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  2. Noticed a repeated issue where I can't remove a car key from a corpse's inventory once I kill it. If I drag/drop the key to my keyring, it does nothing. The workaround seems to be to grab and drop the corpse and then you can take the key from its inventory.
  3. On the topic of gas can weight, I also noticed this odd behavior when i had 2 crates full of completely filled cans and one crate held more than the other!
  4. I tried that. Tried to do it under a friends name but the request failed. I figured it would work because he doesn't have a steam. I'll need someone to put in a ticket for me.
  5. Just checking if the devs confirm this as an issue as I noticed the exact same location with the issue was posted on reddit by another user along with similar posts in other locations involving 2nd+ levels of buildings. EDIT: Changed title to 41.27 as issue still exists
  6. I would make a new email cause you can't associate two Steam accounts to the old email.
  7. I guess I'll have to make a new email then. I mean if I attach my old email to my new account idk if they can put that email back on my old account.
  8. OH THAT'S GOOD TO KNOW! I totally had no clue, thanks for the heads up. That's definitely the issue.
  9. ^^^^^^^^^^^ What Boogieman said. You've gotta create a new temporary account.
  10. How do I send my paypal to steam? I can't access the forums without an account....
  11. I've gotchu brother, I know what it's like to get overwhelmed by life and pitched a bunch of fast balls all at the same time. That was all of 2019 for me. What helped me was stayin' positive in times like these, a fake it till ya make it attitude. I know it sounds cliche and you'll constantly ask yourself "What is there to be positive about??" which I can suggest things but only you can answer that question and draw positivity from the world around you. It's not easy and nothin' I can say will really make your problems go away, but you just gotta keep truckin'. Only so much mud and shit life can throw at ya. With enough swings and strokes you can chip away at the boulder that metaphorically represents your problems. What's important is that ya keep at it. If you keep tryin', you're statistically unlikely to perpetually fail and be down. In the meantime sendin' me your account ID was really helpful!! If you haven't already, read this thread: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2347-QDFN-4366 It tells you multiple pieces of proof you can use when you submit your report to Steam Support. In the meantime I'll send your Steam ID in a bunch of servers I'm in and ask that they report the account as hijacked.
  12. Also thank you for helping. I'm sorry with the pessimism. i just lost my job and now this and it's just overwhelming is all.l Here is the link again.https://steamcommunity.com/id/bonezdwb
  13. https://steamcommunity.com/id/bonezdwb
  14. [MET] Aditsan should be the username unless they changed it.
  15. Today
  16. If your character is hemophobic blood on your body/clothes seriously affects your mood. Likewise if you're a smoker and haven't had a cig.
  17. ^A case study in why 2FA is a thing.
  18. Okay hold your horses buckaroo. That kinda negative nancy attitude ain't doin' yourself no favors. You gotta focus on how to fix this, not just give up. You only really fail when you give up after all. If we can get a bunch of people to report your account as bein' stolen that's one way to help you get your account back. However to do that, we'll need to find your runaway account first. Bonezdwb doesn't come up in the Steam search. If you can't log in using your email try the first username you ever used to sign up with your account. Everyone has it. Also are you *sure* your email was changed? I wasn't even aware that was POSSIBLE for your email to get changed. If you can get a link to your steam profile that'd be a good start. Check everywhere. Your SteamID doesn't change I don't think, so if you've ever sent anyone a direct link to your account find that and we can work on gettin' a bunch of people to report it as stolen. I'm sorry this happened to you dawg, I had it happen to another friend. Condolences I know ain't worth shit from shinolah so the least I can do is try to help ya get it back. (See how my Steam profile has a number assigned to it. You can change your username, but I don't think that number can change. That's why we need it, it'll be easy access to the stolen account. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198131769722/home/)
  19. So I was readin' through some old threads of mine (Mainly my building thread) and it made me realize I really wanna get back into makin' buildings for y'all smart cookies who know how to create maps!!! (Only old folks will remember Queen Glory's building thread.) One small problem though... It's been three years and my memory was never world famous so I've forgotten much of what I've known. If someone can show me where to find the most updated version of Tilezed and the room/building definitions I'd be forever in your debt! It'd also be nice if someone could tell me if the buildings I make will work in Build 41!! Anyway that's all, hope whoever reads this has a fabulous day!
