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  1. The Spanish Flu should help the Spanish Inquisition!
  2. I love the look of the map. I'm definitely going to play on it but I'm going to wait until it's developed more. I'm so sorry about your friends I really felt sad from that. I think they would appreciate the tribute you are making.
  3. Today I was in Bedford Falls after I got it working again. I was setting up my base at the massive hotel there and I was looting some of the rooms on the second floor. I was in one of the corridors and heard some banging on a door. Forgetting that I was two stories up I proceeded to open a window and fall two stories and fracture my left shin. Turns out they were on a Balcony sort of thing and wandered up the steps to it and heard me. Luckily my character is still alive but 5 days later and her shin is still splinted.
  4. I'm currently watching Cry play The Last of Us on youtube right now, and since the second game may have been revealed I thought it would be a cool idea to make the zombie skins look like Clickers and regular zombies. Jut a thought I had that I thought would be cool.
  5. You can if you're the god of the sea.
  6. Nothing beats some good ol' fashioned Ḑ̃̓E͕̖̬̠̝͔͗ͥA͑̂̊͂̃̈̾T̐ͭ̀̚H̯̳͚̟̫͇ͪ ̗̪̘͕͇̭̹̂́M̢͕̭̮̪͕͛̃E̻͍̜̲̹͈̯͋̆̊ͤ̽T̤̟͕͗͌ͨͦA̟̝̩̗̟Ḽ̡̅̓
  7. I can't wait to try out Build 30. My cousin was nice enough to create me an account on her Mac. I have to wait until I get my laptop to play build 30 ):
  8. I live in America and I can't read a 24 hour clock if my life depended on it. Do you think it would be a good idea to add in option in the settings where you could switch from 12 hour clock to the 24 hour clock? I won't be able to respond until around christmas as my laptop refuses to charge. Tell me what you guys think.
  9. I'd pay extra for this to be added in the game. I love how there a left over notes and stuff in apocalyptic games.
  10. Slender beats Jeff. And that picture has burned my retinas.
  11. This just in! Zombies invade England!
  12. Welp, It looks like the battle is over unless someone can find something that can beat Chuck Norris.
  13. Does Bedford Falls not work anymore? Because I tried to download it in my PZ installation folder and it's not appearing on my maps.
  14. I feel like I'm an O+ and I've never had a Blood type test because I've never bought a test kit. Can Moon's have Moon's?
  15. Yup! Aw that's awesome! I sometimes make some apocalyptic stories in Microsoft Word or similar programs and I base them off the actions of my character. So I could use that option for some sort of 2 months later sort of deal.
  16. Also if I'm understanding correctly, One of the new sandbox options that controls erosion can make it so the world is had decayed when you start?
  17. I have a theory that it was all Stans fault. Stuff went south the day we rescued him. #TrustNoStan Satan the Office Spiffo.
  18. *OFFTOPIC* Yeah that was a great stream. That was my second stream actually. I literally shouted OH NO! when I saw the warehouse start to burn down. Good thing Stan was okay!
  19. Maybe it could also add a bonus in Gardening or Foraging skills.
  20. Yay! When a cow laughs does milk come out it's nose?
  21. A sledgehammer should do that screen some good.
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