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  2. nasKo

    [FIXED] House with missing walls

    Thanks. This is already fixed.
  3. PapayaKing

    69 Zeds

    A scene with people rocking out in a garage band, or someone making dinner for the family, a cookout in the backyard, a campout, a couple "parking" under the stars, a job interview, a drug raid on a house, so many possibilities.
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  5. dexa32

    Towers with bell

    It would be really crazy if game had towers with bell.Like in the game The Walking Dead where people figured out that they can ring bells on towers to attract zombies,so they can loot houses in other parts of Savannah (city).It would be nice to have bells on churches that you can ring with animations and sound,something that can help you with looting,but if you dont run away fast,you will end up dead.
  6. Thanks, Enoahe. Much appreciated horse-mask man.
  7. dexa32

    [FIXED] House with missing walls

    do you see it?
  8. dexa32

    [FIXED] House with missing walls,0.17914205294739644,694.5067111198454 that's it,I hope I sent the correct URL
  9. pzfreak

    Vehicles Just Spinning Out and Not Moving

    If your friend host and you join - does he can drive or he has the same problem like you?
  10. nasKo

    [FIXED] House with missing walls

    Please post a link to it. Go to and then navigate to the place in question. Just copy the URL so we can find it.
  11. pzfreak

    [FIXED] House with missing walls

    Can you please post cords from project zomboid map in here? i want to see this house (that would be fun going there on day trip)
  12. pzfreak

    Thunder can start fires and electrocute you

    also will add one more challange forcing people to go indoors during storms. or extinguish during storm not to get burnt. In some sadistic way i like this idea
  13. pzfreak

    Campfire option : bring corpses here

    corpses should dicompose by itself after half year laying on the ground (not pavement or street). At least flesh - leaving just clothes and bones - or maybe be eaten by animals or other zombies? That would be "nice" variations in game (by nice i mean gross but in nice way - please don't thinks i'm psycho) instead of just having lots of zombie corpses around
  14. Somewhere on map,i mean i know where but i dont know how to explain,there is a house that has no one third of walls,two windows are flying and it looks weird.I found about that when i was looting that house year ago.But its not fixed,it's still on Project Zomboid Map you can see it.Im presuming it's a bug,but maybe its not.
  15. pzfreak

    Fence Gate

    Hello, So i cannot find low fence gate (i know previously in some build there was the small gate you can build to finish your garden). It is not a big issue but will it be maybe implement at some point? (so i can finish cementery ingame )
  16. EnigmaGrey

    This bug is ridiculous

    Okay, I'm just going to lock this now. Don't know if it's a language barrier, where the idea of "melted" and "frozen" can't coexist when translated, but this isn't a bug. It doesn't need to be fixed.
  17. dexa32

    This bug is ridiculous

    I think it would be easy to implement too.
  18. pzfreak

    This bug is ridiculous

    not melted. If we would be very rigorus to have this in top notch logical order there would need to be few states of icecream: Icecream (Fresh), Melted Icecream, Icecream (Refrozen) - where 2nd and 3rd would have the same statistics. But i fully agree with EnigmaGrey - this is not very big issues and it just make to change name and icon of the game when melted icecream reach particular temperature (i think it would be easy to implement thoug). Mechanic of the game is correct
  19. pzfreak

    6 month after apocalypse battery/car issue

    I was able to start car at 25% (i think) but anything less than that the car will just make "pop" sound.
  20. dexa32

    This bug is ridiculous

    So only thing that would make sense is to rename item in to the melted ice cream (refrozen) I mean in my opinion.
  21. hello, Another small correction - sledgehammer does not get unequipped like for example axe or knife when get broken. No biggie at all i just think it has been overlooked (or is it supposed to be like that?)
  22. EnigmaGrey

    This bug is ridiculous

    While I get the point (sort of) it's just an unnecessary complication for the the one and only item this effects. Melted ice cream that's frozen is exactly what it is. It's not a bug. It's literally its own unique item: melted ice cream.
  23. Hi, As in subject, not really big thing but when you make pot of soup from can of soup, empty tin gets suddenly missing (i hope it does not drop it to the pot )
  24. pzfreak

