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  1. I'm Getting these errors Also my game is unresponsive
  2. v0.5.1 bobby pin still has no icon. I'm using windows 7. Help
  3. Can I dismantle stairs too? coz I'm thinking of something with my fort
  4. That's wicked sick! But I bet they will keep coming.
  5. Hey, I can't see weather icon. It only shows up for about half a second during the start of the game.
  6. I don't think there's "happily ever after" in the game 'coz zeds will deliberately search for you wherever you are, even if you're in NW farm. I tried living there once but after at least a couple of weeks, a massive horde just suddenly showed up from nowhere.
  7. Sorry I thought that was for me. Nice question though
  8. ... Multiplayer is possible and will be implemented in the future No time frame. How many Coffees do you drink per day? Said by whom? I prefer milk. Why?
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