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  1. Hi I play with the Steam Controller and when launching the game (build 41.50) with my controller turned on I can no longer see the mouse pointer. The mouse works and I can see the buttons being highlighted, when the mouse moves over - there is just no pointer so I cannot see where Im moving). Thank you
  2. 🙂 Ha - thank you. I Will try that out! Still I think IT should be part of the base game 🙂
  3. Hi Nebula, As stated in my post I am painfully aware of this... The suggestion is to get some sane defaults so I dont have to do this everytime i start a game up (and Im technically not playing with a mouse)
  4. Hi, I would really appreciate if it was possible to change the default column width ratio of type and category in the inventory, so that it more resembles that of the cupboard/container to the right in the attached screenshot, than the default as of now - as seen in Gary Morgan's inventory to the left in the attached screenshot. I think the default should be that the Type column takes up 2-2,5 thirds of the entire width of an inventory window, while the Category only takes up 0,5-1. As of now the ratio is (approximately/somewhere around) 2,7:0,3 in favor of the Cat
  5. I play with a steam controller, but I just tested again with both the Steam and an Xbox controller and I cannot reproduce the bug.
  6. Hi this is primarily a feature request for playing with a controller. It would be really nice if when some button on the controller was pressed, all tool tip descriptions of active moodles would be shown on the screen at once. These are the descriptions you see when hovering over the individual moodles with the mouse. However navigating with the controller it would be better to be able to see all the descriptions at once. I'm not even sure you can see them with a controller at this point?
  7. Hi I'm a using a Steam Controller to play Project Zomboid, and it is working really well. My configuration is primarily a Controller setup, with a mouse mode thrown in for the occasional menus and some keyboard shortcuts. I have found 1 place where using the mouse at the same time as a controller is not working. Notice in the screenshot "before health panel" that I have the yellow and blue controller prompts in the bottom left corner When inspecting my health I use a keyboard shortcut to open the health panel. This doesn't interfere with the
  8. Hi Please see attached screenshot. with the latest update (41.36) this happens to the belt/hotkey UI when opening the inventory using a Controller. See how only half is visible? Before it was either all visible or not visible (behind the inventory UI)
  9. The Steam Controller was built for this type of game. Please allow simultaneous gamepad and mouse/keyboard input and options to choose between gamepad UI or mouse/keyboard UI. Even better would be official support for the Steam Controller or Valves gamepad interface I'll try and find time to test the build.
  10. Hej Mads, lige lidt input angående oversættelser: Items: DisplayNameLaserDisc = "CD", - Jeg vil mene en laserdisc bare skal hedde laserdisc DisplayNameModjeska = "Karamel-småkage" er et bud, eller bare Modjeska. Der er nok ingen der kender det alligevel. DisplayNameCorndog = "Corn dog" lyder fint - du kan også gå efter det her DisplayNameBreadSlices = "En skive brød" - Det skal vel være i flertal? DisplayNamePorkChop = "Svinekotellet" - "Svinekotelet" istedet DisplayNameDeadSquirrel = "Død egern" - "Dødt egem" istedet DisplayNameCageTrap = "Almindelig fælde" - Kan det ikke være en "Bur-fæld
  11. We really need to be able to grow chili's and add them to our recipes... Your characters heat level should rise from eating them, but they help you overcome normal sickness (and colds), and could maybe give you a better resistance to sickness (not the zomboid sickness) You cant have a great chef without a great Chili con Carne recipe (with Beans, coffee and chocolate, thank you )
  12. Ubuntu bugs on last update (announced by EasyPickings in this thread) here
  13. Damn man ...what's the chance of that happening - same topic posted at almost same time I'll delete my thread and place it here. "Part of the charm of building a safehouse in a world of the undead, is the feeling of safety and warmness you get behind your barricaded doors and windows. But when the electricity goes out, it can get too dark to give a feeling of safety inside your little fort - unless of course you're sitting around with a candle or flashlight in your hands. Therefore I propose: Item: Candlestick. Can be placed on top of tables and drawers. When you have a candle in y
  14. Hej Aricane, ...jeg kan godt forstå øjenbrynet - det bliver ændret, sammen med bor planken selvfølgelig. Og tak - sig endelig til hvis du støder på mere
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