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  1. This seems to be caused by modding the trunks to be able to hold more items. When getting over a certain limit of items in the trunk the game won't allow me to enter the vehicle, and upon reload, the game have deleted items in the trunk down to around 160 kg.
  2. When I try to enter my car, instead a wierd red box shows up at the bottom of the screen, only showing a number counting up by 2 each time I try to enter. I do play with a mod that increases trunk space in this save-file.
  3. So, it seems some of the car physics are problematic. Sometimes, crashes will cause trucks to fly around and flip over like a hollywood movie. And this is the second time my car have flipped to it's side during a turn. It's like gravity isn't really holding on to the cars...
  4. Seems like there is a hidden gap or the balcony isn't solid
  5. Like in most houses I seem to enter. And I've never seen the large low shelves being a 2 piece item anywhere. Unfortunately, that means my current house has this one object I can't get rid of... Oh, well, I can always try to find a new place to build my perfect home...
  6. I don't have any mods installed. I do play on the IWBUMS-branch, but this problem happened before that and happens now again as I have reverted back to the standard branch. This only happens to doors and windows, not walls, as far as I can tell (seems like I was mistaken in my original post). I happen when I can't see through the doors or windows because of line of sight. I've tried messing with a bunch of settings, nothing seems to change it. My drivers are all up to date. I tried new games, issues persist. My friend experienced the same issues.
  7. When trying to disassemble or pick up any large low shelve, this weird things happens where it grows to double size temporarily. And I can neither disassemble nor pick-up the furniture.
  8. In this screenshot, the new roof hiding is toggled on. I've tried toggling it off, but this still happens a lot. Seems to happen when I do no face the offending walls, and when facing them, the problem disappears. Should also be said that shelves and a lot of other furniture do not become transparent at all, which sometimes causes trouble with vision, especially inside stores.
  9. I often find myself unable to see what's going on on the screen, because of doors, windows or walls showing up as black rectangles, rather than being see-through. This causes a lot of problems with hidden zombies and is in general very annoying.
  10. The big house in the western outskirt of Dixie: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.43658138558440424,0.18146765317630453,329.68932472190227 Also worth mentioning: I'm playing a custom game with zombie re-spawn set to 0.
  11. Since these zombies teleported right through, without removing any of the barricades, I really don't see how that would help with this bug...
  12. Got woken up by these 3 guys, bashing on the inside of my barricaded windows from the inside of my house. None of my barricades were broken, none of my doors were open or broken. I slept in the upstairs bedroom. I do have sheet ropes hanging down from the second floor - can they climb these?
  13. So - normally when a window is still in its frame, you need to hold E in order to jump through. This changes when the window is broken, to simply just needing to press E. This causes a lot of problems for me, as it can be very hard to spot whenever a window is broken, and I sometimes press E to try and open a window, but instead ending up jumping through a broken window, cutting myself to shreds in the process. This is also a big problem when I try to open doors to close to broken windows. I would really prefer if broken windows would require you to hold E before vaulting, right now using E is simply too risky... Also, thanks for making a great game. The attention to detail and the rigorous implementation shows both talent and heart in the development team. Kodus from a very impressed game designer. Keep doing what your doing .
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