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Sleeping Hunger accelerated in 'Real Time' Day Length

Posted by Saranis on 21 April 2014 - 09:24 AM

I started a game with the passage of time set to 'Real Time' and all was fine during the day. Towards nightfall (around 7pm or 19:00) I started getting peckish so I ate an apple which gave me the slightly fed moodlet. At 8pm (20:00) I went to bed. At around 11:30pm (23:30) I noticed the peckish moodlet again. At 12:40am (00:40) it had progressed to full hunger. By the time I woke up I'd had the 'Very Hungry' moodlet for a few hours and was worried that I would begin starving before I woke up.


It took quite a few food items (totaling around 75 hunger) after waking up to get the 'slightly fed' moodlet. Once reaching this I was able to go the whole day and most of the evening before getting peckish again. Once I did get peckish a single apple was again enough to earn me the 'slightly fed' moodlet.


This is on Windows but I don't have any other operating system to test it on so I can't speak on whether this occurs on Linux and Mac.

changed status to: Confirmed
changed severity to: 3 - Medium

I want to add that this is still present in Build 26. I know there wasn't time to fix it yet and didn't expect it done.

changed version to: No Version Assigned

Confirming for Build 27. Not only does it take ages to sleep in "real time" setting, it also boggles down the hunger really hard, almost to extreme. (negative 3rd hunger state, 1 away from Starvation). Tested on default character setting, without "Hard Eater" trait.

changed severity to: 4 - High

Increased priority, multiple reports of potentially character-killing behaviour.

changed fixed-in version to: No Version Assigned

changed status to: Fix Committed

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