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  1. So after the ground was all ready to go, would you just pick the chickens up and move them to a new pen? I like the idea. I mean I'm down for anything that adds more realism and emersion into the game. My only question really is: How would one put together and program the game so this were the case? Maybe after a certain amount of days say (90) or something. The ground automatically displays some type of color or turns a darker brown representing the ground is ready to plant?
  2. It's been brought up several times now. The idea of a global chat has pretty much been shut down. No one wants to hear people complain that they were "just killed unfairly" and "want there stuff back" over and over. It ruins immersion and any attempt at role playing. Now maybe the ability to find a radio and use it as a way to "establish" communication with other survivors across the world could work. Which I believe is something that has also already been brought up. Your best chance as of now? If communicating with friends (Skype, Teamspeak, mumble) if not. Maybe set a keyboard macro up to say "Hey, I'm friendly" or "are you friendly?" So it's just one simple key press and your good. Don't know how to set up macros? Googles your best friend
  3. More... for the love of god! GIVE ME MORE! Haha great tutorial I really hope to see some more lessons from you
  4. Oh yeah, I totally forgot about this! It's quite annoying not knowing how many rounds you have left, but I guess it's somewhat realistic... Giving you the occasional "oh shit" moment when running out of ammo if you're not counting Maybe you should only see the amount of rounds in the gun when it's unequipped? Ya its kinda tricky to tackle that one! Part of me is like "I really wish I knew how many rounds I had in a weapon" but at the same time I enjoy the thought of just spontaneously running out during mid fire fight. Maybe have a way where you can right click your weapon and click *Check ammo* or something? Then you could have weapons that spawn with various amounts of ammo in them. For example, you find a pistol and your like "YES!" but then you get all nervous because your like "What if there's no ammo..." And you slowly slide the clip out and peer in to see... 5 rounds! Yay!
  5. You work is amazing! I especially enjoy all of the military buildings you have made! Motivates me to try and get as good as I possibly can with the the building editor so I can make some awesome things like this! Ill be looking forward to using alot of these in some future mapping plans I have! Keep up the work!
  6. Sounds like fun! Look forward to seeing some pictures. Maybe soon?
  7. Don't take my word for it, but I'm pretty sure KY has a law where a weapon can have a limited amount of rounds in it (AR I believe is 10) if that weapon is stored somewhere for quick self defense. I could google it... im to lazy Either way, I agree that if a zombie apocalypse broke out a few people would have had weapons armed, loaded, and ready to go! However (And correct me if I'm wrong) is there anyway to see how many rounds are in a weapon currently? Because now that I recall I don't remember seeing anything that showed me if a weapon was loaded or not?
  8. I throw some time down later today to help out with the wiki. Also would like to maybe write up and add a few more guides to the page!
  9. I feel if we put our heads together we could crack this code. Though a modding tool for 3D animations would be nice and super convenient, I really just want to be the typical person I am and jump the gun rushing head on into something I barely understand in an attempt to accomplish it! But really there's some 3D models I want to add in a mod I plan on working on and I'm inpatient. There must. be. a way! Ill keep looking into it
  10. A whole list of really good ideas! Hell if this doesn't get added at some point I would have no problem trying to make it into a mod!
  11. I can only imagine walking into my safehouse and there's just piles of zombies in all the rooms "Damn it not again!"
  12. Phuket


    Id love to see something like this added. I like the thought of nothing in the game being useless and everything having a purpose such as rotten food. I'm sure somewhere down the line someone or one of the Devs have brought this up. Itll probably be implemented during a build where farming has more of an upgrade/overhall.
  13. This is awesome! Im really looking forward to trying out the new cooking system. Especially now when food goes bad it can still be valuable. Much more of an incentive to work on the cooking skill! Keep up the good work!
  14. I want to take part in this project! Just tell me where to sign up and what I need to help with!
  15. Phuket

    Forest Map

    As far as I know there is not. However unless you managed to make it where you spawned in with gear. You would need to have items you can only obtain through homes. Like a saw, Axe, Nails, Hammer. If you wanna live off the land I suggest spending a few days running around town collecting all the items you need to do it. Then head on out into the deep wilderness and enjoy!
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