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  1. I like this game, I like this company... Patience is like, my strongest virtue! Joke aside, no worries man (or pressure?) - I just wanted to sound like a hyped child to voice my appreciation for your present and future contribution to the game. Looking forward to it, cheers!
  2. OMG, beautiful... And that discussion about the fog, like it's gonna happen.. Please make it happen
  3. I'm sure many have said this before, but this is a game and not everything needs to be 100% realistic. Otherwise we can start adding random injuries such as broken ankle on the run or random cardiac arrest due to a jump scare. That being said, can you imagine the aftermath on a server with 12 people, 4 of which are driving around in cars, followed by mega hordes. Renders whole server unplayable.
  4. Rocco36

    Echolocation trait

    Imagine a mondoid presenting such update. Pls devs, do it for the april joke!
  5. Rocco36

    More in depth food preservation

    Fixed. And yes, they will probably address this at some point in the future adding everything you just described. Not so sure they'll add aspirin though.
  6. Rocco36

    Smash n' Grab

    *Sigh* LIDS dammit, jar lids are the problem, not jars
  7. Rocco36

    how to remove the rotten food

    Long answer: read the mondoid Short one: build a compost, a wooden compost bin in which you store rotten food to make a fertilizer for your crops. Edit: if you're on a beta, IWBUMS build that is, otherwise installing a mod would be the only option as Lord Gonfalon suggests.
  8. Rocco36

    What game should Indie stone make next?

    On a serious note (contrary to my post before) I'd kill for some PZ style game (depth, isometric) but set on some allien planet with fully in-depth biology, etc... Or as @xXSly_WolfyXx suggested, an iso metric game, rpg, set in medieval times, like 'skyrim' but I'd want a bit darker tale here. TIS could become THE company for iso metric games
  9. Rocco36

    What game should Indie stone make next?

    Project Zomboid 2, early access, hahaha.. Ha.. Ha..
  10. lol @Jack Bower Though, in defense of New Dawn, people (admins) that made it a great and famous server are no longer present there for different reasons. All that is left from "New Dawn" is its name. Sad really as the 'original' New Dawn was the best Zomboid RP server. Maybe they'll pick it up though (go to its roots), can't tell, but if not, another one will surely sprout and take its place. Cheers!
  11. Rocco36

    Waffles vs Pancakes

    And Slovenia and Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro,...
  12. Rocco36

    Causes of Death - The Statistical Study

    Thanks ShylokVakarian, I'll keep my eyes out on the thread, hopefully it won't take too long for people to answer few simple questions. Cheers!
  13. Rocco36

    Causes of Death - The Statistical Study

    When (where?) are we going to see the results?
  14. Rocco36

    Knives are objectively the best weapon.

    Everything is situational or related to play style, therefore knives objectively cannot be objectively the best weapon. Subjectively? Yes I prefer axes over knives because I can deal with larger numbers. You don't engage in horde fights with knife anyway so fatigue is (to me) of little importance there. But I can see the appeal.
  15. Rocco36

    Waffles vs Pancakes

    Pancakes in the heavy lead! We all knew this was going to happen !