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  1. Well with metalworking at the very least, I think improvised weapons like with grinders and the like isn't too far fetched. I also think that digging basements wouldn't be too far fetched. As for minecraft like comparisons, well in my humble opinion its just a matter of how you implement it. Minecraft is very arcadey about how it goes about, where as this would be intensely realistic. There could be other reasons you may want to mine underground through stuff too, perhaps a sewer collapsed and you want to clear away the rubble and repair it a bit, and use the tunnels as a means to get about more safely than walking on the surface like in old bunkers, keeps and castles. A good amount of Britain for instance has these underground tunnels between important buildings of state and many ye olde castles and hillforts, hillforts being well within the construction levels of the zombie post apocalypse as its mostly just forts upon hills manmade or otherwise made of wood, palisade walls and perhaps a stone keep if were getting real fancy, had small little tunnels built here and there between outside and inside sometimes. But I see your folks point. I still think at the very least the dangers of going underground like toxic gases should be apparent, because sewers with all that filth sitting stagnant would surely produce a lot of methane and I can't imagine the air quality being healthy down there. One would be nauseous at the very least.
  2. While I am aware that basements and sewers have been suggested, and that I have suggested trenches and the like in my other topic: What if we had any naturally occurring caves (I am not familiar with Kentucky so I don't know if they would have any) as well as the ability to dig down and perhaps make mines underground whether for simply making a cellar, an underground bunker or to achieve the process of mining ores. There could be various equipment all to do this, each transcending in their rarity in order: Shovels, already ingame. Picks, for hard rock, modestly rare. Jackhammers, rare. Bulldozers for lifting huge amounts of soil, very rare. Dynamite/explosives, incredibly rare. Drillbits for mining, extremely rare/nigh unique. Being able to mine ores with various tools like drillbits and picks and potentially even jackhammers would be interesting, as one could merit ore. Obviously this would make a lot of noise so it'd constantly attract zombies. And digging underground there is the risk of cave ins, where players will have to build wooden supports or other forms of supports in their tunnels and chambers underground, lest the ground collapse on them. A smelter forge could also be built, and such a thing has already been suggested by other people who want to craft armour and melt down metals so the suggestion wouldn't vary much from there. I also think that having toxic gases could be a thing underground where if you open up an area there is a chance you open up a gas pocket, and either require a gas mask/respirator of some sort to survive it or you take damage the longer you spend in it, as well as becoming nauseous.
  3. Yeah I didn't mean changing walk animation for normal skinny, I'm talking about like malnourished/skeletal. Which is effectively severe starvation. Having all of this tied to the traits and stuff would be cool, the only changes to prevent clipping one would need to do is just change the animations for the morbidly obese one so its more like a waddle and the run is different, as that one would clip with the normal animations.
  4. Hiya, I'd like to request various body types and requesting potential modellers to make some for the sake of variety amongst humans/zombies in game, and alongside that, to add the "Tall" and "Short" traits. Tall is trait where you move faster and have farther reach and therefore a positive trait. Short is a negative trait, a bit slower speed and less melee reach. And the various body types are dependent upon the perk chosen by the player or NPC entity as follows: Skeletal/malnourished- Chosen if someone is feeble or at an incredibly low weight/fitness level. Character is almost skeletal in appearance, should have a very agonizing/pained looking walk. Thin- Chosen if someone is weak and at a low weight, normal fitness. Character is rather thin of both body and limbs. Lean- Chosen if someone is weak or low weight, but good fitness. Character is a bit muscly looking texture wise but their limbs and body is somewhat thinner. Average- No traits one way or the other, average fitness. Character is basically how they are portrayed ingame vanilla. Muscular- No traits one way or the other, good fitness. Character is rather ripped and muscular, their walking gait is fairly confident and sturdy, occasional flexing. Chubby/Stout- Stout/fat trait/higher weight with good fitness. Character is a bit chubby but has decent muscles for their arms and legs. Fat- Overweight trait with high weight, average fitness. Character is rather portly/rotund, walks relatively normally if with a tad wider gait, somewhat thick limbs. Obese- Obese trait with incredible high weight and/or poor fitness. Character is morbidly obese and very rotund, thick limbs and a large round torso with a large gut+breasts, walking animation is more akin to waddling than proper walking. A tall order for this one, but if it could be tied with nutritional levels that'd be incredible. I think though just having a preset appearance tied to a perk would be good enough though in my honest opinion.
  5. I think that swimming should be a skill of its own that characters can select, and perhaps have some benefits associated with it. Perhaps with swimming someone can do harpoon fishing or scavenging in water, sort of like foraging, and people with higher swimming skill can swim across more difficult waters (I.E rapidly flowing rivers) without being swept far downstream, and for those with no swimming skill or people who are too exhausted, as higher swimming skill means you get exhausted slower, will start to drown and flounder in the water. I think that zombies should naturally float as well and bob up and down in the water due to how bloated they can be perhaps, or just simply drag you down- which would mean there should be different depths of water and perhaps a sense of transparency with water to show silhouettes underneath. People who die in water will flounder first and then sink below, and either disappear into the depth or simply rise up after sinking and be face down, arms and legs pointed downward as they float lifelessly in the water. Could also be really terrifying if someone is swimming and one of these "drowned" corpses suddenly wakes and thrashes and bobs towards the hapless player swimming.
