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    Some mood suggestions.

    Mood follows us everywhere we go. We always feel sad, happy, nervous. But the only thing your character feels in-game constantly is a panic or Stress if you're smoker, and in ZA it shouldn't be like that. I've decided to make a suggestion that should probably remove thoughts that the only thing char can feel is the fear. 1. More mood changing factors. Almost every decision and action you make should affect mood. Even watching TV should make your char's mood change. I.e when you see how general says that "There are no mortalities inside zone, everything is under control" your char should become angry or sad. Here are the mist of things thay could change character's mood: • Killing people first few weeks should make your character feel Anxious and sad. • Setting alarm off will definetely make your character panic. • Watching TV/Listening to radio should make you Sad/Anxious/Angry/Happier depending on programm and maybe even temperament (you can search for my "Four types of temperament" post if you want to). • Being under attack most likely make you feel Anxious and panic. • Being inside burning building should scare your cahracter for sure. • Discovering a bite on you should make your char anxious. • Simply existence in this apocalyptic world should make character depressed and anxious. 2. Insanity state. If you've been feeling sad for an unreasonable amount of time, kill thousands of people every month, spend a lot of time near big bloodstains or being alone for a very long time could really mess with your character's mind. Insanity state should affect mood changes and communication with other people. Have four stages: Starting to lose wits — something's really messing your mind up. Talk to someone if you don't want to be insane. Slightly increased Unhappiness gaining and slightly worse interaction with people. Crazy — you've been doing too much even for apocalypse. Moderately decreased chance of successful interaction with people. Psychopath — stop doing these things, goddamn it! Severe communication with people debuff. Completely insane — absolute loss of mind. Human interaction is almost impossible from that point. Your character starts to rave. 3. Make depression more severe. Depression right now is not a problem. Like you can remove a damn mental illness with one-two books. Doesn't sound severe, does it? As I said before, depression is an Illness , and it should be treated as any other sickness. The treatment is fairly easy, but it should take some time. To treat depression you need to periodically entertain your character and talk to others. With antidepressants treatment can go faster, however, your character may become addictive to them, which means that you will constantly be depressed if you don't take pills. 4. Short comments. Depending on personality, mood and health character should comment some things. I.e if your char depressed, he can sometimes say "Why am I like that? Why am I still alive?!", if you set off car alarm, he can say "Shut up you rusty piece of crap!" E.t.c. 5. Mood-exclusive actions. I don't think it's need to be explained much. Some actions like suicide should be available only if you are stressed or desperated. Maybe, you shouldn't even be able to eat food like dog food and worms unless you are very hungry. Can also be commented by the character like "I'm not eating THAT" Or "I'm hungry, but not that hungry to eat this".
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  4. Kaleidozombie

