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  1. Two questions: Is multiplayer still disabled? Can anyone explain the mechanic behind dirty/bloody clothing/body. Why should I bathe? Do you stink? Infections?
  2. Does this work with the recently released version or should I hold off for now?
  3. Looking forward to trying the mod again, had to leave town recently
  4. That's also a panic attack which isn't the same as experiencing intense fear from a legitimate source
  5. M1 uses .30 carbine caliber which is pretty exclusive as far as I know. There should be a M14 already in the game in the form of a M21. There's also an AR-10.
  6. The NPK Fertilizer bag is a base game object. I would rather not mess with base game objects. If I eve do mess with base game objects then maybe, but for now I don't want to directly mess with base game items. http://pzwiki.net/wiki/NPK_Fertilizer Makes sense. How about a way to make empty sandbags? Say, dried leather or fur and twine...
  7. Found the cheifs special in .38 spc. Noticed it works in double action and you cant load +1 like before. How'd you pull that off? Oh and I love it's sound, its perfect as a light emergency hold out pistol
  8. Hydro would you be willing to make it so that when you use a compost bag you made it gives you your sandbag back?
  9. Fine by me might make it easier
  10. Nah im not using iwbums. I'm just going to start backing up worlds and characters whenever I change out mods or upgrade. Btw, Just tried to craft a pillowcase backpack and it ate all the ingredients with no output
  11. Liking the new sounds! Also I found a Silverhawk 471 sawn off and it wont give me the option to reload and it doesnt display ammo status either. New game
  12. Without a console log I have no idea what happened there but I doubt it was this mod. Sure you don't have loot respawning setting on? All I have done is add to loot tables, not reset them. I'm positive. The only thing I did was exit that sandbox to the main menu, exited to the desktop, download the new version and overwrite, and start back up the game. Also a couple things I noticed: The pots loaded with dirt can't take seeds and when you attach duct tape pouches to the backpacks they lose their ability to go on your back <--- A restart fixes that
  13. The map_p.bin file is gone and I didn't think to back it up because i've never run into problems like this but the thumb.png shows that for some reason the clothes I was wearing ejected off of me or duplicated.. I dont know. Edit: Hydocraft also reset a bunch of containers across the map as well so any kitchen cupboards I was using are now empty or have regenerated loot
  14. Also I just updated to the current version and upon loading the game my character dropped dead and it said I survived for 0 days and 0 seconds.
  15. Thanks for the replies. Can anyone tell me what to do with a large bag of rice? How do I get the rice out?
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