    This bug is ridiculous

    I think OP would like to - instead of having "malted icrecream(frozen)" has "icecream(refrozen) - which can have the same statistics, it will just not be "melted" anymore as is "frozen" (i'm sorry it is really confusing for me as well). So in a nutshell. We have fresh icecream. electiciry goes off - icrecream become molted icecream - put it to the freezer again - it will change to icecream ("refrozen") instead of malted icecream (frozen). as main thing is that icecream cannot be malted and frozen at the same time (those two states are actually against each other). It is purely language and kind of logic thing - it is not "a bug" i would say, but more like a "correction". Mechanic in game is correct - i think it is just unfortunate naming. Is that make sense? Is that make sense at all?
  25. Hello, So i decided to put this small simple guide of what i found out about mechanic skills. I was playing with this on few playthroughs trying to figure out how skill points are added and what is the fastes way to lvl it up. This is just my personal impression about mechanics- if there is anything incorrect in this post let me know - and how i usually approach this in game. Few things to consider: 1. Skill points are assigned to item per car not to opration itself (so you cannot just readd the same tyre over and over again to lvl it up. It works more like - this car has this tyre, when you move it to another car it will give you point once, but repeating this opration will not give you any points) 2. You needs lvl 2 mechanics to hotwire cars and lvl 4 to repair engine. higher lvls are to fix different type of cars (heavy dute and after sport). 3. You can do basic operations on heavy duty or sport car without any mechanic skills if you read magazine of how to do it. 4. Tools you need - wrench, lug wrench, jack and screwdriver Now for fast leveling: 1. Get 2 standard cars in safe location (you will need keyes for them and if you play six months later you will need live battery and gas) 2. Swap seats around (from one car to another one) 3. Swap headlights (yest they give some points as well, so if you have some other light bulbs from radios you can use them as well to get some more points) 4. Remove tyres and swap breaks and suspensions 5. Swap windows and doors around 6. Swap trud and hood around 7. Lastlsy swap windshields Those two cars (if you have book for lvl 1-2 mechanic) should lvl you up to Lv2 allowing you to hotwire cars. From now on is downhill. Just get one more car - ergo you have 4 more operations (you just have to keep track of this). What i mean by that is if you have 2 cars you can swap part from car on to car 2 and thats it. If you have 3 cars you can swap parts: from car 1 to car 2 and 3 (2operations) from car 2 to car 1 and 3 (2operations) from car 3 to car 1 and 2 (2operations) giving total of 6 operations instead of 2. one more car and you have 12 operations: car 1 - to car 2,3,4 (3 operations) car 2 - to car 1,3,4 (3 operations) car 3 - to car 1,2,4 (3 operations) car 4 - to car 1,2,3 (3 operations) This should allow you to get to lvl 4 easly having just 4 cars in place (and 2 keys, othr 2 you can hotwire) After that you can drop cars on a side and loot engine and fix most of the cars slowly lelving this up. Hope it helps
  26. Blake81

