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Zed Shepard

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Lately I've taken up the habit of traveling with about 200 zombies in tow as I wonder around multiplayer servers, they're kinda my best pals and they are the perfect thing to bring to a gun fight, but they are a bit bitey. I feel kind of like the doctor from Day of the dead, or michone. I've never been bit, but I was thinking it would be cool to have mechanics to involve this strategy into the game proper, notably I would like


Sliding fence gates

It'd be nice if there was a way to open gates through corners so that you can open or close pens of zombies without them having a way to get to you, it would be good for any style castle defense though really. 


Ropes and tethers

I think this has been suggested for human players, but I haven't seen it suggested for zombies, it would be nice if you could tether them in soft soil and keep them in place as a defence against humans, or even to have a pair of zombie pets like Michone. it would be easier to move them around of course though with


Dog catchers poles

Those pole things with ropes that dog catchers use, they have been used in both Day of the dead and Walking dead, and I think it would be super cool to be able to actually be able to physically move zombies around, you could even use it as a weapon against people, and finally


Army issue Zombie chow

 made from tainted beef, and not safe for human consumption, it's not Bub's favorite but you can drop it or open it and every zombie in smelling distance will swarm to wherever the can is dropped as if it's a swarmed player.

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