  20. Yesterday
  21. Alright so I got my steam account stolen. Lost all my games, 6k dollars worth including PZ. Given my situation financially I can't build back up my library and I know y'all can't really help. Maybe contact steam support? They changed my email and my password somehow so I have no means of recovering it. I can't even talk to steam support without my account. My sign in is bonezdwb and idk I let my nephew play and he clicked on a link and ... This just ... Idk I guess I'll just stop gaming. Idk how to fix this. All I need steam to do is change my account back to aquarianscorch@gmail.com and give me a new password. But I can't even submit a ticket without access to my account. Even if I could idk if they would do it. I just lost 6k dollars because some Russians hacked my account. This hurts bad. Definitely does not feel good. Why would I keep gaming? 9 years of service with steam and I just lost everything in a few seconds. All my games, my over 6k dollars and everything gone. If I can't fix this I swear I'll never touch another game again. What's the point? You work and buy and build a reputation just to have hackers steal it from you? If I can't fix this then I'll just give up.
  22. So I was just streamin' the new build and testing out the mechanics earlier and I waltzed upon a few bugs here and there and thought I'd share 'em. The first one I stumbled across was whenever I was lootin' one of the country residence's on the north side of Mauldrough. I entered the kitchen lookin' for some supplies and there were two different sized counters on top of one another. I think it's important to note that I could only access one, the other one acted as if it didn't even exist. I found it here: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.3797607129818059,0.21250675999632618,585.4751946596091 The second one I found when I was in the northern part of the map with the Pile of Crepe's, mechanic's and gas station. I went into the gas station and found some partially filled cans, so I took 'em outside to fill 'em right up. When I was rummaging through them later I noticed oddly that their weight hadn't changed when I filled them up. They stayed the weight they were when I'd initially found them. The empty cans worked fine so it's only the one's that spawn partially filled. I haven't tested it to see if I empty it if it will fix it or not, but that's just another small bug I noticed illustrated by this picture: Also, not sure if this is a bug or not buy my character is CONSTANTLY depressed and anxious. Which I figured was normal, it's the apocalypse after all. But watchin' other folks play... I dunno, it's weird. Their character's don't seem to get nearly as anxious or depressed as mine. I didn't even question it until I was streamin' in the TIS Discord and someone was like "Damn bro I see you readin' books but you're guy gets stressed right quick after he reads. Not even my guy is that bad." Not even sleeping helps stress values go down, actually it makes him more stressed. Not sure if it's a bug affecting the stress and emotional values of my character or if it's workin' as intended but I thought I'd mention it nonetheless. Anyway hope some of this helps!!! Keep up the good work y'all.
  23. Everyone must have a story or scenario that made them laugh in PZ. Be it in multiplayer or solo. I will start. I have super survivors and custom sandbox settings, so i control the apocalypse. Anyway, I start a brand new session and within seconds of going live, my wife, without hesitation, walks out the house, into the neighbors house and rinses them all out with an uzi. No warning, nothing. The world hadn't even fallen properly, there was still power, food and water, most people were still going about their daily routine, maybe just catching the news on the TV about a sickhness going around yet the wife activated order 66 as if she had been preparing her whole life for this moment. A few days later i came home to find her gone, she hadn't turned or got caught in a horde, she just left and never came back. Maybe it was for the best.
  24. Yeah, not sure. The point of using a library like LWJGL is to avoid having to get into that, but we’ll discuss it. Thanks for the heads up! I had missed that thread.
  25. I was able to do the rest of the walls and a pillar, but I can't seem to plaster or paint the doorframe, but I can the paint the door. Tried with and without the door. The doorframe and door are level 3 and was built with 7-8 carpentry skill. Broken? Or am I doing something wrong?
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