    Sideways rain

    The rain isn't coming down from left to right or vice-versa from what I can tell. It is still falling down from top to bottom like normal rain, but the graphics for the rain are horizontal instead of vertical. The raindrops are falling sideways. It's not a big issue so I don't expect it to be fixed anytime soon as it's not a priority. It's just an interesting glitch that will become another quirky part of the game for a while.
  5. Hello everyone, It's me, Decay, I haven't been on the forums for quite awhile but It's nice to be back and It's also lovely to see the progress that the IndieStone has made with their little game. I haven't been playing too much of PZ recently apart from the here and there testing of the new additions like vehicles and occasionally to try a mod or two out. But In saying that, my love for this game will always be there since I started playing in 2014 way back when baldspot could fatally mess up making a pot of tomato soup Anyways, here are my suggestions that I would love to see in project zomboid. 1. A more realistic inventory system It pains me to see dead human corpses with more than one large firearm in their inventory I mean where do you keep six rifles on you with three boxes of ammo without a bag and weapon holsters? A possible solution to this would be to add in a bit of text saying "You can only carry one large firearm at once and no large equipment without being severely encumbered" or even to add in weapon holsters/slings for your back. (I imagine firearms will be shown on the players back once animations are out, so holsters could be another thing.) Perhaps maybe even a complete inventory revamp in this manner because how do you carry all those tins of beans in your pockets? PS - A fix to the too many firearms in the inventory for corpse spawns could be to spawn them next to the corpse. 2. More random new game! It's lovely to have the chance to either spawn with a key to your house or not, it could add backstory to your character is this their home they're in? Or just a building they've gone to scavenge. I'd like to see more random new game in terms of characters moodles perhaps spawning in panicked? depressed? anxious? after all if we're to go by the (survival) timeline of the outbreak when you take control of your character at the start of the game if I can remember correctly it's already been three days since things have been kicking off so why not give us a bit of a taste into such things? Also in saying that perhaps a chance to spawn with car keys? Or (even a small randomly generated number of zombies killed at the start of the game, perhaps an option before you begin playing as I know the zombies killed meter is supposed to work for every zombie the player kills. Still, It would be nice to have it as a small addition.) Edit 1. Also a chance for your clothing to be dirty or bloody upon spawning in. Also.. putting sledgehammers in backpacks is that possible in real life? I assume that when the animations system is in place we'll be able to see items in our characters off hands and maybe even being able to fight using both weapons at the same time? Another thing, you shouldn't be able to push multiple zombies with only five strength maybe around 8-10 strength you would be able to push more than one. If I think of any other suggestions I'll make sure to bump this thread.
  6. Zombie#24

    Hydrocraft Mod

    You'd probably have better luck and response times here.
  7. Figured out what I was doing wrong with the worlds, so I now have multiple spawn regions working. However, I still would like to know if anyone has any tips for multiple spawn regions in Worlded. Edit: Also, is there a way to name the worlds so they aren't just 'World 1' and 'World 2'
  8. Smugwulf

    Sideways rain

    It definitely was interesting!!! I was told about the post here so I thought I would post the video if it was a bug... It was very weird
  9. Hello everyone! I've been working on making a (will be) large standalone map (not connected to Muldraugh). I was wondering how I could effectively add more spawn regions to it (ones for each 'town'), currently it just bugs out and adds another world which isn't what I want. I was also curious how one might efficiently create multiple spawnpoints regions in Worlded as it currently seems I can create one and then would have to go and manually add the spawnpoints to all the other regions as it doesn't differentiate them. I imagine I could do this by creating multiple maps and merging them together, but I want to avoid splitting the .lots and such between multiple folders. Appreciate any and all help! Here are a couple map teasers for those curious, will be posting in WIP fairly soon.
  10. EnigmaGrey

    Sideways rain

    I'm curious if this is seen as problematic or just interesting? I wouldn't necessarily considered a bug unless there was actually something negative attached to it (like the way it overlaps the room in some parts of Smug's video). Rain going sideways can happen, after all.
  11. Smugwulf

    Sideways rain

    This has also happened to me on stream caught a highlight of it here:
  12. spyjack

    How to add Vehicle Zones to your Map Mod

    Greatly appreciate the guide, was able to smoothly get them in-game. Only issue is that according to the console 'farm' doesn't exist as a vehicle spawn definition, so perhaps the list is out of date? Edit: Looked in the game files, list does appear to be a little outdated. Might not be a complete list because the "rtrafficjam" definition doesn't send errors and spawns traffic jams normally but isn't listed in the file. "parkingstall" "trailerpark" "bad" "medium" "good" "sport" "junkyard" "trafficjamVehicles" "trafficjamw" "trafficjame" "trafficjamn" "trafficjams" "police" "fire" "ranger" "mccoy" "postal" "spiffo" "ambulance" "radio" "fossil" "normalburnt" "specialburnt"
  13. Solarchos

    Failing to Save

    Still running into the same problem even after I removed the mods you identified. Time for some guided trial and error. As for the mods you pointed out, I posted in their creator's threads that they've got a compatibility problem with Build 40+. Thank you in advance for helping me with this.
  14. Layarion

