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  2. Dang, didn’t see they added homophobic as a new negative trait, how many points does it give you?
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  4. Keep in mind that the "population start" and "population peak" modifier don't make any sense if you turn respawning off. I guess (re-) spawning is intended to represent the zombie epidemic getting worse over time, and without human NPCs this is the best way of representing that. Maybe in 10 years or so the zombies will multiply from actual human NPCs getting infected over time
  5. Beard

    Game crashes

    Hey, can you make sure to update your graphic drivers to the latest version from the intel website? This link is for your graphics card: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/product/81499/Intel-HD-Graphics-4000 If that doesn't help, can you try make the game crash again, and right after the crash go to "C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid" and upload the "console.txt" file from there and attach it to your next message, it could be helpful to figure out what is causing the crashes.
  6. Was there some functionality added to those Metal Drums you see on some places now? I noticed this file on the Save Folder I know Hydrocraft uses them to store Gas, but I had no idea they now had some use on Vanilla. What do they do? (If anything)
  7. Gotta say, I quite like this new loot distribution system. Just a question tho; which of all those new options handles clothing rarity? As in, my chance of ever finding the legendarily elusive Camo Hunting Vest. What are you talking about? The one-shot stab is still there- Try holding down RMB with a knife when close to a Zed, you'll do one normal attack at first, and the next one will be ye olde one-shot stab. I still use my knife to deal with most lone Zed, specially on interiors.
  8. I mean, it would make sense for any weapon to break over time, weapons made out of metal should be able to for a long time before that would be even possible, and in the case of metal, I've only seen metal anything break if it was super-rusted and/or corroded.
  9. I just found out you could make sandwiches. Great, I thought! I have plentiful loot, let's make some amazing sandwich with only fresh ingredients, on day 3 of a new game. Put some ham slices, some lettuce, tomatoes, mayo and cheese on it... Well, it's definitely satiating. However, it also gave something like 48 unhappiness and 40 boredom. Please fix.
  10. might be linked to the Hemophobic trait - it got changed so you get nervous by being bloody. the trait therefor shouldnt be used unless you disabled blood
  11. In general it has way to much impact compared to the trait points you get for it. should be at least 10 points in the state it is now
  12. The main difference is Weapon Multihit, Rear vulnerability and drag down. In Apocalypse you can only hit 1 Zombie at a time with a weapon if you get attacked from behind youre basicly dead because of Rear vulnerabilty and drag down In Survival you can hit (i think up to 3) multiple zombies depending on the range and type of your weapon. You can turn arround while zombies attack you from behind to get them off you and you dont get draged down by zombies which makes it possible to escape in certain situations. I feel i'm the complete oposite of you in terms of satisfaction about the game. For me the more Changes the devs add the more i feel like i will never play anything else than sandbox anymore. Too much stuff they overbalanced in my opinion - speccially the recent update Did you start your 2 different Saves in different cities? For Example Westpoint is in my opinion way harder to start due to proximity the houses have to each other compared to muldraugh where there are are some spots every now and then to take a breather.
  13. I still miss the fix about retrieving the Knife from a broken spear - it still doesnt work, tough last update said that its possible now. The game is still fun, but the more i read about the recent changes the more i feel like the weight of the Updates goes into making the game more and more punishing. Burglar seems now really strong early in the game tough - to me its the first update that makes things easier. In terms of the weight related traits - I'm not sure if youre aware of that - but after getting rid of the one-shot stab with the knife in build 41 - underweight started to be a trait that allready mattered... the start needs to be pretty perfect to not struggle because of the missing damage - i feel that there was not much need to make it even harder to play with this trait... Update after playing 20 Minutes of my current save - I might have to start over again, the changes to the traits outright suck. Hemophobic should give 20 Points now as it is to be worth taking anymore. Bug Report: I'm not sure if its related to the Weight related traits getting changes.. My character has the trait High thirst, and it acutally went insane... Getting through a bottle of water within killing 8 Zombies, another bottle after the next 8 Zombies - something severely changed about the water consumption of my Character, whatever the reason is. Resumé: i'm going to stop beta testing and check things out as soon as 41 goes public - if it goes public like that i might not play it much longer - dunno if its my playstyle, or the traits i tend to chose, but everything that got balanced since build 41 hurt my playstyle - its just not fun anymore to me... I wish the stable build 40 to go back to will be up soon. the Changes with build 41 had much potential but everything got overly balanced