    PZ Community Zed Scenes Thinktank

    5-Lumbering Lumberjacks This one would be on any forest clearing close to a road, or in the proximities of McCoy. 3-4 Zed in LumberJack attires/McCoy uniforms, wandering close to some tree stumps. One is carrying an axe, and there's a truck/van nearby with a good amount of Logs in the trunk. There may also be random supplies/food or a saw in the trunk. Some random dead zeds close to the one with the axe. They went out to chop some trees, and were ambushed by zed, managed to fight back but were bitten. Decided to call for help, but help never came. 6-The Amateur "Photoshot" This one would be on some random house/shack/apartment. In a bedroom, you find 1 male zed and 1-2 female zed either unclothed or in "fetish" attires (maid, nurse, swimsuit, or a Spiffo suit- maybe they're furries ), and there's a video camera in a tripod nearby. I don't need to explain what's going on here *Wink, wink, nudge, nudge* 7-The Unfinished Fastest This one could be either on one of the repair shops, near the racetrack, or maybe even a random garage. A sports car (I think either Cossette or a Lang 4K) in a partially dismantled state with parts strewn about; tires off and nearby, seats out, no gas, that sort of thing. All of its parts, however, are Performance quality and in 100% Health state. There are also random tools strewn about, and 1-2 zed in mechanic outfits, one of them carrying the car's key. The car is complete; no parts are missing, and it'd be a very good car, but you'd still need to put it all together for it to run, and there'd be gas nowhere nearby. 8-The Winston Wolf-es This one can be in a wide number of places; any warehouse on the outskirts, the abandoned train station, one of those many dilapidated houses, a construction site, a closed-up place, an empty lot, or even the junkyard. 5-7 corpses in fancy suits neatly arranged on the floor side by side, all with plastic bags and rope on their inventory, blood splatters all over one of the walls and on nearby areas, two black SUVs and one fancy black sedan just parked outside, rear doors/trunks facing towards the building and with more tied and bagged corpses on their trunks. 3-4 zed also in fancy suits, carrying empty pistols and maybe one shotgun are inside the building, along with a hodgepodge of random zed (12-14 horde) either wandering around or trying to break into the building. The mob was tying some loose ends there, but their gunfire attracted a crowd that made them an offer they simply couldn't refuse... 9-Prison Break Either on the Rosewood Penitentiary, or in one of the bigger police stations. 3-5 dead cops/guards thrown into an empty cell, maybe 1-2 dead inmates on the corridor (if on Rosewood), and a few Zed inmates hanging around, carrying a variety of guns and/or makeshift weapons, as well as some blood splatters around to show the carnage. Now, this scene could have many variants depending on the place and the intended outcome. If on RP, you could make a whole prison-wide riot/break, with equal quantities of inmates and guards strewn around, both as corpses or Zed, all the way to the parking lot (if the inmates succeeded) or you could have many inmate corpses on the ground on one small area, very few guard ones and a large number of guard Zed prowling around the corridors (if the escape failed). If done in one of the police stations, you could have either some armed inmate zed wandering the parking lot; maybe an open car they were trying to jack, and a bunch of dead cops inside the station (if the inmates succeeded), and you could have 1-2 dead inmates on a cell, some wandering cop Zed with shotguns or bigger weapons on the station, and some nearby paperwork mentioning a failed escape, or, for a middle-ground one, you could have the station surrounded in police vehicles with zed cops wandering around them (SWAT, maybe?) and a bunch of armed inmate zeds inside, entrenched. Plenty of possibilities here.
  27. MrBlue

    Another Aiming Suggestion

    In light of the developers teasing a possible update to the aiming system, I wanted to put my two cents in on what could improve the aiming system. So that's why i'm reviving this dead thread. Now, I like where the developers were going with the isometric combat but I think the chance-based systems taking into account your skills hold it back. No, no, I'm not saying that it should reflect your own skill as a gamer at shooting rather than your character's aiming, the character's aim skill should be a factor most certainly. But with occurrence such as shooting a friendly while wanting to execute someone point blank (this has happened all too many times on RP servers) or friendly fire when clearly no one could be dumb enough to do it, it's clear that there's room for improvement. One of the games I've been playing recently, also isometric, is called Foxhole, and it uses actual bullet-travel and rather than determining the hit wholly by a bunch of factors punched into the system to determine the chance of hitting and where to hit, it draws a line out to your cursor and you have free reign over where you want to shoot. Here's an example. Buuuut Foxhole is not Project Zomboid. It's meant to have competitive combat (although less so than other games of this nature) however nevertheless it does not have the RPG elements Project Zomboid does, most notably the aiming skill. Now I think rather than aiming determining the chance of you hitting, I think it should determine the viable range of how far you can hit with a weapon (with overall limits on certain gun types i.e a 9mm pistol should not be able to fire 2 km away). When aiming, the line drawn out for lower aim players should not go as far, and will force them to move closer to get a better shot if they really need to go to combat. This would make for very interesting PvP situations, especially along with the newly teased cover system. Moreover if you want to shoot a floor above, or a floor below, maybe you could use the scroll wheel to adjust the level at which you're aiming at. I think this way aiming still has a heavy bearing over what you can and cannot do with a gun, but allows a reasonable degree of specificity over which target you're choosing such that situations such as the execution one I mentioned earlier don't happen. Friendly fire would still be possible of course, as with actual bullet-travel if you run into someone's hail of bullets while they're say, mowing down a horde, you better damn well be hit by them.
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