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  1. Sound is worse than before for me when i walk ,
  2. RJ your clame saife system system work for admin but not for the player , i miss something or u know it ?
  3. Multiplayer work now but i have no sound in game . edit : sry didnt the previous post .
  4. Small Update V 1.1 Fix Distribution item rarity .New Cell Phone textures.Cell Phone can be used as torch , u need a CellPhone Battery for make the phone ON .Battery of cell phone can be crafted with : 1xSalt , 1x Electronic Crap , x4 Screws , x5 Water , Keep ScrewDriver and need Electricity competence 1 .Lighter of cell phone is less than normal torch , but the durability is three times more important than a normal torch .Add some new rp items .
  5. So if i create a texture with a lower resolution than 32x32 it will be work ?
  6. Hi , i create a lot of texture for my news items but some items look really bad when i have them in my inventory , exemple : Someone can tell me what is the problem ? Thanks .
  7. Hum thanks to difficult for me I give up this idea .
  8. Nobody can help me ? I cant continu my mod if i find not the solution
  9. I tried if ( testItem:getCategory() == "Literature" or testItem:getCategory() == "Drainable" ) and testItem:canBeWrite() then canBeWrite = testItem; endBut nothing change in game , like i have to modifie something else but i have no idea what to do ... i had search all " canBeWrite " files but only ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.lua contains this ....
  10. Hi guys , im trying to use the function "write note" ( for journal , notebook etc ) to a drainable item . The problem is , if i set Type = Drainable,the CanBeWrite = true,PageToWrite = 20, not work , it work only with type = Literature , so i need to have type Literature + drainable bur i dont know how to do this. If someone can help me would be very nice . Sorry for my english . Thanks
  11. Your mod has everything so
  12. For start im french and i stopped school very early in my life , so im really sorry for my bad english , i try to do my best. Rpitems is a mod that will add new Role Play things , like new items (usless or not) with new functions and some surprise . I will update the mod every 2 weeks and telling you the new features . Actually its the first version of the mod so there is not much adds . See lower for the features . If u have any suggestions or ideas let me know . Download Features Credits
  13. It work perfect thx dude ! Thanks u so much .
  14. I have to put it in my script folder recip.txt ?
  15. Hi guys , for start im really sorry for my bad english i will try to make me understood . Im actually working for a item mod and im blocked for some things ( hope u understand , when i try to read myself its like read in Chinese ) I would like to add a fix contener when people start a new game , like "the key ring" in vanilla game. I know how to add a contener but not imediately like this And my second problem is , i would like to add 2 or more result if i open a box , like this . Vanilla code : recipe Open Box of Nails { NailsBox, Result:Nails=20, Sound:PZ_PutInBag, Time:5.0, }What i want: recipe Open Box of Nails { NailsBox, Result:Nails=20, + blabla=10 + blablou = 20 .... Sound:PZ_PutInBag, Time:5.0, }Im really sorry i try to do my best but its really hard when i have stop study at 15 years . Thanks for ur help <3
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