  14. Also feel like it would be cool to get further information about how it should be, at the least to test if it works the way intended Edit: A real bummer if the last trait that can go away gets crashed now
  15. It would be nice to have a 'peek' feature when looking out windows with a curtain or sheet. I created a hideout in the upstairs area of a house and wanted to look outside before sleeping at night and I turned off the light and opened the curtain and a group of 7 - 10 zombies across the street saw me and swarmed the house and I got killed.
  16. I think a hematophobia should avoid fighting anyways, at least they don't want a bloody fight. So you should think about it, do you really want to fight? Or you can handle the consequence yourself?
  17. Yeah I agree here, while gameplay is important so is realism. Weapons with extreme durability should be hard to find, and perhaps not be as good as weapons that break easier, but they should definitely be there. Perhaps it takes much longer to kill a zombie with a metal pipe than it would with a Machete or with an Axe.
  18. The Hemophobic trait adds stress based on the amount of blood on the player. There's a bug where it climbs faster at higher FPS.
  19. Hemophobic now gain stress which leads to depression in less than a day u have 2 bad moods to the top, should it cost more than only -3 points or make it more slow the stress gain??? i mean smoker give u -4 points and never get tho moods to the top negative and is also easier to manage than cleaning your clothes every time u kill a horde cuz u need soap and a lot of water to do it.
  20. [Suggest] I think the helmets should not be drop like the caps, because you can tie up the rope that won't fall off by attacks.
  21. I dont know how to describe it but its from newest patch , after noticing that "thick skinned " trait cost has been raised from -6 to -8 i wanted to check if my save is still ok ,the problem happend after i initiated the attack my fear raised to maximum level, after few minutes with maximum fear lvl even when i was safe in the house etc i deleted the save and went on a new one, the problem occured again but this time with my mental state its on "mental wreck" state ( i mean maximum) and every time i try to decrese it by reading books etc when i attack, it just goes back up, dunno what to do, i checked multiple weapons ,every time same thing. I hope it's a small thing and will be patched soon thanks and have a nice day !
  22. I'm working on a mod where I want players to open packages and get random loot. I have also added distribution information such that players can find the packages and loot information for what should be inside the opened packages. However, the recipe only spawns empty containers, and does not populate them with items. (Note - if I spawn the open packages instead of closed packages in town they do show loot). Is there some OnCreate command I can use to fill the container with loot? Thanks so much! item PackageOpened { Type = Container, DisplayName = Open Package, Icon = PackageOpened, Weight = 0.1, Capacity = 25, WeightReduction = 25, } item PackageClosed { Type = Normal, DisplayName = Package, Icon = PackageClosed, Weight = 0.5, } recipe Open Package { PackageClosed, keep KitchenKnife/HuntingKnife/MeatCleaver/LetterOpener/Scissors, Result:PackageOpened, Sound:PutItemInBag, Time:15.0, } }
  23. Yesterday
  24. And again with another character. My chars are permanently experiencing smoke withrawal even if they aren't smokers. Great!
  25. I died as a smoker. Then created a non-smoker character and restarted using Solo, not Continue. Character gets anxiety from not smoking. Even smoking doesn't help.
  26. After fleeing a horde, at least 1 zombie will never stop following until it is killed. Have had multiple instances of running away from hordes across the entire town only to see a single zombie bee-lining towards me from the edge of my screen 12 game hours later.
  27. Hakkefeke


    Hello! I had some issues with creating a "noizecreator"! after crafting it... I wanted to apply a timer on it.. I clicked on: Create all. There where 3 to apply in total...After the first my char stopped, and I wasn `t able to move any items in the inventory menues anymore. Then I restarted the game... Could apply another one... Same problem, again, after applying the next one! Just wanna let you know! ( I am from Germany, sorry, if my English is not the best)
  28. After opening and closing an annotated map, character loses ability to attack until options menu is opened then closed. Build 41.22, untested on .23. Edit: using controller
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