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Sieben's little - How to - I made some stuff for buildings

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Hello everyone!


I decide to create a little "How to" - tutorial for those, who asked themself "How did he make that".


Not to mentioned that it's really easy and self explaining for myself, I'll make a step by step guide to be sure that everyone is in a position to make and use the stuff for his/hers buildings (and also not to end on a pyre because of witchcraft).


Hmm, with what shall we start?


Ok, have it :D


Part 1:


How to create a prisoncell with a cell style window - (one you can't open without a sledgehammer ;) )

Step 1: Organize Tiles (Part one)

What we need:


location_community_police_01 cell walls asign to Interior and Exterior Walls group


location_community_school_01 walls as Interior Walls (I like these :) they should be asigned already; you can choose any wall with the window shape you want)


walls_commercial_03 walls as Exterior Walls (you can choose any wall with the window shape you want, but shape should fit with the choosen Interior Walls)


Click on Exterior Walls to the "Plus(+)", then drag and drop the walls to their asigned fields. Same for Interior Walls.




Step 2: Creating and drawing three rooms

I decide to make two cellrooms and one floor.

Interior Walls should be the school walls, the floor I choosed here is from the industry_01 tileset.

If finished, it should be look like this:




Step 3: Draw cell walls and cell windows

With the "Place Wall" tool, just draw a wall across the cells and the floor (the security should have full view in the rooms but the prisoners shouldn't see each other :) ) and two walls where the windows should be. Otherwise I've changed the Interior Walls of the two cells to the cell and not the school walls.




Step 4: Organize Tiles (Part two)

Because all the rooms looks really awful, let us create some WallOverlays

What we need:


A new cathegory called WallOverlay - Walls - Windows (Here you put all windowsoverlays in the future for a better overview)


A new cathegory called WallOverlay - Walls - Corners (same here for corners)

We'll need for this tutorial windows from school and commercial and both corners (even if not both corners are used now, it's could be helpful for other projects :) )


Hit the "Plus(+)" twice in the new cathegories for two wall overlays. Then search the windowframe in the location named in Step 1. Drag westsided window to west field and northsided window to north. Same for the corners but here it's enough to place a corner only to west. Don't forget to switch the Layer from Furniture to WallOverlay on at least one field in a row!




Step 5: Asign the walloverlays with "Place Furniture"

Like placing your favorite fridge, let us place our created walloverlays.

First the windows and then choose the school corner and place it twice to the cell wall. Looks much better :) .




Step 6: Opposite cells

Repeat Step 2 and 3 on the opposite. You should now youse the Exterior Wall cell for placing the windows! Place the window overlay from the commercial wall and place again twice the school corners. Adding four doors and the cells are finished! :)






How to create an elevator of death

Step 1: Organize Tiles
What we need:

Nothing special. If you want special walls for the elevator and the elevatorshaft, go to the tutorial "How to create a prisoncell with a cell style window" and follow "Step 1" :) .

Step 2: Creating 4 rooms

For this elevator we'll need four rooms. I'll call them shaft_base, shaft_elevator01, shaft_elevator02 and shaft_none.

shaft_base: It's the shaft at the basement and has a floor and walls (I choosed sewer walls and hard street ground)

shaft_elevator01: This is the location, where the elevator got stucked. Also this is a room in a room. You can choose the wall and the floor as you think it would fit to your elevator. I'll take Fossoil

shaft_elevator02: The location above the elevator. Choose same Interior Walls like the rest of the shaft here, but some other floor, because we need a "roof" :) (you can't build real roofs underneath other rooms or they vanished)

shaft_none: All others rooms above the shaft_basement. Choose equal or another interior wall like the basement, just how your concept require it. As floor we choose "none"!


Step 3: Create three more floors

Click on Floor 1/1 and add three floors until we have 4 of them.


