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  1. Ahh! Thanks for the info. Just was posting just in case.
  2. I feel like it could possibly be with the zombie decay settings. If they attack like normal on the first day and then get worse as the days go on like I’ve noticed then it makes sense that it might be bugging them entirely. Though I’m not sure though. Just seems like what it would be.
  3. I’ve noticed when choosing weapons from the hot bar the character doesn’t do the animation anymore to grab the item. It just appears in my hand. Anyone else experience this?
  4. Had this happen twice and it’s when I was trying to start in December. Not sure what caused it was just posting here for the devs to see.
  5. Playing on mac as well! Noticed this a few times. The way I got it fixed was to just move everything over the icon of what you are storing it in.
  6. Solved by lemmy! They are going to fix the moodle.
  7. Hmmm then I'm not sure! Post your logs here. Your console and your debug, and regular logs. They will find what's wrong.
  8. I had my character running around for a bit and all of a sudden a moodle appeared and said "get out of the rain or you'll catch your death" and it wasn't raining. Was it my characters sweat? If it is his sweat I think a different moodle should be present. I don't want to get sick off of my character sweating. Just thought I would post the share for the devs thoughts.
  9. Do you have the Inventory sanity mod installed? If so I can guarantee that's why.
  10. I didn’t know the custom maps worked for this build yet. It might be because they inject their own loot tables to things.
  11. Yeah I set all the loot to abundant so I could try out a few things but realized there was an issue. Maybe it’s just bad luck.
  12. I spawned in west point and I immediately went looting in the houses. The houses seemed to only have pencils and erasers in the kitchen, and very few clothes, and food. The houses were empty of virtually all of the loot besides the smaller loot that I don't usually use. Any one else experience this?
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