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  1. And here I am with my controller in my lap sobbing 'cause it wont work. I'm... I'm going to let a zombie bite me. So long...
  2. In the case of Project Zomboid, just buy on Desura for the Steam Key, to avoid the price jumbling. I'm not sure how Desura works with international purchases though. I'm too lazy to go see. Just as a disclaimer, you know.
  3. Oooo, I'll send you a note or something in the next day or two.
  4. One hell of a job nonetheless—even though you got rid of Wimpy, err, Eating Spiffo.
  5. Eh. To search. Thanks guys and / or gals.
  6. How are these traits defined? In the file you've directed us to all I see is the trait being named with a description, but not the actual behavior of the trait—that is, how it will affect the gameplay. The same question goes for you. I'm looking at your custom profession, but again, your traits seem to have nothing but a title and description. Are there any changes to how the character and said skills are affected?
  7. Time to dance? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jofNR_WkoCE Do you like cheese?!
  8. To be more specific, create a .txt file in ProjectZomboid\mods\[modname]\media\scripts\items.txt with the following: module Base item blablabla { ... }}That should overwrite the item in the base items.txt or newitems.txt. As a side note, you don't have to name it items.txt so long as the module is Base, though you could also create a custom module name and add an import call like so: module Custom{ imports { Base } item blablabla { ... }}This should do the same thing, overwriting said items... I think. I know using the module Base without importing will do the trick, but if you want to crea
  9. Like NPCs. NPCs can be your multiplayer for a bit. How about that?
  10. Also, make sure the mod folder is found in [userProfile]\Zomboid\mods and that the mod name is listed in the 'loaded' file. I find activating mods to be a pain in the ass.
  11. Your choice. Someone else will want drugs. This mod WILL get made one way or another, by Ramibuk or someone else. Just like children will likely get added via a mod one day. And animals. And a whole slew of controversial things. The community doesn't need to discourage this kind of thing because a few don't think its great, or see alternative ways to go out, as I'm certain there are many that want to see drugs and children and other controversial things added.
  12. I have specs relative to you and have little performance issues. I'd personally say go for it, especially while you can still get it at the reduced price.
  13. To be realistic, what if you have run out of options and are ready to give up? It fits into the whole insanity thing, and the drug could be your way out. Alcohol has its place, and not everyone will want drugs, but I think there should be a mod for those who want it to take it. I for one likely wont use it, not that the idea of drugs is amiss, but just because...
  14. I'm putting together a mod, much like the StarterKit mod, that is essentially a Bug-Out Bag packed with all the goodies a prepper would need in a 72-hour bag. The items that will be packed in the bag are common enough items, both in the game and what you'd find in a real B.O.B., and only enough to last for, well, 72 hours. I will release multiple versions of the mod with the number of items in the bag to match each day / night period in the settings menu. I'll hopefully balance the number of items to be as close to 72 hours as possible in the game. In said bag will come a pistol and one (1)
  15. There are plenty of points to adding drugs—just rethink your affects. It could add an interesting mechanic, err, approach to the game. People don't have to use the mod or take the drugs, but in a real survival situation, they will be present and used. Weed could definitely be a stress reliever, though with negative feedback, such as the chance of increasing stress (due to hallucinations) instead of lowering it. Thirst and hunger are good too. I imagine this making you clumsy, making too much noise, either by stumbling around or talking too loud. This in turn would attract unwelcomed guest.
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