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    • VOIP feature
      This made me laugh so hard because is true, i am sure that as soon as the NPCs hit the IWBUMS, even if it just the Kate & Bob scenario, the whole Steam and TIS forum will be set on fire from trolls just flaming and the community defending the game i am sure that maybe Rock Paper Shotgun or PCGamer could give a spotlight of this event and all the people will come expecting the second coming of Jesus Christ in NPC form.   Is going to be a day to remember 
    • Hypochondria revamp
      From now on I'll always call that moodle  squeasy XD I like it   I wouldn't worry about new players too much, the game even encourages them to drink bleach XD I'm glad you like the core idea, but I feel like it can be polished a little bit more, I'm not completely satisfied with it yet
    • Hypochondria revamp
      You meant to use "queasy" but I think you misspelled it as "squeasy", which isn't really a word but makes you think of something that you can squeeze. So it was the idea that when infected the player would become mushy and easy to squish that I found funny.   Anyway I agree with your core idea, it would be neat I guess. Only real issue is that it might be confusing to new players. "Why did I feel so sick and then nothing happened?"     Edit: Turns out this is a Squeasy   Spoiler  
    • Hypochondria revamp
      Derp. Well, it's no secret that this is not my main language. What was the word I was looking for there?   Anyway I feel that, I don't want to " force" people, that's useless, old don  chisciotte romantic garbage. What I meant is that there are people who would like to be forced.   I'll use an example, fallout 4 With the revamped survial you're forced to save only when you sleep. Why? Because people save scum, i do that as well and I hate it, but it's the most sensible thing to do.   If all the character were to make you doubt they are actually infected or not, players who just aim to benefits would have some way of balancing it I guess.   The first thing I can think of is to make hypochondria the base condition, and invert the -2 trait to a +2 trait with the effect of letting you know in advance if you're dead or not.   Anyway my intention is towards players that would appreciate this, "benefit players" will always have a way to play as they like, they always do.     I feel you when you say that people who evaluates their characters will still wait till the very end, but there's no point in it, I think that a little bit of false hope would be fun, this is the kind of game that wants you to hope, I think
    • VOIP feature
      Yeah i'd like to extract as much from this thread as possible to get it out there, as I say its important to say, its been building up on my shoulders for a long while, it's just not really the place for it to be.   That all said it's got some honesty in it I'd worry about the aforementioned 'outside community' people seeing it. The admission that there are times I may not work on NPCs, or that I've worked on non NPC things, makes my blood run cold at the thought of some reading it