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  1. Any chance someone can fix the way some mods (such as quickstuff) remove freezers and the ability to see the contents of bags on the ground without having to pick it up? Cheers
  2. Also, how would one change it so that magazines load almost instantly or at least a lot faster? Takes me like 3 days to reload all my magazines when I loot a police station or the gun store. I'm terrible at coding or even entering where all this good stuff is found so if someone could walk me through this step by step... that would be helpful ahaha
  3. First off this is a fantastic mod, really well made with a lot of effort put into it. And I know the subject of silencers has been talked to death and the general consensus is that they are illegal in Kentucky and therefore shall not be found in the game. But, there must have been some sort of military involvement when the outbreak started right? I'm sure they had at least a few silencers on them, and as time has gone by and the remains of the military have been looted by survivors looking to survive the suppressors have gone from one overrun house toe the next, or one body to another and as such, they should be, albeit very rarely, possible to find in most places guns can be found, especially off dead bodies. Anyway, that's at least my thoughts on the subject as I would love to see very rare drops of suppressors in the game, even if it is so I can do a TWD sort of life, where I seem to shoot more often then I attack with an axe.
  4. Hmm because when I ran all the way up to New Denver nothing was there. Was quite disappointing. Maybe do I need to choose one of the base spawn points at the start of my game rather than bedford?
  5. This is a really really dumb question and more than likely in the wrong place because I'm not the sharpest tool in the hardware store but, if I have South Muldraugh, TWD prison, Bedford and New Denver all downloaded (or subscribed or whatever) from the steam workshop and I chose Bedford as my starting place should I be able to see the other 3 mod maps? Is there a way to have all 4 + the two base areas accessible in the one game? Cheers in advance.
  6. Oh man that would be so awesome, and with added preset locations (maybe even for mod maps?). And more custom locations so we can have a base in every town? I'd love you forever. Oh, and I guess I'll make a way to add named presets that save and can easily be added and named from a GUI. I haven't been this excited to work on something since Let Me Speak!, guess I really gotta get off my ass! If there's any maps you want presets for, lemme know the names and I'll work on jolting down some presets. I'd imagine on a rainy, boring day if you could just do whatever is on the steam workshop aha. Although, New Denver, Bedford and Dreadwood would be really really nice.
  7. Oh man that would be so awesome, and with added preset locations (maybe even for mod maps?). And more custom locations so we can have a base in every town? I'd love you forever.
  8. With the lack of vehicles right now it can be a pain to loot places that are a whiles away and as someone with a really short attention span... well yeah. As such, I've been using the Cheat Menu Mod and using the teleport function on that. For anyone unfamiliar with that part of the mod, it gives you the option to teleport to some preset locations in West Point, Muldraugh and Dixie or you can have 5 custom places to teleport to. But, as someone who uses a modded map (Bedford falls and New Denver) it would be really really great to have a more dedicated mod with more preset locations in the base towns and if possible, modded maps and/or have more custom locations and the ability to name them in the menu. Until vehicles are implemented for me this is sort of necessary, I enjoy being able to make it unOP by making it you can only travel between 8-9am or 8-9pm and when you travel you must survive at least 1 night before being able to travel back. But that's enough about my boring ass life, just any chance anyone could make a feature like that?
  9. I'm not going to lie, I don't go on the forums much and I only just recently got back into the game. It's nice to see the integrated steam servers but as someone who is playing the game on a school laptop (shhhhh) and understands technology as much as a 60 year old grandmother, making a steam server and then modding seems incredibly difficult. I'm sure as the game grows there will finally be a server in Australia in which i can play with below 200 ping but at the same time, do the devs (or you guys) think it will ever reach a point where we can just invite a steam friend into our game? I'm sure it's probably not possible and if so, reckon you could explain why? Anyway, this post was probably useless/in the wrong place so feel free to remove/move it mods, sorry.
  10. INoEmo

    Hydrocraft Mod

    I'm a total noob and can't seem to find tongs anywhere. Would you know what i'd need to enter to spawn them using the let me speak mod? http://pz-mods.net/gameplay/LetMeSpeak/ Sorry about that, I'm not too good with computers either ahahaha
  11. Would it be an airtight vault? Because I'd love to have the vault door shut on me, and then suffocate as the oxygen slowly runs out.
  12. I have a dumb question. If I wanted to bring it back so guns and ammo do drop on zombies, how would I do this? My reasoning is that these poor souls had tried to fight off the relentless waves with their trusty [insert gun here] before finally getting infected.
  13. *Coughs and looks at ground awkwardly* Ahem... I knew that... yeah... just testing you... A+... yeah... that's what happened... *Shuffles away slowly*
  14. In Kentucky there is still one sword shop... according to yellow pages. Could this count? http://www.yellowpages.com/louisville-ky/sword-shop It's probably not worth the effort though, but if there is a sword shop then people must be buying right?.... right....?
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