Step 4: Drawing rooms

Now we're drawing rooms on each floor. On floor 1 there should be the shaft_basement room and each floor above a shaft_none room. The size is up to you but I'll created a 5x4 tile room
I've added some doors to each floor. Sadly there aren't functional elevator doors just some closed walllike doors under escalators




Upper floors



Step 5: Drawing the elevator

Choose the floor, where the elevator should be stucked and draw a smaller room in your shaft. I choose the 2nd floor. My shafts have e size of 5x4 tiles, so in my case it will be 3x4 tiles. Draw the elevator with the shaft_elevator01 room.


Now up one floor and draw another room with the shaft_elevator02 room. Oh no! The "roof" have now walls, so no fall off :( .



Step 6: Removing walls
No problem! Use the "Place Wall"-tool and select as wall "None". Place it over the existing one will make it vanish and walkable!




Elevator of death because you can fall down some floors if unwary!


From outside


and with x-ray :)



Pro tips: If placing the elevator in the basement and a player fall down the roof because of unwariness, he/she won't escape and will starve to death unless he/she has a sledgehammer ;) .




Part 2


Feel free to comment, discuss, criticize :)

Edited by Sieben

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Because of use to many pictures in one thread! (and smilies :D )


Part 2:


How to recreate my military tents

Step 1: Organize Tiles
What we need:

A lot of tiles.

- The truck tarpauline from industry_trucks 01 set as "WallOverlay". Choose the color you want to use. I'll take the ocher one
- The same colored flat truck tarpauline as "Roof Tops"
- The thin tarpauline "endings" as "WallFuniture"
* If you want a special floor for this tent (like the roof) bind the used roof tile also as floor tile under "Floors"
- some "Exterior Walls" resemble the color like the chosen plane from walls_interior_house_0X. I'll take the ones from 03 next to the black.
* If you want a special interior wall for this tent, which is not set in "Interior Walls", choose one and bind it.
- Some "tent poles": I'll take a corner from a wall for these. We need three of them one as "WallOverlay", one as "WallFuniture" and the last one as "Funiture". Why this? Because I want this! Choose one you like. I'll take a wooden one from walls_exterior_wooden_01


- Some "shadows". We'll take for them the grime in overlay_grime_floor_01 set as "Funiture"

Step 2: Presets
Because we are really getting bored after setting tile for tile in the BuildingEditor, let's create some presets (it's also better for the overview)!

- I'll create in the next step a 6x9 room so let us create two preset with the tarpauline. We need just west and north. For each wall length drag and drop the tarpauline tile in the fields. 6x west and 6x north, set as "WallOverlay" and then 9x west and 9x north, set as "WallOverlay"
- So we need also the floor grime (the light version, because they'll stack) 6 in a row for each direction (W,N,E,S) and (don't give up!) 9 in a row for each direction.

Tarpauline Layer "WallOverlay" and grime "Furniture".

- Now that we have lost the last of our sanity let's create one more preset with floor grime: a 4x4 size with the grime corners (just west) pointing to the center.


Note: If you should use some tiles more than once then it could be helpfull to make presets with a row length of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10. 6-9 or 10+ rows can be combined with the created presets. Not only usefull for overlays, you can also create presets for funiture too, like a table with chairs for example.

Step 3: Creating 1 room
Create 1 room with the chosen interior wall and floor (if you want some; I'll make a pavilion styled one, which takes over the ground from the map it placed on).
Like I mentioned it in "Step 2" my tent has a size of 6x9 tiles.

Also change the exterior wall to your favorite wall.


Step 4: WallOverlay and WallFuniture
WallOverlays are stackable two times. The second overlay "buries" the first one.

On my military tents I used an old technique. This tutorial one is a bit complicate but has "more" details. In my older version I used only WallOverlays, but there is a limit of two overlays. Adding a third overlay makes the first one vanish. So I used less tent poles in the tents.
With a combination of WallOverlay and WallFuniture you can bypass the limit, but there are rules!!!

WallFuniture always dominate WallOverlay because WallOverlay just change the wall and Wallfuniture is an "object" (like a clock) at the wall. So it doesn't matter how often you change the wall, the object will be visible. We can work with this!

