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  1. Hydrocraft Mod

    Small typos: Canned Spam creates Open Cannned Spam Item: Scaner (should be Scanner)
  2. This is probably my favorite thread. THANK YOU for showing us what's under the hood. Very useful info to have.
  3. According to EG this has been fixed in vehicle and internal builds. Haven't checked the vehicle build myself.
  4. Understood. I have submitted the Fire Officer loot report. As a bonus I have attached a screenshot of the house my Doctor started in and the entire loot in inventory. For science. I hope this data will advance our collective knowledge of starting rolls.
  5. Do not despair; science is hard. I will submit at least one full survey.
  6. Some other things I found with no options as far as I can see on the list: Cooking Pot, Bowl, Empty Mug, Saucepan, Poolcue, Lightbulbs, Cleaning Liquid, Soap, assorted Clothing (Vests, Skirt, Underwear, Belt and Sock), Pillow, Salt, Cold Pack, Wire. Also, having rolled a Fire Officer and then a Doctor, I think the Doctor's house is kind of shitty. On par or worse than the Fire Officer's to be perfectly honest.
  7. Well I rolled a Fire Officer and I started in a decidedly middle class house. Compiling data now. There's no option for chips or PB on the list, I assume those are counted as canned goods?
  8. So should I be mentioning my profession when I am presented this question? I would have just noted the quality/income level of the house tbh.
  9. Sounds interesting. I will give it a shot since I just did the IWBUMS megatest, need to revert to main. You will get super-fresh brand-new-install data in about 30 mins. Does your quiz take into account professions? I do believe those impact where you spawn, though I am not positive.
  10. [It's back!] Wed 15th Nov! IWBUMS Megatest III: The Return!

    I did not encounter any major bugs, just zombie-related lag. Spawned in Riverside. It feels rather... empty, especially in the commercial districts. There is one large two-story building that feels very WIP. Sorry I don't have coords. My SP save loaded fine, I will play around with it for a bit and report any issues in this post.
  11. [It's back!] Wed 15th Nov! IWBUMS Megatest III: The Return!

    7PM GMT is around noon for people in the US, or just about 24 hours from now.
  12. [It's back!] Wed 15th Nov! IWBUMS Megatest III: The Return!

    Are we a-go today? Monitoring this thread.
  13. I would like some more cohesiveness to how bags and inventory function. For example, if I have a saw in a bag, I can saw logs without removing it (odd). But if I have nails in a bag and I want to add a sheet rope to a window, I can't use nails in my bag or even a nail lying on the ground. It's a basic QOL thing that would make the game a lot smoother. And I think that's tremendously important in a game with a lot of menu inventory management.
  14. Human-bite cloathing

    I agree with ManMan on how horrible corpses are. Even a fresh dead body is pretty awful. A rotting human body must be tremendously horrible. Now try to imagine streets and buildings filled with rotting corpses. The greatest threat isn't even the zombies; it's the rampant disease and the total despair that would occupy the mind being confronted with so much horror. I imagine a lot of people would just end it themselves. Depending on the situation, I very well might. But with a good blunt object, you can definitely smash up a walking corpse. A lot of this depends on whether we're dealing with George Romero-style shamblers or Zack Snyder-style sprinters. If they can really haul ass you're pretty much fucked. But if they're shamblers, what I would do is get something with a bit of reach and a weighted end, and aim for the shins or kneecaps. A solid blow with enough force would probably ground them, which you follow up by bludgeoning the head as fast as possible. If there were more than one I would put distance between us and try to single them out (I wouldn't even try with more than three). And I would definitely wear goggles and a surgical mask, bandana or something else to prevent droplets from getting in the eyes and mouth. A full pyrex face mask or something would be ideal, if you could find it. Motorcycle helmet is a bit risky; occludes the senses too much. I'd probably wear denim jeans and boots with a high cut, long-sleeved shirt and a jacket. Leather gloves for sure. Some sort of scarf goes around the neck. Hopefully I wouldn't be fighting in the heat.
  15. Better looking storage areas/crates idea

    It looks good. Based on a video that was posted in another thread, I think the correlation between what is on the pallet vs. what is shown might need some work. But the idea is sound and adds a lot to the game.