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  1. ...You guys do know that revolvers are still made, right? Why on Gods green earth would you need an old one from the old wild west when they still make metal six-shot revolvers?
  2. And then shoot you because they're gun nut NPCs...
  3. "We can total raid the Police Station, dude! I have, like, 10 shotgun shells!" "Did you hear a window break?" "I'm going to go trade with that guy at the Police Station with all the guns." "Dude, check out this shotgun!"
  4. I think the Unemployed profession is supposed to be for players who just don't want to use and traits at all.
  5. I actually rather like that system! Seems much more realistic without making it annoying. Although it could make firearms too much work to bother with depending on how fast the aiming skill progresses.
  6. It seems to do the same damage no matter what range you're at in-game. I guess that's something we'll have to wait for an update to before it takes effect.
  7. I'm more of an archery man myself, but I do find it a little odd that the sawn-off has less damage. Is it do to the length of the barrel, or something?
  8. Except for a few thing: Uniform Zombies - One, it doesn't make much sense for the zombies to be wondering into the woods in great numbers, mostly because there is far more noise in the city than in the woods (because, you know, no animals in the woods yet), and two camping in the woods is hard enough without having to break your axe on a random horde of zombies when you where planning on using it on a tree, so you could build a shelter before it started raining. Is it more realistic? Maybe, but I think some people like to forget that this is a game, and a game needs a balance between realism and gameism (pretty sure that isn't a word) for it to actually be fun. Higher Zombie Count - Most people on the server would already agree that the hordes we get in west point and central Muldraugh are pretty ridiculous in size, increasing the count of those would just mean death for any newbie who ended up spawning near the center of one of the towns. Remember, this was a pretty small community before the outbreak, it isn't impossible for zombies from other towns to come over, but I doubt they would just flock to random towns unless the survivors set off a bunch of explosives. High heat, low rain - Have you been on this server long? It's already nearly impossible to find water after the first two in-game days of the server resets, but now you want to make it so that rain is something that barely shows up? Are you mad!? Bedford Falls - That map is a bit buggy and it requires you to replace the Muldraugh spawns. Not really an idea I hate, but it may make Muldraugh to much of a hassle to visit. People holding onto items - Well, just because the server resets it doesn't mean that all of the RP stories going on before that reset as well, and I think people who have the forethought to keep building material on them before a reset should be rewarded for thinking ahead.
  9. Any chance we can get an ETA on the fix for the Farming glitch that popped up in build 25b?
  10. Lucas Price here. Yes I did kill Wayne, but he compromised the safety of all survivors. I take no joy in my actions, but I do not regret them. May the lord have mercy on me.
  11. Are you sure it's back up? It keeps saying that I failed to connect.
  12. LordSquirrel

    Mega Mall

    This is awesome! I've always wanted to see something like this in the base game! I can totally see this as an awesome last stand map, or even a cool base for multi-player.
  13. Haven't really found anything awesome for awhile, and I'm pretty sure our entire group is out of ammo. As for the server downtime IDK I think the admin said like 10 minutes?
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