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  1. Yeap drugs are wrong, don't forget about this ! Tomga1 your Weed for All is awasome, I like it ! Like the other icons I like !!!!!
  2. Galbar

    Resident Evil Mod

    Nice idea very imersiv
  3. Pour les frenchies qui n'aurait pas encore de serveur qui les accueil MP moi
  4. [FR][24/7][Whitelist][PVE/PVP] Finger Land / ProjectZomboid;fr - www.fingerland.fr Hello everybody ! The first part of this topic is in French after you'll find the English part FRENCH : Salut tout le monde ! Finger Land vient de monter un serveur PZ de toute beauté !! En partenariat avec la communauté du site ProjectZomboid.fr Adresse du serveur de jeu PZ : www.fingerland.fr port : 16261 Il est sur WHITELIST donc pensez à me MP si vous souhaitez le tester Il est PVE pour le moment à la décision générale pour tester dans des conditions sympa pour tout le monde Les règles, le RP et le gameplay seront décidé ensemble Nous avons un Team Speak de touute beauté : www.fingerland.fr Pas de mot de passe mais filtré par des droits attendez dans le channel de bienvenue que quelqu'un vienne vous voir Nous avons un processeur Xeon et toute la RAM nécessaire et les gens pour faire des choses donc venez jouez avec nous si vous le voulez ! 20 ports ouverts donc 20 joueurs pour le moment histoire de voir comment ça tourne Custom map, Event type Last Stand dès que c'est possible ENGLISH : This the Finger Land & ProjectZomboid.fr server, both are FRENCH communities but you're welcome ! Server IP address : www.fingerland.fr Port : 16261 He's now on WHITELIST, think to MP me if you want try He's PVE for now, to let time people to test in easy conditions. Rules and RP and gameplay can be decide together of course. We have a Xeon processor, the RAM needed and people to do somethings so come on let's play with us ! 20 opened ports so 20 players for now to let us see how it works See you soon !
  5. Petite MAJ de 24Mo + BETA Online disponible ! Il y a t-il des trad à faire du coup ?
  6. Yop ! Ok for the move And I hope too ! I'm busy right now but I'm back quickly
  7. Yop ! Following the message I sent to the modders, I received this response and I create the thread above : "Hi Galbar, The consensus is that we don't want to start a new forum section for translated mods, at least not at this point. At the minute, we would suggest putting translations in the original mod thread. If you would be willing to maintain a thread for translations / references to the various translations, we would be happy to 'Pin' a topic in the modding section to give it some visibility. Thanks for all your positive contributions so far to the modding community, hope they continue :)" So I write him I create this topic and I wait reactions ;p I hope a Sub Categorie but I'll do what they decide it's the best. See you to next episode....
  8. @ PsychoEliteNZ : Yop ! If you're hot to do this maybe can you ask to have more space liek an Moderator maybe
  9. Yeaah good idea ! In buiding topic there is now a or some tall buildings so maybe it can be more interesting. We need a coat hanger or something like that to glide along it And the possibilty to install by ourself a ZipLine
  10. Hello all ! I had the idea we can glide/slide along a pole like in firestations, we can make one in constructions and so maybe to build a cool firestation with it for mapping The Fire Station Epic POLE (and glide along it not dance !) Someone agree ?
  11. @ ArtyxAD : Yop ! It does not matter if you replace 3 words by only 2. You only need to look in game if the words you have written does not exceed the box or the space provided for this purpose in game. To see in game your work, you got 2 options : - Finnish folder is already included (with english sentences) and you choice Finnish, but it's not actually the case. - You replace French sentences in the French files by Finnish without change the "EN" or "FR" at top of files. Like that and puting your game in "French" or "Francais" in the launcher you will can see your work And about the files look a last thing : in the files each time you see sentences with "undescore" like this "Put_in_a_box" it's not what you will see on screen, it's the ID of the order for the game. But after this you write the words who appear on screen. Exemple with the french : "Put_in_a_box" = "Mettre en boîte" You see me too 4 words have been replaced by only 3, and I don't put "underscore" "_" because it's what appear on screen. You can create too a "Finnish Translation" Topic HERE like other don't be afraid and ask to others Finnish to come help you to decide and share the work. I hope to be helpful without know if I really understand what you need.
  12. Don't worry be...heu it's humor Drugs are already in : there is alcool and cigarettes ;p
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