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  1. I, myself, would like some cars here and there. Would fill those empty garages. Of course, a cool tiny debuff would be that there's a chance of a zombie already being in the said car and giving you a lovebite because you weren't careful enough.
  2. ''Let's see what the insane amount of zombies and bloodhound settings do together''
  3. Hi. I haven't been here too long, and I'm not very posty, but hi nonetheless.
  4. And then you could hang a flashlight to the ceiling using a rope and treat it as some sort of ''modern art'' lamp thing.
  5. Any updates? This mod seems like it'd be fun to play around with.
  6. Don't know about you guys, but I wouldn't mind beating a zomboy to death with a folding chair. There's plenty of them in the teacher room thingy in the school, too. You could pick one up, whack someone to death with it, set it back up and rest.
  7. I still remember reading something on the Internet about this back in highschool, on a website where peopel made their own flamethrowers/self-pressurising-water-gun-with-a-backpack-reservoir (*cough*). Take your average water gun. Fill it. Use it. Now exactly how much water got all over you and your hands in the process? Most of the waterproof seals in water guns are made of synthetic rubbers that don't take kindly to flammable organic solvents such as alcohol and petrol. No think very carefully about what would happen when you fill a watergun with petrol, with an ignition source taped near the nozzle. Think very, very carefully. -Perfect- antisuggestion to add into the game though, that's for sure Hey, they let us drink bleach to die stupidly. Why not let us die a horrible flamey-explosion death, too?
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