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  1. Where do I sign up? Information so I can talk with you a bit, steam,skype,whatever. -Replying to all your PMS and adding you all who have wished to join, just gotta go through quite a few of them so be patient. Its well worth the wait once you play pjz how the devs intended it to be played
  2. Thanks for all the interest guys. I am answering the PMS and setting up interviews skype,steam,oovoo,ts,vent,whatever. Just to ask some questions and gage the type of players you may or may not be. Keep in mind this is to stop any abuse what so ever. The lua makes this a very cheatable game and none of us want such people so bare with me.
  3. Started a private server located on the east coast with a white list so there is almost no chance of cheaters. So far we are about 7 strong. We are willing to let other like minded honest gamers with integrity to join us. Pm me or post and I can set up an interview to talk about some things. (preferably over teamspeak or steam voice chat) -I plan on no resets what so ever unless a major patch deems its a must (such as new animations/maps) Thus trading will become a must in the later years of the world (I like nails as a monetary currency) -Currently there are 24 player slots. (More can be
  4. I am going to start hosting an IWBUMS private server for a lot of people and I could use some tips and tricks. I have not ran a server in well over a year and a lot has changed. If you are interested in making a few bucks by helping me set up an IWBUMS server with the latest build, or you are interested in admining said IWBUMS server then PM me. I am willing to pay a good amount of money VIA paypal or some other intermediary in return for a walk through of how to set up a newest version of zomboid onto a server via putty or filezilla. I would like someone with skill in doing such things. T
  5. Strange so many problems guess it worked in the end
  6. I prefer the way it is now -Not uniform zombies -Zombies are shamblers but when they see fresh meat get a little umf in their step -Zombies have Normal visuals -Zombies have keen hearing and keen smell -Zombies memory is strong No thank you on the silly poorly laid out Bedford falls As far as white list, just doesn't seem to want to correctly work with java and crash a lot. Really a shame tech support doesn't even know wth is going on. Tis the life of an open beta. Same goes with soft reset, just works half assed on some cells. sigh
  7. Many send multiple usernames/passwords to an admin of all that chars they role play with Also helps in case they die
  8. White list is now in full effect. You will get the message account not found if you try to join from now on if you are not white listed The days of cheats/griefers/asshat children are alll behind us. Remember to sign up for an application, write your backstory in the appropriate thread and message an admin your desired usernames/passwords to be white listed. READ THE RULES! and have fun!!!
  9. I don't mind these many guns as there is a never ending stream of zombies...the world has ended it is over. Attacks will come unless you live in the wilderness all alone. Groups have sprung up all around the cities and they are dispatching zombies at an alarming rate. However more and more and MORE just keep on coming. Soon groups will attack other groups in search of food/ammo/nails. How will you die!?!?!
  10. Unless the devs stop 1 in 5 zombies from having a gun on them. Nothing will ever stop guns. This takes place in American after all
  11. Yeah for a minute it was down, another java crash. No idea why they used java buuut hey what can ya' do. The fastest way is to message an admin on our forums or send them a chat request on the website. Post a link so I can see what you recorded when you are done
  12. Thanks and welcome! Make sure to sign up at the forums then post your backstory in the forum. Then PM an admin your log in information so when white list happens on tuesday you can get in!
  13. Zombies carry tons of guns on them, no admin would spawn such a thing I just asked other admins and nope. I just looted about 6 pistols on about 30 or so zombies. It is legitimate to find that much. Even more so if you raid the gun stores
  14. Huh? I'm sorry but how did you get 100s of guns or whatever? I play with my best friends and I don't even spawn them in stuff. For starters I enjoy when they cry "I'M STARVING TO DEATH WAAA" mwhahahaha. For second, it wouldn't be right to do such a thing at all
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