- Because I want the tent poles only seen from inside (the exeption is the bottom), place outside the corners with the "WallOverlay"


- Now I'm placing the tarpauline-presets at the exterior wall. You'll see that the corners vanish except the bottom thanks to the fancy look of the tarpauline


- Place also the tarpauline-presets at the interior wall. If we would now place at the upper corner a corner with "WallOverlay" one tile would vanish (based on which tarpauline you set earlier at first, because there is no cornertile for this and two overlays are used to create the corner)
- So place in the interior the corners with "WallFuniture"
- At last at the outside place the tarpaulin "endings" twice (west and north) until the Corner will be covered by them.


- For more "realism" let's place two corners as "Funiture" at the center of the tent, because the roof would be sag... if not.


Step 5: Second Floor
Add a second floor for the roof by pressing the "1/1 Floor"-button in the workbar, then the (+)-symbol and OK-it.

Place the roof until the lower room is covered

Step 6: "Shadowing"
If we look at our tent at this time we see the 1st floor looks really cool but the second looks... hmm let's say it looks "sterile".


We can make it looks better but not perfectly. If you go with this stage of building then it's OK but remain here and read further :)
- Let's place the 6 row-preset and the 9 row-preset at the borders of the roof.


Hmm, so finished! Have Fun! NO WAIT!

If we change the floors there are two tent poles in the center, wouldn't it be better if you can see at the roof that they exist even without entering the tent?!

- Let's place the 4x4 grime-preset on each position, where the upper part of the "tent poles" would be.


Better... for me ;)

Step 6: Other things
- Finally we need a entrance. Because a real door doesn't seem right here, just take the doorframe without a door (choose "NONE" at doors). If we now placing the doorframe we'll notice that the real wall is replaced but the overlay remains. Nice a "Curtain"-door!
- You can also place windows at your tent. Sadly these are realwindows (with glass), so you can break them.


Note: Because there is no door a survivor can just went through the overlay but can't look inside. Same the Window, can't see through but if opened he can climb through. Also that this tent is a room there is a chance that the alarm turns on if entering. Z's can also go through the entrances :D . So be warned until the survivor won't build a door at the entrance these tents are not save. I like them ;)


How to make funny things with: WallOverlays

-> Window Shutters

This is one of many new combinations I use in my stadium! It's very simple and easy to remake.


(Heading east and south if you staying outside in front of the door)


Open Version


Step 1: What do we need

A wall and shutters ;) . I used here the full glass wall from walls_commercial_01 as wall and the garage gate (open) from walls_garage 02.


Step 2: Draw a wall

I draw mine in a length of 7 tiles.


Step 3: Set a door

Not necessary but looks cooler and later you'll understand :)



Step 4: Create a preset

Create a preset with the garage gate in the length of your drawn wall. Set is at WallOverlay.



Step 5: Merge them

Place the "window shutters" at your glass wall.





Closed Version


Just the closed version of the garage gate as preset and set as Wall. Nothing special, need no image :D


(Heading west and north if you staying inside in front of the door)


Open Version


Just a glass wall with a door. Nothing special, need no image because you've just drawn it a little while ago ;)


Closed Version


Step 1:What we need

A wall and shutters :D . No I should say "shutters and a wall... and a door". Use tiles: the wall from walls_commercial_01 and this time the garage gate (closed) walls_garage 02. Use a door you like, I'll take the black bordered glass door from fixtures_doors_01.


Step 2: Create presets

We need this time three presets:

1. The closed version of the garage gate (mine has a length of 7 tiles like before) set as Wall.

2. A glass wall preset with a door frame in it. Don't worry you can just add 3 wall tiles, 1 door frame and again 3 wall tiles in your preset. Set this as WallOverlay

3. A door preset. Just the door ;) . Set it as WallOverlay. Why? Because if you place a real door instead of the fake one, there will be a missing tile in the garage gate.


Step 3: Place garage gate

Place it.



Step 4: Merge them

Place the glass wall overlay at the garage wall and then place the door overlay where the door frame is.






The end... for now

Edited by Sieben

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