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  1. Generators, potentially heightened difficulty, traps; goodness gracious TIS you've outdone yourselves with this update. Can't wait to inevitably screw up and blow up my safehouse experiment with the new explosive means of disposing of zombies. That might help me clear downtown West Point a touch faster. Great work devs as always.
  2. It's all the patches I didn't know I needed but I did. Keep up the great work TIS.
  3. As I understand it outdoorsman stops / reduces your chance of catching a cold from being out in the rain, and reduces or stops the effects of overheating / freezing. Orienteering has yet to be an actual feature.
  4. An excellent idea Pabs. I for one would love to have a SAFE fire inside the house. Something to help you not freeze in winter and actually light up the house once the power shuts down.
  5. Interesting idea overall. I'd be down for a little post apocalypse lawn care; preferably not on my hands and knees with scissors, I must say.
  6. Anvilman6


    So ready for another zombie game to suddenly drop the capability to drive a massive beast of metal and machinery into an everyday joe's lap.
  7. Mmm, glorious First Aid revisions coming in hot. Now I can actually help heal the team instead of telling them to bandage their wounds and eat broccoli until they're better. Also, Erosion is looking great; definitely looking forward to this update.
  8. "Oh hell, I DID leave the oven on."
  9. Project Zomboid - the only game in which every dwelling in the town trailer park has a burglar alarm. But, in seriousness, I like this idea. Might take a bit of the randomness away from the game though if you just beeline to the security hub and disable it.
  10. Interesting idea, seems a bit exploitable though, "I'm feeling peckish, maybe I'll go run past a horde of zombies to lower it for a while." However, the idea of them returning at greater magnitude might be a deterrent for this. Personally, with how often panic comes on at this stage of the game, I'm thinking it might be a bit tough to balance it though.
  11. Hmm; strapping knifes to gardening equipment may not be the safest route... I for one am interested in the ranged overhaul coming soonTM.
  12. Anvilman6


    This map is excellent! Keep up the good work!
  13. New construct-able furniture? Terminal Hype++. Maybe sometime later we'll also be able to do constructions involving electricity, but that is for the devs to know and us to guess about. Great stuff in this upcoming build, dev team!
  14. Interesting. A move a day may be as much as I could make with how little time I have on my hands. Been a while since I've played chess, would be a good refresher.
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