me Quad Edit - Once again, they shot me on sight. No word. Another Edit - Shot again, running up the street by BoskiRoman
  11. Grats Connall, I am sure you will make a great mod.
  12. Very cool.
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