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  1. Filibuster Rhymes' Used Cars!

    they are drivable cars. It adds a bunch of new vehicles with some tweaks, like a moving truck with a bunch of storage and some really fast sports cars. Read the thread - there is a link to download the mod.
  2. Will Animations require a fresh save?

    and even if it's not "required" it would definitely be recommended.
  3. zombie bodies

    with animations will be outfits at the very least.
  4. Zombie, it’s cold outside

    I'm guessing at a bare minimum - 1 month after 40 goes non-beta. but most likely 2-3 months after 40 goes public as it's a pretty major undertaking IMO.
  5. bigger and more detailed trees?

    I don't think you've ventured far enough to see the bigger trees - I've come across plenty of taller trees. you also have to remember due to the game being isometric and only one camera angle if you have giant trees you will have a lot of problems with stuff behind those trees. If you have to chop down 10 trees just to get at the tree you actually want to chop down, that's going to get really annoying really fast.
  6. [Event Ended] MegaTest VI - IWBUMS Weather, Chat][E

    I had some weird lag at times even when I was in areas that I doubt anyone else was near (not the occasional chunk loading lag), but other than that (and finding out snow kills my framerate) I didn't have any issues that haven't cropped up before. in regards to getting more people for the testing, maybe some more warning before it starts could help. tell us a day or two before that the test will be on such and such day starting at such and such time. I knew the megatest was coming up but had no idea when and even though I check the forums multiple times a day I still didn't see this thread until it had been up for two hours.
  7. Least Appealing Occupations?

    do you want to know the occupation we would be least likely to choose? for me I pretty much don't choose any occupation that doesn't really help me right off the bat. Doctor, burglar, security guard, farmer, fisherman, ect don't really help me in the beginning so I never choose them. I think you should come at this from the other direction and ask what peoples go-to occupation is. Mine is Lumberjack. faster ax swing (great for zombies and trees), slightly faster forest travel speed. a strength bonus plus a blade accuracy bonus. My second favorite is the veteran for that sweet, sweet desensitization.
  8. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    the far west campground building at 4675x8598 now has a wall on the second floor, but is still missing lighting on the second floor in the main room and kitchen.
  9. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    regarding weather effects there are cloud effects now, so even though it might not be raining or snowing, it could be overcast.
  10. [IWBUMS Build 40 Test Server] SpiffoSpace: Weather

    spiffospace needs an update to 40.18 when someone gets a chance
  11. Lightning lights up fully closed room.

    hopefully it can be fixed, but I think this might be one of those thing's that can't be without disabling the lightning due to engine limitations.
  12. Did zombie just got buffed?

    running down zombies is hit or miss (hur hur hur) some I can kill at low speed, others need high speed, some seem impervious. some need to be killed from a certain direction,and I've never been able to kill a zombie that's on the ground no matter how I try to run it over.
  13. [IWBUMS Build 40 Test Server] SpiffoSpace: Weather

    it sure seems to be, I haven't had any problems yet
  14. Men with Ven

    with animations we'll be able to see our car doors,hoods,and trunks open, right?
  15. interestingly enough I had something similar happen to me last night. I had a metal wall shelf that I had looted somewhere that I had hung up. was doing some remodeling and attempted to take it down but had no option to no matter what tools I had on hand, I had to destroy it to finish my remodel.