  6. Right, so I had the thought where one could make some defensive constructions for one's lil stronghold, and some other nifty traps for animals and trespassers alike. What I was thinking is suggesting the following: Bow mechanism traps, like the one in this video: And defensive trenches, where someone can dig them and zombies will fall in them but can't get out properly, and possibly could have spikes to have them get impaled upon some sharpened wooden poles. From what I understand there is an issue with digging down/making basements in the game so visually perhaps we could just have it where if zombies or people run into the spiked trenches they will play an animation of getting impaled in it, or they could even make a moat by filling said trench with water. Which brings me to my next suggestion. Drawbridges, and buildable ladders and ramps. Say you want to have a mechanism controlling a bridge that you operate via a crank or rope of some kind? Want to secure your fort for the night and close it down? Well with a drawbridge you can, as the bridge would lower and act as a floor to walk across such dangerous things such as spiked trenches or moats. And on that note, what about more variations of doors, or perhaps full on gates? Reinforced doors and gates should be an option for any post apocalyptic frontier stronghold, we are after all surviving in a zombie apocalypse with hordes of ravenous corpses and opportunistic survivors and raiders and their own warbands, seeking to pillage our own crafted or siezed homes for their own prolonged survival. And maybe making doors out of scrap metal wouldn't be a far fetched idea either, as we already have plenty of mods that include forging into the game. And say you got a really tempting fort to siege perhaps? Perhaps that fellow whose got his drawbridge closed up or his sheet rope all tucked away and maybe there is a gap, maybe a ramp you can deploy would be in order to walk across a pit, or a ladder to climb up a wall? We of course in the game right now can make stairs and little siege towers and ramparts to get inside a base but its all very ad hoc and hardly transportable by any means, as you have to lug around several planks of wood and lots of nails just to construct a siege tower, which is hardly efficient when in real life the equipment to besiege a fort on a basic level wasn't terribly complex. Obviously building siege engines in this would be a stretch, so catapults, trebuchets, ballistas and full battering rams are likely a no go, but I then thought as well, what if we had police battering rams in game? And maybe a person could make a basic one man battering ram for themselves, where it takes a lot of exertion to swing it but it can smash through doors specifically with relative ease. Crowbars to some effect should also have an animation to try and wedge doors open, with great exertion of course and would add more use for them ingame. Sort of like these if you will: Which would be able to be found here and there as police, fire departments and military all utilize tools like these for very practical purposes. And maybe some defenses for a perspective stronghold? Perhaps some pitfall traps made for a 2nd story floor or higher with trench spikes below said pitfall or just the sheer drop alone doing the job. A person walks on said floorboard and then it drops, and perhaps the way to avoid it is by perhaps visually looking carefully at the floorboards and then seeing how it doesn't quite look right, and maybe to counter this, safety ropes could be introduced to where you tie yourself to a wall, window or some other object. Such a thing would have uses outside of sieges too, maybe you're constructing a tower to oversee your humble abode or climbing a structure and you risk plummeting to your death, so instead you get some rope or lots of chord or clothe to make a little safety rope tied around yourself, with primitive versions ensuring you don't fall to your death but may hurt you from the sheer amount of constriction applied when you fall and snap back, while more advanced versions are a proper harness that'll prevent you from falling down and stressing your body from the snap back of the safety rope. Once your fall has been stopped, hanging there, you can perhaps climb your way back up or just simply let yourself down.
  7. With the whole concern of people levelling up their first aid, I wonder if we'll encounter twisted doctors out in the wastes- like a zombie apocalypse Mendels or somesuch that "experiments on people by sawing off limbs and injecting them with stuff... Now that's a scary thought.
  8. Does one have to apply at your website to play on server? Mind, I am perfectly aware on how to RP and make a character sheet, just wondering.
  9. I also think zombies should be more of an actual object, more solid to speak- I should NOT be able to run through a crowd of them and only being slowed down briefly. I should be bumping into them, getting moshed and then violently mobbed by them, zombies should not be easy to run through if they are clumped together and I think a collision system would fix a lot of the problems of the game being too easy off the bat.
  10. Mute option would be needed as well. A good point in the support a mute option for specific players.
  11. On other news, Fort Jane is secured last I checked, with new seeds sown and other stuff. The place just needs a saw...
  12. Oh no, not at all. Mind- I am surprised I haven't heard of that movie given I am a fairly big Charles Heston fan (I have seen I Am Legend though, and read the book. Great book, no denying that.) I remember his role in the old planet of the apes movies and such. He was in Soylent Green too wasn't he? Coulda sworn he was, there was some fairly good actors in that.
  13. Same issue here. Yeah... if I get banned for this I fully deserve it.. my apologies folks I just really wanted to get rid of that damned horde :C
  14. I want to apologize if there was serious ping on the server recently- that may have been due to fire traps that my character, Jane Doe made in order to clear the 900 billion zombies outside of Fort Jane (The Self Storage facility in Muldraugh.) Again, sorry for any inconviences this caused, just... there was no other way, even enlisted help for it D:
  15. If the server goes up inform me. I've been going on with my exploits as Jane Doe on the Evile Dead server.. trying to take back Fort Jane.
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