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  1. sma342

    Hydrocraft Mod

    I can't craft minecart cause items are too heavy to pick them all. I can't craft mine cart from the floor
  2. sma342

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Oh yeah and there is one more thing I can't equip armor on me
  3. sma342

    Hydrocraft Mod

    How do i craft those candle holders? i need to find book? cause i don't see it in crafting menu
  4. sma342

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Well maybe you are tired? Choping trees is not so slow
  5. sma342

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Hey Hydro can you make candle holders craftable?
  6. sma342

    Downtown(On Hold)

    Can someone tell me coords of Library? im really need to find it.
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