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  1. The Steam Controller was built for this type of game. Please allow simultaneous gamepad and mouse/keyboard input and options to choose between gamepad UI or mouse/keyboard UI. Even better would be official support for the Steam Controller or Valves gamepad interface I'll try and find time to test the build.
  2. Hej Mads, lige lidt input angående oversættelser: Items: DisplayNameLaserDisc = "CD", - Jeg vil mene en laserdisc bare skal hedde laserdisc DisplayNameModjeska = "Karamel-småkage" er et bud, eller bare Modjeska. Der er nok ingen der kender det alligevel. DisplayNameCorndog = "Corn dog" lyder fint - du kan også gå efter det her DisplayNameBreadSlices = "En skive brød" - Det skal vel være i flertal? DisplayNamePorkChop = "Svinekotellet" - "Svinekotelet" istedet DisplayNameDeadSquirrel = "Død egern" - "Dødt egem" istedet DisplayNameCageTrap = "Almindelig fælde" - Kan det ikke være en "Bur-fælde". Du er gået med rimelig direkte oversættelser i resten, så det går vel også her? DisplayNameTrapbox = "Boxfælde" - "Boksfælde"? DisplayName=FishingNetTrap = "Fiskenet fælde" - hvis der ikke er andet der hedder fiskenet, skal den så ikke bare hedde det: "Fiksenet"? DisplayNameAdvancedFishing = "Advanceret fiskning" - "Avanceret fiskning". Jeg har i den anden oversættelse forsøgt mig med lidt kreative navne til de forskellige skill-bøger. Det ved jeg ikke hvad du synes om? Recipes Recipe_Make_Cage_Trap = "Lav en almindelig fælde" - "Lav en bur-fælde" Recipe_Make_Wooden_Cage_Trap = "Lav en almindelig fælde af træ" - "Lav en fælde af træ" Recipe_Make_Snare_Trap = "Lav snare fælde", - Lav en snare fælde"Recipe_Make_Trap_Box = "Lav box fælde", "Lav en boks fælde" (Boks kan evt. ændres til papkasse, hvad det vel er?)Recipe_Fix_Fishing_Rod = "Reparer Fiskestang", - "Reparér fiskestang" UI UI_servers_quickJoin = "Hurtig join", - jeg ville gå med "Tilslut hurtigt" UI_servers_joinServer = "JOIN SERVER" - "Tilslut til server" UI_servers_connectionfailed = "Forbindelse fejlede", - "Tilslutning fejlede" Bare mine 25 ører...
  3. We really need to be able to grow chili's and add them to our recipes... Your characters heat level should rise from eating them, but they help you overcome normal sickness (and colds), and could maybe give you a better resistance to sickness (not the zomboid sickness) You cant have a great chef without a great Chili con Carne recipe (with Beans, coffee and chocolate, thank you )
  4. Ubuntu bugs on last update (announced by EasyPickings in this thread) here
  5. Damn man ...what's the chance of that happening - same topic posted at almost same time I'll delete my thread and place it here. "Part of the charm of building a safehouse in a world of the undead, is the feeling of safety and warmness you get behind your barricaded doors and windows. But when the electricity goes out, it can get too dark to give a feeling of safety inside your little fort - unless of course you're sitting around with a candle or flashlight in your hands. Therefore I propose: Item: Candlestick. Can be placed on top of tables and drawers. When you have a candle in your inventory (not bag), or (a lit) one equipped, you can right click on the candlestick and choose to place the candle in it. You can then of course light the candle (if it isn't already) and extinguish it, and always right click on it to equip it back on. The candle should make the room dimly illuminated. Of course, candles can only burn for only six or so hours, then they might set things on... did we get fire back? (although it should be possible to see on a mouseover tooltip how many hours of the candle is left) What do you think?" As you can see I think it's a great idea
  6. Hej Aricane, ...jeg kan godt forstå øjenbrynet - det bliver ændret, sammen med bor planken selvfølgelig. Og tak - sig endelig til hvis du støder på mere
  7. EDIT: As of January 8. 2014, the danish translation is again up to date. LATEST VERSION: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l0afstvmqfko918/DA.zip Contributor: A. Gade - IG_UI, UI, Contextmenu, Farming, Items, Moodles, Recipes, Survival Guide Progress: IG_UI 100% UI 100% ContextMenu 100% Farming 100% Items 100% Moodles 100% Recipes 100% Survival guide 100% Any danish speaking zomboid fans are of course very welcome to offer some criticism. We have a very context dependant language, and I might not have chosen the best words throughout. So please read the translations, and see if anything needs fixing. EDIT: And the spoiler tags are on - Thank you AkHolic EDIT: All done ...Jeg lod let på tå stå fordi jeg synes det har et komisk islæt.
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