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  1. 9.2!FW5SALRJ!6gKIXB1J6-A0O_vdXWaM3U3sMaAgJ1mra5BCIZHApTE
  2. latest version!pChwlT4D!ws8289PKE_MzpSWWydDgomrQfKN1bK1Ll_-sQc_XdyU
  3. you need to extract the .b1 file, then copy the hydrocraft folder to mods folder, you can get it here
  4. if its not ok to upload it then i'll take it down here you go guys!0eoV0BzR!PNBsbl2OVxK3jfHSl_ISyJE3lDEgX760QkTTXRlnpzM enjoy
  5. best mod ever just have a question, anyone having issues with filling bags with dirt or sand?
  6. wow
  7. function: onCreatBarrel -- file: ISBuildMenu.lua line # 629 function: onMouseUp -- file: ISContextMenu.lua line # 78 attempted index: new of non-table: null---- thats what i get when i try to build one thank you for working on this btw
  8. maybe you can send it in a PM to those who want to use it, i'm sure no one is gonna upload it
  9. build 21/23

    *gasp* can you send it to me, please?
  10. i wish i could lend a hand but i know nothing about programming thank you so much for making this mod
  11. or you can dig a large hole (when it becomes possible) and put the corpses there to burn them
  12. the devs are part of why i love this game so much, they are really great people, they keep in touch with the players and they are working really hard, just because something is not in the game right now doesn't mean it won't be added or modified like the cooking system. thank you so much for updating these mods, i really appreciate your work and i hope that you get the permission to share it with us soon
  13. the game doesn't crash anymore if the heat source inventory is "open"
  14. Build 27

    This looks so cool
  15. i love food mods i am so gonna try this cheers