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  1. I apologize to everyone who's seen or read this. I haven't updated in a long while because I've been having troubles (personal, family, blah, blah blah..) so it's been difficult and I had to focus on straightening things out first so.. I'm getting back at it, and hopefully with the new 3D models, I can work in my own custom model for the taser. I apologize dearly for the long time of silence, I hope you've all been well, Cpt.Flapjack
  2. Suomiboi, the whole crafting idea was what I was talking about. Like you know how you have your weapons that can be repaired with tape or woodglue and the such? When you use the Contact Taser until it runs out of batteries/charge(It breaks) then you use a battery to recharge it (repair it like any other weapon) and if I could figure out how to rename the "condition bar" to "charge bar" and instead of the context menu saying repair, have it say recharge, even though fundemntally repairing a vanilla weapon is the same thing as charging the Contact Taser... I hope that makes sense :S Anyways, once I'm out of school for today I'll give it a go, it was waaay too late last night to get on that, I had just finished writing the distibutions!
  3. I can't wait to give you a version that I think is playable! And my weapons are purely defensive Say, if you're looting a store and you need to get out the back door when one bugger stumbles his way in through your only way out, tase him from far away with the ranged taser, or up close with the contact taser, then run past his temporarily limp corpse
  4. Hey rorschach, they are called stun guns, they are also called contact tasers (which is what people around my area refer to them as). If one is more correct then the other, or if enough people want me too, I will most certainly change it! Also, I wanted to leave it as Taser because I've also been toying around with a ranged version that requires a reload every time but I haven't had a lot of time to type up the coding!
  5. Well my friend, heres the run down of how it works so far in-game: -Fairly durable -Weighs 1.5 -Uses the knife atack stile because you'd jab with a contact taser, not swing it! -Can't 1-hit jaw stab the zombies like knives can -Uses the knife character sprite (I don't even know if I can edit my own in, can I at the moment?) -Takes a good 10-12 hits at the moment to kill a zombie -Knocks a zombie backa tinsie bit -Knocks a zombie on his arse with a good quick jab and shock! -Can be spawned in with NecroForge -Distributions already implemented (Needs further testing) I have tested all of the above a lot, it works very well, What I want to include before a full release: -Sound effects -Tweaked/Well tested distributions -A recharge mechanic (Note #1) -Better sprite -In game character sprite (If possible) -Balanced stats All of these will be coming soon (hopefully)! Note #1: You know a weapons condition? I want possibly change that to show charge for just the tazer, and once it's all used it you recharge (repair, technically) it with batteries and you can use it again! Any more questions my friend?
  6. Cpt.Flapjack reporting in! So I started my first (real) mod for PZ yesterday, and it's coming along fairly well! As you can probably tell from the title, it's a taser mod! So my idea was to put something in the game that is completely reasonable! So I created a contact taser. My idea was to have a light stealthy weapon that could be used to knock a zed on his/her/it's ass long enough for you to get away! How I see it, a zombie would react very similarly to a human when they were electrocuted by a taser, muscles seize up and you fall over, but with a taser it would be difficult to actually destroy the brain or do enough bodily harm to kill them. It's great for knocking that pesky bugger that has you by the neck on his rear end with a shock. A little side note, my mod is compatible with NecroForge, it can be found spawned using it, with permission of course! My Sprite: I know it's really rough, but I just started and the sprite, along with a lot of the mod, is still under production! So I want feedback, all shapes and sizes appreciated! Ask questions about the mod, anything from lore to technical!
  7. It was a simple missing "}" at the end of my code for the items.txt file I feel very silly right now. 1) Thanks RoboMat for your response :3 I kinda feel honored that you did 2) I apologize for wasting forum space like I did
  8. Not in the mods folder, nope, it's just that one and NecroForge Edit: I'm trouble shooting, doing something I should've done in the first place, taking out files and seeing if it'll run, and it's a problem with my items.txt, runs fine without it!
  9. Cpt.Flapjack reporting in again! I have a new problem this time! I've been working on a little weapon mod that I think would be a very interesting part of the game! I kinda want to keep it a surprise for when (if I ever manage) to release it, but if it's needed/you're curious I'll certainly be kind enough to enlighten you PZ crashes on start up when I load my mod, the console stops at: MOD: Mod "MyMod" overrides mod.info MOD: Mod "MyMod" overrides poster.png I just want to ask, what are some of the problems related to this issue? I have tried fiddling with a lot of things but nothing seems to wiggle my mod out of this problem.
  10. So I copied and pasted everything out of your tutorial RobotMat (I typed it myself last time) and it worked as it should! I'm going to go through my coding and your side by side to see what went wrong! I'm also going to mark this as solved with the earlier post I made about the spaces before the equals sign! Thanks everyone!
  11. @Suomiboi - I restarted, yep! @RoboMat - Yeah i fixed that alongside another error (I was missing a comma) and the mod still refuses to work properly :C I check through the console and it loaded the .lua files correctly, nothing else related to my mod popped up, Conclusion: I'll keep trying and/or start over and try again! I've had plenty of problems with this sillyness writing in VB6 this year >.<
  12. I was playing around and changing things, so now my mod shows up in the mod loader menu, but doesn't do anything/doesn't work It turns out the spaces I had in front of all the "=" in my mod.info screwed it up :S Here's the mod now, which doesn't do anything :S https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/6yezu3hcjm1c4j2/MyFirstMod.zip?dl=1&token_hash=AAH7xasa38djCT-JLOF7MWtbREWxGbPgP4Qy4bilUyOe0A
  13. Show us the mod.info Edit: I also don't know if it matters, but is mod id same as the mods folder name? The original mod.info is in the OP, and the full file of the original mod is here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/6yezu3hcjm1c4j2/MyFirstMod.zip?dl=1&token_hash=AAH7xasa38djCT-JLOF7MWtbREWxGbPgP4Qy4bilUyOe0A I deleted my second attempted and it removed one of the entries in the mod loader
  14. So I copied the whole mod, new name, and added it to the mods folder alongside the first mod, and this shows up in the mod loader..
  15. Thank you man! I might try making a different one with only a little bit of quick .lua and see if anything shows up, I'm also going to try some other mods!
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