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  1. Do you want to edit it or I can whip up some flavors for it, I don't want to steal your thunder.
  2. Here is what I have for a juice box (it is hard to see it but there is a straw; better seen here: http://imgur.com/VBRPA8p), could I get your opinion on it, its not done IMO, it just doesn't feel right but I'm not sure how to fix it, if someone else has another juice box or wants to take this image and use it they are welcome to work with it, but I would like to know what I could do to make it look better Btw will there be a Box of Juice Boxes
  3. This is a pie. So I changed the naming. If we want a "cobbler" it should be in the roasting pan. Otherwise this just looks like a pie. Pie, cobbler meh
  4. I think the devs mentioned adding sewers as another means of getting around, and that aside I'm all for it. And I'm guessing the reasons no minus layers is because it would not be possible?
  5. Me: "I got bitten in the groin by a zombie" My brother: "Was is a girl?" Me: "Yea why?" *pause* Both: "Bow Chicka Wow Wow"
  6. Raw: Baked: item HCCobblerblackberry { HungerChange = -80, Weight = 2, Type = Food, DaysTotallyRotten = 10, DisplayName = Uncooked Blackberry Cobbler, Icon = HCCobblerblackberry, ReplaceOnUse = HCPiepan, ReplaceOnCooked = Hydrocraft.HCCobblerblackberrybaked, IsCookable = TRUE, MinutesToCook = 30, MinutesToBurn = 60, DaysFresh = 5, UnhappyChange = 15, BoredomChange = 15, }item HCCobblerblackberrybaked { HungerChange = -80, Weight = 2, Type = Food, DaysTotallyRotten = 10, DisplayName = Baked Blackberry Cobbler, Icon = HCCobblerblackberry, ReplaceOn
  7. Kaltag

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Okay so I was looking at the war dogs and not that they seem OP but it seems there is no risk involved, it would be interesting if the dog could die or get bitten or something, might be hard to code but just something to think about. ATM you just craft the armor put it on the dog like you're recharging a battery. Again not complaining just putting the idea out there.
  8. Here's the new and improved cherry candy: And the cider: Also I was looking at the vehicles and here are my thoughts (just something I want to put out there) The Humvee looks more like a jeep in that picture just saying and if you want to go for realism an APC instead of a tank, I mean they probably would bring tanks, but an APC might work better or both because: (i loved this commercial )
  9. I like this idea, and I hope that when NPCs are added you could base with them and stuff and they will be dynamic and manipulate the map.
  10. It looks like a red tie fighter. Maybe use this as a base image. xD yea I'll re-work that one, I couldn't get it to look like I wanted to. Is the image you linked free to use? And then what about the ciders?
  11. It does, very much, evidence? if ItemPicker.player and character then lucky = character:HasTrait("Lucky"); unlucky = character:HasTrait("Unlucky"); end for m = 1, containerDist.rolls do for i, k in ipairs(containerDist.items) do if not alt then -- first we take the name of the item itemname = k;-- print (itemname); else -- next step is the random spawn part local itemNumber = k; if lucky then itemNumber = itemNumber + 1; end if unlucky then
  12. Do you need an apple cinder bottle because I was making the cherry cider but I did the wrong color as I was looking at apple cider pictures instead of cherry ones, also do you want them to be in mugs because I have them in bottles. Or should I do the glass jar thing like with the apple cider? Here's what I had going for the cherry cider, I still need to change the color:
  13. Something interesting, I did a lot of digging to see if I could find the fish that call the West Point Ohio River bank their home, and I couldn't find any accounts of there being a notable population of any trout in the area, though I could be completely wrong.
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