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  1. its not that kind of console.
  2. I'm pretty sure that generators couldn't go in trunks even in previous builds. so its a long standing bug
  3. I noticed something similar with lockers. no matter where the locker is located, it's filled with stuff you would find in a school locker.
  4. I imagine it's like hooking up a sink. you need to build a rain barrel on a roof above it (and like one square to the side). you may then need to pick up and then replace the washer in order to get the hook up option to appear in the context menu. I haven't gotten far enough along to try it though. you need a certain carpentry level to build the barrel at the very least and if you gotta move the washer there's probably a mechanical level you need to do it just like stoves/fridges. (any of this could actually be wrong in build 41 - I've only begun to scratch the surface of it)
  5. it kind of makes sense to stand still after jumping over the fence. you are basically getting your balance back/standing up after crouching to absorb the impact. however I'm sure tweaking needs to be done. as to the garage doors, all the ones I've opened look weird from the inside. you basically see the outlines of regular doors which is how i assume they made garage doors openable. I assume they will either change how garage doors work in the future or will hide those outlines so they're not visible.
  6. I've only played for about a half hour so far, and I'm liking it. However, movements while walking seem too heavy(?). like turning left/right or around takes too long/is clunky. Movement while jogging seems "easier" for the character than movements while walking. I'm not sure if its a bug or I just need time to adapt, but there seems to be a delay after actions (not sure if its timing or key presses not registering). for example I opened a door and couldn't step back or swing my bat and immediately got chomped on by a zombie. (this one seems more of a bug/ fine tuning issue - same delay without the zombie in the equation, the zombie just made the delay more noticeable.) Same thing after smashing a car window. it takes a couple of seconds before i can enter the car after smashing the window. (this one I can see being more in the need to adapt category ) It would be nice if the isometric helper was a little more visible, I have to zoom in a lot in order to see it. I'm not sure how much of a help it really is either because while it definitely helps with smashing prone zombies head's in, at other times it causes me to get confused perspective-wise where I didn't before. I'm sure using it more will eliminate some of the confusion, but maybe a "smart" feature would be nice. like it would only show up in certain circumstances or something. I hope the giant hand cursor is only a temporary one, I think its kind of distracting.
  7. Ok, I managed to get it working. I tried your recommendations, but still had the same problem. so I just started farting around other windows options. I ended up going into windows display settings/advanced display options/display adapter properties. Then in the window that popped up I went to the monitor tab. the screen refresh rate was at 24 hertz under monitor settings. (don't know why it was set at that, but it didn't seem to affect anything else besides PZ) . I then had to re-enable high scaling DPI override (set to application-haven't tried the other ones) as it was doing the 'ole non full-screen full-screen where it doesn't actually use the entire screen but only a portion of it. no crashing and resolutions now change.
  8. sorry was exhausted when I posted. Graphics Drivers are up to date, PZ has been verified in steam, and java is updated to current version.
  9. So not sure when it started, but I can't change the resolution of PZ. it can only be what my desktop is set at. if I try to change it, the game window closes leaving only the window that's full of text. when I open the game again, it's set back at my desktop resolution. Almost the same thing happens when changing from fullscreen to windowed and vice versa. the only difference is after i reopen PZ it will open in the choice (fullscreen or bordered) I selected . console.txt
  10. you could always try destroying it with a sledgehammer.
  11. oh man, that got me hard. Also, keep that slenderman looking freak in as a really rare zombie to freak people out.
  12. I think they will end up adding it, but it will be a while. At the very least animations need to be out and relatively finalized before they would add it. (I see it more as a post 1.0 release though - or at least close to it.)
  13. I need all the things, in all the containers. :p
  14. I also noticed that nearby zombies would teleport around (seemed like if there was more than 10 zombies on screen is when it happened). I've always had random zombies ignore me especially when there's a horde, but it seemed especially exaggerated today - at one point I was near the gas station in Muldruagh and there was a ton of zombies there, so I was going to try to lead them away, but half of them just stood staring at the ground while the other half went after me. (maybe due to actual lag, not sure)
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