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  3. You need to push the directional analog... Not the move stick, but the one you face with while you strife... When you do this, notice the character changes into fighting stance... Now you can swing or shoot with the attack button instead of shove & stomp...
  4. If you think this game is a copy of C:DDA, then you don't really know what you're talking about. Also none of what you said is able to be put into a ~1995 setting. Underground areas such as basements or bunkers would be good, but they would be small since most people don't actually build large bunkers. It would be a good long-term goal to make one though.
  5. Yesterday
  6. I know this isn't the topic being discussed but it felt better writing here than starting a new thread; is Creative mode a feature you guys still intend to look at? Don't need a definitive answer or a timescale. Just a yes or no will suffice. If so, obviously it'll be way down the line once more pressing matters have been attended to. Not gonna lie, it looked dope at the time though. Being able to work on a map whilst in the game would help so much with scale and distance between areas, something I've struggled with when making my own map. That and if you were able to work together and build in multiplayer (I'm pretty sure that was mentioned at the time, might have pulled that out of thin air) was something I was also buzzing over. However, I fully appriciate its been a long time since Creative mode was on the table.
  7. Yeah reads like you think it’s an intentional thing by the devs. Just lost a char you invested heavily in and needed to vent?
  8. When using an xbox controller in build 41, I can't attack. I can push and stomp using the left trigger but the right trigger causes me to jog. How do you attack when using an USB xbox controller?
  9. This code was on the 'Creative' branch which made it possible with some significant changes to how the map worked for the Creative mode. However that branch, due to anims and npc pressure of focus from community anticipation didn't get any time put into it and has spent years going stale with years old code. The prospect of merging in creative at this point would be an act of madness since the code has diverged so much, so this stuff would sadly need retransplanting at the point on a fresh branch, 'started from scratch with the advantage of the old code for reference' when we started working on it again. As such this stuff could never have been released as it was entwined in the creative branch which required a ton more work and had no time for it. It could potentially be done again in future, but the video you see does not represent anything usable at this point.
  10. Project Zomboid has been, and continues to be my favourite game of all time. It started what feels like a decade ago when I admittedly torrented and early version which promptly lead to me purchasing the game and convincing my best friend to do the same. We spent a completely irrational amount of time playing, before any of the modern features were released and enjoyed setting up camp in the McCoy logging station where we created something called "camp McCoy" and created , by far, the greatest gaming memory I've ever had with my friend and some wonderful people in the community who i returned to a couple years later and discovered that they had miraculously kept it going for sometime and were eager to show me their doubly impressive base. I miss these days, and with work and school being the new constant driving force of our lives, there is nothing we would like more than to relive some of these memories In a vastly improved environment. However, I do not have the time nor the extra finances to purchase an entirely new gaming system just to be able to play one game with my best friend, and was wondering if there has been any consideration to bring this to GeForce Now? I have purchased the game, as has my friend and the only computing machine I have is my notebook that can not run anything other than Microsoft edge. I feel like opening the game up to GeForce would not only be incredible because it already has controller support (m&k works with GeForce anyways) but it would allow so many people in the same boat as I am to have access to this incredible game. I really hope that this is a reality one day, I've been using GeForce lately for my casual gaming sessions but nothing will ever compare to the experience I had playing Project Zomboid.
  11. I just think that if you were making a list of ways to make a tshirt dirty, the first item on that list would be "leave it on a shambling, diseased, rotting corpse for several days or weeks". There's no amount of dirt, grease, grime, sweat, vomit, or shit you could possibly cake onto my clothes that would make them less desirable to wear than letting a zombie wear them for even a minute.
  12. You can only see the condition in the vehicle context menu but that doesn't necessarily mean it isn't affected by normal lamps. You'd have to test though, I'm not confident either way. But I did notice that the lightbulbs that died first for me were very low condition when I first put them in my lamps
  13. The ISContext Lua files in media/client/ISUI deal with all that stuff
  14. Hi everyone! We are Croxel Studios, a team of spanish game developers and we’ve just released our first indie game on itch.io for free. TENANT is a space dogfighting game in which you can invade and use the enemy ships to your advantage. Each spaceship has an unique ability that can be useful in different combat situations. Features: - Invasion mechanic where the player can get into and control the enemy ships. - Fast-paced, hardcore, arcade dogfighting gameplay. - 4 spaceship classes with different abilities each. - Dynamic soundtrack that evolves through game stages. - Unique and challenging Boss fight. - Original visual style, a mixture of 3D and pixel-art. You can try it out here for free: https://croxel-studios.itch.io/tenant Any comment or feedback would be highly appreciated. Here’s our social media In case you want to reach us: Twitter – https://twitter.com/croxelstudios Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/croxelstudios/ Website - https://croxel-studios.com/
  15. Shouldn't this topic rather go into the Bug Report forum?
  16. The bug is observed not only with tomatoes. With any things (If they are disclosed) in large quantities. For example, nails. When you click on 100 items, the entire inventory is also highlighted
  17. Nope i tested. it's not right. I don't press shift or ctrl. I right-click on the top of the stack. if I have about 10 tomatoes, this bug is not observed. But if their 77~ + - then such a bug. here is video
  18. After swapping between the current build and build 41 many times to play solo and multiplayer, I am finding some huge differences between the current build and build 41 when it comes to stealth. In build 40 I've played the burglar profession for the stealth boost. You can maneuver in front of zombies with a pretty small birth of space. In build 41 taking any traits or professions that improve stealth seem to make no difference at all. I've even used some modded professions and traits to start with 6 sneak and 5 lightfooted and nimble. Zombies that are a good distance away spot me while I am crouching around, while in build 40 I would have slipped right past them with much less sneak skill. It's disheartening to feel like stealth is a useless skill in this new build. I feel as though it is a little unbalanced at the moment. If any other players have this same feeling or issue please let me know.
  19. Gurluas

    School Reopening

    Oh my you got to live when the Xerox Alto popped up and computer GUI got invented! :3 Nice!
  20. Because there’s a wall in front of you.
  21. i use the following code to modify zombie health, but i found some issue. local zb = getPlayer:getCell():getZombieList() if zb ~= nil then for i = 0, zb:size() - 1 do if zb:get(i):getHealth() < 2 then zb:get(i):setHealth(ZombRand(5.0, 10.0)) end end end When I kill these zombies, the information panel shows that the number of kill zombies keeps increasing.
  22. Might be holding shift instead of ctrl, as others mention.
  23. iDavidFH

    New Big City

    how is it going so far, when will be ready to download?
  24. Can confirm, I only get this if all the items in inventory are selected. Well, at least if more than the reported tomatoes is selected
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