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  1. For the zombie apocalypse bro.
  2. A couple more WIPorn for you all. Personally not so happy with how the Cruise Liner is coming together...not sure why. Let me know what you think. Thanks
  3. Hey Z'oiders, hope all are well! Any update on this? I thought we could at least get some "job" responsibilities put out for those willing and able to pick up on. I reckon we will be needing a Director. i.e: someone who makes final decisions on what goes in and where so as to maintain standards. Also, some sort of Co-ordinator who can tie individual efforts into something that can actually be applied and ensure that no-one is wasting effort and time on things already done or being taken care of. Lastly, someone who can dish out sections or areas (as well as dead-lines) to make sure the end-result doesn't languish forever "in development". Come on Tex, counting on you dude!
  4. Thanks guyz! I would like to say "soon" and get the several buildings and cells I've got on the go totally finished and tested, but it's not easy being a one man army and I know I am missing some vital skills/knowledge (like room definitions etc) to get my builds playable. I also don't have as much free time as I would like so if anyone out there has the skillz and the time, I'm more than happy to share to get to see my little creations realized into the PZ World. There is a thread open that has proposed getting all map-makers working together so hopefully when that kicks off, we will all be able to barricade ourselves "on-board" and spend the day fishing!
  5. Amazing work TCO! Lot's of hours work there for real! Keep it up dude! Got to say, so far the most original (and my personal fav) building is the go-kart course and it's amenities. Upon seeing it, I immediately imagined actual mini-go-karts dotted around the track with overlays on the hoods advertising the race sponsors...Spiffo's Any plans for Cells 4,1 and 5,1 ?
  6. As per Doublebrain's post: "I just gonna leave this here and let you guys have fun with it. If anyone wants to continue on it or get some inspiration I'll be glad, because I think I'm just too lazy to finish a big project" Before this was even posted, I (as well as lots more modders I'm sure) had been trying to get some custom tiles working for a plane and a helicopter. I had some success with making a complete tiled model but the tiles themselves did not work well in TiledZ when it came down to tiling up an aeroplane 'building. Not happy with a static model I have tried and tried to do a tileable set for airctaft. What I realised was that almost every single tile would have to be different and if a job becomes a chore then it's no fun. I got excited about the tutorial on drawing up a 3D model in Sketchup in orthographic view, well scaled and then export to image editing app to cutit up into tiles. The link to this has never worked for me and I have not been able to find it elsewhere via Google. If this knowledge was shared, it would greatly speed up the production process for all types of vehicle creation. I would love t see a "Planes, trains and automobiles" Zomboid challenge map! Do you have a copy or a working link? PM me if you do or indeed anyone else for that matter.
  7. Back in May 2015, Doublebrain posted some mysterious looking custom tiles which some speculated were for trains. When I saw them I knew immediately what they were intended for and I also knew why Doublebrain (at least on the surface) stopped further work as I had been trying to do the same "building" for quite some time. After my recent efforts with the huge Tanker ship and quite a few train cars, trucks and metro-train-cars, I thought I would put out the idea of collaborating on realising what I believe Doublebrain was trying to create and that Zomboiders.....is a fully accessible AEROPLANE! The original thread where those sprites were u/l'ed. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/7280-where-do-i-post-sprites-maybe-here/page-3 Any takers?
