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The ability to add more rain collectors for plumbed utilities.


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The idea is that currently, you can only place 9 rain collectors for each item such as a sink. I suggest that you can add more rain collectors and require adjacent collectors have a hole on the side that faces the other collectors to allow more water to be drained from all the collectors.


Visual example:


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How does this currently work anyway...? I tried a few times to place more than one barrel but it never seemed to work as I would expect? The sink shows only the 400 water units and also seems to drain only one barrel. What is it that actually should happen or do I need to do something extra I am missing?

At the moment I always use the "irrigation pipes" mod to connect barrels (and plumb one to the sink).


Back to topic: I like the idea!

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Posted (edited)
10 hours ago, getstoopid said:

How does this currently work anyway...?

I'm pretty sure it's the collector above a sink or other things and the surrounding tiles including diagonals so it should be able to use 9 in total (I havnt tested this yet, but I saw this on a tutorial video)



also in case you didn't know you have to use a pipe wrench to plumb

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Oh I do know how to plumb and all, that's not the problem. It's just that I also read once (somewhere here in the forum) that you could actually use multiple collectors together by placing them above a sink adjacent in a 3x3 area, but it simply never worked. It only ever connects one of the barrels (seems to be random which one also).

So I hoped you could bring light into this and would tell me how.

Anyway... didn't want to highjack your thread =)

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