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Found 3 results

  1. Its that time again for a new lore to be starting up. The start of the lore is Friday, March 2nd, 2018 at 7pm EST. It is not too late to jump on over to the forums and submit a character application HERE If you do though, please be sure to read the lore posting bellow or on the forums HERE as well as the server and community rules HERE Mods - You will find out in game Zombie and world settings - you will find out in game 1. The Lore It all started without a single voice on the television warning us, a silent whisper through the streets of Fairhaven. Our only warnings were hidden within the depths of the web, even then, the information was bare, mere mentions of a super-virus with no list of symptoms accompanying it. How could we have prepared? We couldn’t have. Within weeks, the super-virus finally tore through the veil shrouding it. It made national news, and Fairhaven was placed under quarantine by the U.S Government. We watched as parking lots were converted into refugee camps, shopping centers became quarantine centers, and our neighbors houses became burnt out shells of their former selves. Nobody told us anything, just that we couldn’t leave. We held on by a thread, biting the bullet where we could until people started vanishing from the camps, starting with the elderly, ending with children. Nobody had any real clue what was going on, families made scenes, tried to incite violence, until they vanished too. People were too afraid to act past the formation of C.E.I.T.A. We kept on eating our pills, taking our shots and watching the news for more information. All of this in the span of three days … three days, a major populace was nearly wiped to nothing, sections of the city barred off … only in three days. By day four? All we could hear were gunshots in the distance, the news telling us the quarantine had been expanded to Peoria and Bloomington, cutting us off from South Illinois. It wasn’t long until many of us were loaded up in buses and hauled off towards the military evacuation point outside the city … but not all of us, some of us were left behind to make our own way there. We gathered up in our cars and rode off, some towards the border, and some towards the evac point, right up until we reached the backed up highway with cars miles down. 2. The Towns Over The River (Fairhaven) (City) Valley Station (Kings Mill) Muldraugh (Twinsburg) West Point (Hartsdale) Rosewood (Union Center) Ohio Map + Dixie (White Horse Creek)
  2. New Dawn - Project Zomboid Roleplay has begun a new lore. Forums - Home Lore Rules Lore Overview This lore is a pre-apocalypse lore based around science, the supernatural and a cult. Players can play a secret member of the cult, blending into the town of Ashwood Cove to accomplish a nefarious plan with the goal of pleasing the old gods, or they can play an unsuspecting town member, living their every day life. Work at a store, own a store or be part of any number of jobs. Be part of the actual town and try to uncover the secrets that lay beneath the surface of the town. This lore will be full of plot twists, puzzles and secrecy. Player actions and choices will have a lasting effect on the world around them and will directly impact their ability to succeed in their tasks during events. Failure is in fact an option. There are many aspects of the world that are explained throughout the lore. A hint now may make no sense but later on down the road, that cryptic spray paint on the wall may make sense and be a clue to a future event. Will the towns people every figure out what is actually happening behind the scenes or will they eventually succumb to the will of the cult that has been operating undetected in the town for so long? Server Vars: Power/Water - Currently on Zombies - Do not exist.... yet Zombie Lore - Zombies will be starting off weak but over time the settings will change to make them stronger Fire Spread - off (its a small map. we dont need the whole play area burning down) Mods: Hydrocraft ORGM MoreBuild SVGWeaponNerf SVNoLuckInMP tnt-naturalclock HairStyle CoordinateView DubsProfessionMod PlayerDescription SVGReanimator RestlessZombies Cremation Map - Server utilizes the "All in one Zomboid map pack" but we are currently only utilizing the "New Hamilton" map. The rest of the map has been blocked off but is being used for event areas. The player area of the map has also been edited with additional buildings, stores and an ocean water front with a dock. Community- We are a good sized community of role-players from around the world. We have players in the US, EU and elsewhere. Our high population times are between 7pm EST and Midnight EST but we tend to have players on to some extent throughout the day. We have a helpful team of admins to assist you through the character creation phase, as well as in game when needed. We are always looking for new admins, but the chances of a new player getting on the team is basically nil. So unless you have been active for a few months, it may not be worth asking. Many times this community may not be PG but the admins will intervene if things go on the blatantly offensive size. Overall, its a good community that welcomes all sorts of people. We try to get applications processed within 24 or 48 hours but that also depends on how many applications come in at once, as well as how many changes are needed in an application. Server Hardware and other stuff- We utilize a fully dedicated server which gives us great server performance, within the limits the game and mods will allow. We have a custom logging system that allows us to keep track of everything said in server as well as anything taken or dropped. This means that if you are stolen from in a way not in accordance to the rules, we have your back... or we will find you like Liam Neeson trying to find his family. If you have any questions, you can ask here or in our discord, https://discord.gg/Puwj4WK
  3. [CLOSED UPON REQUEST. NEW THREAD HERE:] [...] [...] [...] [...] [...] New Dawn - Powered by AGN New Dawn is the longest running role play server here for Project Zomboid. We aim to bring an atmosphere of quality role play and push heavily for in depth character creation as well as heavy immersion in the server. With the admins, players of Project Zomboid, and our development team we have created tons of features that you will be taken care of as a player on our server. Server info: Server status: ONLINE Server location: North America (Works globally) Player slots: 64 New Dawn Team Admins: Pann, Scriblerias, GrayFox, MindGate, ModdedTibby Developers - jianmingyong We'll see you at: http://newdawn.aggressivegaming.org/ ^ Apply your character for whitelisting on the website - Don't forget to read the rules ^ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Server Lore As an addition to our server, we've got a server lore to enhance the role play experience. Ever want to know what it would feel like to experience the apocalypse before and after it started? Here's a run down of how it works. We will start this lore in Cloverport, Kentucky; 2010. Players will live their lives as normal people do, there is no apocalypse when we start. The story line will slowly guide us in the outbreak stages eventually. This means players can apply for any occupation the real world has too. This ranges from teachers, carpenters, veterinarians, call center employees and others. Applications are open! At this time we have opened up our application process for the new lore and admins will be prepping them and getting people to the point of a new standard of approval on the server. The applications have gotten tougher. We are also changing the whole group application system a bit, there is now a separate application form for this. There will be no purely evil people accepted. More on that is on the New Dawn website. Stay Tuned for a Launch Date and more information! Link to the "New Lore" forum post - http://newdawn.aggressivegaming.org/threads/new-lore-details.6163/ Link to New Rules - http://newdawn.aggressivegaming.org/forums/rules.217/ Link to Applications - http://newdawn.aggressivegaming.org/applicationform/types
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