    How To Write A Good Suggestion

    Halpcat is this a good submission?
  15. Yesterday
  16. Madman_Andre

    Hydrocraft Mod

    So, I posted this in the Steam forums, but I'm going to repost it here since it's a little urgent and is related to farming. So, there seems to be an issue I have discovered with Hydrocraft and treating crops for Mildew/Flies. Attempting to treat diseased crops with Mildew Spray or Insecticide Spray results in an error: While this isn't as bad as the irrigation bug, it does prevent crops from being treated for disease. This can be a bad thing. Also, a couple of other small issues: -Broken icons (that I have found): Boiled Mussel (Fresh) Dead Electric Multitool Dried Garlic Dried Onion Melted Serve Icecream Open Cat Food (Fresh) Powered Electric Multitool Wheat Seeds Packet -Items "Meat cleaver" and "Energy bar" both need capitalization on the second word. Finally, a small suggestion: Considering that the Knox County IRL is so wet it's drowning in alcohol, could we have more locations for some of the alcohol items introduced by Hydrocraft to spawn? Right now they only appear in Bar containers, i.e. taverns and the like. I actually didn't know they existed until recently when I was looting the bar counters of a tavern, and I had to confirm that the bottled beer and liquors were from Hydrocraft and not another mod. Just a small and polite suggestion.
  17. 960. Customizable careers. i think being able to add your own careers would be really cool so it can basically be an endless list of occupations for the character to create. Although I am happy with the careers we have in the game now I still think there could be many more you should be able to choose from. The devs May be plannng on adding more at some point I’m not sure but I believe being able to put in your own careers would add to the personalization of your very own zombie apocalypse and make your character feel more like you if that’s what your going for. You can assign skills and what the pros are of that career but points must be balenced like everything else to keep it from being to overpowered.
  18. Dragoncody98

    Zombie infection transmission settings

    It’s alreaady in the game. You can go to the zombie settings and choose how the infection is transmitted it’s either getting bitten or being scratched and the other option I believe is everybody is infected so no matter if you die from hunger or a fall from a really high place you come back as a zombie. I will look and see if there is a bites only option in it tho I usually just use the everyone’s infected so I can really get that walking dead feeling outta it.
  19. Burger_Time


    I've watched Animations video again and thought that it would be cool to have animations for the mood states like panic. I like how Friday the 13th: the game (R.I.P) made that. It has three states of fear: Calm, slightly spooked and scared as fugg, and each one had it's own animation. Here's the example of the third stage of "Spookiness". It would be cool to see how your character shaking when he's spooked. There should be animations for other moods. Like Anxious should make your char bite his nails, Depression should make your character cry over time or something like this. And also it will be very cool to see idle states of this animations. I.e if you panicked your char can squat/sit onI the ground, hold his head and shake a bit.
  20. nickodemos

    A Hardcore Server

    Never played a server so I would like to try.
  21. bruno

    A Hardcore Server

    quero me hosperdar
  22. Hi, i was just wondering if it was possible to make available in the sandbox option the possibility to get infected only if u get bitten. (unless it's already in and i completly missed it.) Thanks and keep up the good work !! PS : Btw I was also wondering if there is actually a chance to survive a bite, or if try to fight the infection is kinda pointless, i couldn't find official answer on that. much love
  23. ZombiesLoveBrainiacs

    A Hardcore Server

    I'd be interested. + no global chat!
  24. Cyrrent Eiledoll

    Looking for Artists for Hydrocraft Mod!

    Washing Powder (full, empty, powder)
  25. Laird Thaddeus


    always good to know my character isn't normal. i survived the horde. spent a in game day luggin bodies into a pile became ridiculously tired and exhausted. slept 4 hours and got up. had to take sleeping tablets and go back to sleep to get rif of the rest of the tiredness
  26. For example: local bd; local function fnEveryTenMinutes() if not bd then bd = getPlayer():getBodyDamage(); end ..... end Events.EveryTenMinutes.Add(fnEveryTenMinutes); I think it should reduce overhead on api calls.
  27. Maris

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Need more animations for complicated things like animals etc otherwise it looks like a 2D game.
  28. Burger_Time

    Commonly Suggested Suggestions

    1. Exists. 3. Exists. 4. Exists.
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