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  1. I'm pretty sure this is a bug with the meta sleep events. Don't quote me on that though. The only solution would be turning them off in the Sandbox options or waiting for the next update.
  2. Berries

    Small map bugs

    Location:,0.10464194913101307,1224.7512355848437 Description: The inner living room wall(s) use a facade that's usually used for the outer walls. It looks very strange. Location:,0.10170001943236911,1224.7512355848437 Description: The level 0 wall tile uses a grey stone facade, while the level 1 tile above uses a yellow brick facade. It looks very weird, and it's not even seen on the online map. (Likely a bug introduced with build 40) Location:,0.2717156391739158,612.3756177924218 Location 2:,0.212467790198147,231.13869259618653 Location 3:,0.10274567350794927,462.27738519237306 Description: On the online map, this house seems to have missing walls. I've gone there in-game to investigate this, and haven't found any. What I found instead though, was a very strange looking row of walls. They were on level 1 height, above the porch. Evidence: sorry for nitpicking
  3. Berries

    PZ Community New Outfit Thinktank

    To be honest, I have no idea about fashion in the late 80s early 90s at all... So I just went onto google images and looked for something that was stylish then. I searched a bit and stumbled upon these, which I do quite like:
  4. Berries

    Mist Me

  5. Berries

    Zombies climbing on hoods.

    Hi everyone, this is my first suggestion, so it's probably going to be incredibly bad anyway... Oh well, let me begin Like it or not, but vehicles are too overpowered. I've been able to kill more than 1000 zombies with a single car, and it's still going! The problem with vehicles in Project Zomboid is that running over zombies at slow speeds is very effective and barely does any damage to the car at all. It is shown and explained well in this Video. (Yes, this does also work for really large hordes, I tried it. You just need some patience, as it takes some time.) Now I'm not going to suggest you to just heighten the amount of damage zombies do to vehicles, as that's just a cheap, lazy and unrealistic way to balance things. Instead, I'll suggest something that'll involve the animation update! Ooo fancy Oh yes, right, let me get to my point... Basically, my suggestion is that zombies should be able to climb onto the hood of the vehicle when it's driving at very slow speeds (5-10MPH or below). They will then proceed to attack the windshield of the vehicle until it breaks. Afterward, once the windshield has been broken, they will proceed on devouring the player. This could also make it much more important to have a well-maintained windshield, which will then also cause the player character to be more careful of running over Zombies in the first place because that could break their windshield as well. To get a zombie off the hood, accelerate to a higher speed (25-30MPH or above) and perform some maneuvers such as slaloms, breaking etc. See Dead Rising 3 (Not a good game... But the driving was fine.) as somewhat of an example of doing this. (To be fair they shouldn't be able to do it on larger vehicles, such as the SUV shown in the picture... That would actually give those vehicles a tactical advantage ; also excuse my bad editing skills) I am pretty sure that it is difficult to animate something like this, but considering the game will have motorcycles, which will then have to have falling down animations that will have to interact with the environment, I think this will be possible in some way or another.
  6. Berries

    IWBUMS Beta: Version 40.35 Patch

    So I've played on the Server for about 2 hours and I'm happy to report that I've not stumbled across any game breaking stuff whatsoever. The only "weird/buggy" thing I came across is that for some reason I can't destroy mailboxes with my car… That's all though, so either I'm blind not noticing any game breaking stuff or the build is just pretty polished Here's some screenshots for proof that I was on the server: So I was on Spiffospace Canada... I hope this was the right one! Here's the player list… I was all on my own sadly :c I ended up killing half the town of Riverside, leaving behind a massive river of corpses that can be seen in the Gated community. I know my Feedback wasn't all that useful sadly But other than the mailbox thing I didn't notice anything wrong in this build. If the evidence/screenshots of me having tried it out isn't sufficient enough the logs should prove it.
  7. Just updated my post with some more bugs/weirdness I encountered while playing some more Project Zomboid. Hope it'll help!
  8. Alright, guess it's my turn for some Feedback. 1. XBOX One Controller 2. Yes 3. The new gamepad customization menu makes absolute sense and is great! This is pretty much all I've been asking for, a way to rebind the controller controls. It works perfectly fine for me and recognizes my XBOX One controller. The only way it could be improved in my opinion is by making it a bit clearer which tab is for which button. (For example by adding lines like I just did, or moving the tabs a bit to just make it a little clearer) 4. The gamepad overall feels pretty solid, however, I still feel like some sort of "vibration" in intense situations such as driving at high speeds or taking damage would improve the feel a lot. Not much that I used to play with has changed, except that it just got a whole lot better due to the ability to change controller button binds. 5. Like I said above, controller vibration in intense situations would really spice it up by a whole lot! Other than that I don't think it needs further improvements. 6. No, I do not play in split-screen. 7. No offense, but that's a horrid idea and would severely handicap player freedom and movement. Imagine driving and wanting to eat a pack of chips, you open up the inventory and... Guess what, that suddenly makes your character unable to control the car and stop... Because he/she only wanted to eat a bag of chips. Or you quickly want to pull out your kitchen knife while walking away from a zombie that's trying to attack you? Good luck, cause if you're unable to move you'll just get eaten... Or you'll have to run to a safe spot a mile away from where you're standing just to pull out that knife and kill that one zombie. Please don't implement this, or make it exclusive for characters who are extremely high panic or all thumbs. 8. Here's a list of the bugs and issues I encountered: 1. For some reason, the game always crashes when I'm trying to start up a car. 2. The gamepad button icons look a little ugly for me. (I am playing on low settings though, but I doubt that affects the looks of the icons) 3. When exiting the game menu with the keyboard/mouse, or alt-tabbing, I have to take over the player again. 4. When walking at slow speeds (not running, not sneaking), the character always seems to turn in a random direction after stopping to move. 5. I can't seem to rebind the "Interact" and "ToggleInventory" buttons. No matter how many times I tried they simply go back to the original button binds when I'm in game. 6. Pressing the "X" (Interact) button when not interacting with something always makes the controller button prompts disappear. Along with this, the game simply ignores any buttons I press after the prompts disappear until I press the "B" button on my XBOX One controller, which makes the prompts appear again. I also tried rebinding the "B" and "X" buttons multiple times to see if it's maybe got something to do with the thing "B" and "X" were bound on. No matter what though, "B" was always the button that made them appear again, and "X" the one making them disappear. (I'm trying to explain it as detailed as possible, it's actually quite difficult putting it in a way for everyone to understand) 9. No changes in performance... Is this responsible for making my game crash when trying to drive? 10. Fix the crashes when trying to drive. Hope this helped!
  9. Berries

    Joypad Testers

    Sent some Information/feedback yesterday, hope it'll help.