  8. Hey Zomboid map modders! I have been busy last few weeks and during any downtime I've had I've entertained myself with some casual mapping. Between one edit here and there and a few long sessions into the early hours of the morning, unable to steal myself away from the TiledZ, the result is coming together quite nicely. Far from finished and probably loads of errors but here follow some screen grabs of the area with a few more focusing on individual Lots, Buildings and Rooms. Not all buildings' interiors are furnished, but there is a lot of it done. As you can see, there is a power plant, the port itself and a pier with a (albeit square) lighthouse.There's also a dump/scrap yard, fire-station/house, multi-storey car-park, a BargainClothes distribution/factory and a train-yard with transport trains! The Main port has cranes, a Customs area, warehousing and containers with which I mapped a simple maze with tight corners etc.The pier to the south of the main port area needs a lot of work, eventually it will contain a shopping/mall area with a metro terminus and station as well as a passenger terminal for cruise ships. Here's the metro area so far... The biggie is obviously the mahussive tanker ship. It is huge and seems un-finishable at times. The entire ship and all it's decks (floors) are accessible. There are the cargo areas below deck with more containers and general storage (crates etc) and of course, engineering: Then we have the trains. An engine and about 6 or 7 different types of trucks with assorted cargo containers. Just to add today's effort, a multi-storey car-park. All it needs is some vehicles (soon please!) If anyone wants more screen grabs of other buildings (or closer, more detailed images of one's posted in this OP) then let me know, or indeed info on any aspect of how they were done, happy to oblige. Comments, critique, feedback and any pointers are also very welcome. Hope everyone likes. Oh! And if anyone knows how to make a good tile/s for a liquified gas truck (those pressurized round containers that sit on the back of those trailers on wheels that deliver gas/petrol to gas/petrol-stations or those big round gas deposit buildings usually found nearby ports and docks then get in touch. I have tried, but my art skills are not so good and doing circular or curved objects in orthographic view I find difficult.
  9. I cannot tell you how hype I am about vehicles. The lack of vehicles is the main thing that impacts on the realism of the PZ world I think as I guess bikes and cars are so ubiquitous in irl....I dunno. Even if they can't be made into containers for loot, just having them in world will be awesome enough. Really good work dude. Top stuff!
  10. Amazing work man! D/L ing the files now and will give it a whirl tonight.
  11. Wow! Thanks so much everybody. I didn't really think much of them as they are all seriously unfinished. Your posts are encouraging and I'm thinking about reviving an idea I had and started, but didn't carry on as I suspect it might be a "waste of time"..... pic related sube fotos And so, to my question. Hopefully someone here will know the answer! Is it at all possible to somehow make a stand-alone map, Challenge or for the actual Game that has the 5th or 6th floor as the Ground floor (under current 7 floor limit)? I suspect not and I believe it is mostly due to room definitions and the way the code handles spawning of loot in said rooms. I also reckon that it might not be applicable due to the way zombies spawn, but I'm not certain. If it is somehow do-able, the Challenge map I started is for a Presidential Bunker 5 floors deep with abandoned underground rail tunnels, sewers and the bunker complex itself with interior roads and classic anti-zombie apocalypse Government bunker type rooms and zones like Security, Labs, Armories, Prez's Quarters complete with Panic Room etc etc. Ground floor is small block in town. The buildings limited to Ground floor, 1st floor and roof. It's totally overrun with large amount of zombies. Player/s start inside and have to either try and find another way out or prep for the eventual collapse of bunker entrance and the horde to do it's thing. If the consensus says do-able, I'll knock out the rest of the map as quick as I can. See if it inspires someone to code up this nightmare. If not, then hey ho! It'll just have to wait until Underground is officially brought into the game (I believe it's a "Yes" on the "To do" list??) or flip the floors around and make it a High-rise Bunker! One more Q. Does anyone have an idea about how difficult it would be to make some of the angled roofs walk-able? Have them be a sort of ramp? Thanks again for the comments and likes!
  12. manontheinside

    A few WIPs

    Hey everybody! First time poster here so forgive any scr3w ups, been lurking the board for some time now and I absolutely love the game, love the modding community and love how the devs keep on giving and giving. Seeing as the (World) Creation tool is going to be implemented some time soon, I thought Id post a few screen grabs of my overly ambitious efforts at building mods using the current tools. Im sure theres tonnes of errors in these, but I dont have so much time to get as good as some. Theres a dockyard container crane inspired by a thread where some dude had a go at making a container ship which I think is an awesome idea. Sieben said something about a crane, so.... Did a stupidly silly big Civic Building/Town Hall with a Presidential bunker and started a mahusive metro station with sewers and maintenance rooms etc by cheating and using the 3rd (I think) floor as Ground level. Dont think it could ever be applied even if I finished it cos of the zombie spawning thing I think. Did a metro car too but its not as good as another one posted awhile back. Here goes
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