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  1. I guess maybe you could use some (cloudbased) file repo like github, any collaboration platform or even a simple cloudstore to achieve a (very limited) sync. But you would definetely run into troubles if there are conflicts (two "solo" games at the same time) and in my opinion not worth the bother
  2. Yes that would be neat. For now I suggest using the following mod Workshop ID: 2619072426 Mod ID: TheStar Weapon Condition Indicator https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2619072426
  3. "for free" I guess not... but there are plenty hosting provider for simple linux based servers under 10€/$ per month, where you could easily run a game (in a docker container it's easy to setup also). If you and your friends split the cost this should be possible?
  4. Wouldn't it be way easier to just have a hosted server somewhere or an internet-facing server on your side than syncing the server files? To your question: I guess you could sync the safe files but I haven't really tried
  5. I'd guess this is more of a visual bug than a technical as you describe it because sometimes you cancel (somehow) the action of closing the door, if I recall correctly... so technically it is open but you can't see it and therefor you are free food for every passerby. You could hear the difference I guess as the door wasn't really closed so it wouldn't play the closing sound, but that's just me guessing... Btw your ranting about the fire death was hilarious! and sooo true!
  6. Only partly agreeing with you... yes game-devs may have _some_ responsibility but not in every aspect. As with childs in such grim games - skip them entirely? Yeah absolutely, because it's a sensible approach and doesn't break the game at all. But if you decide to implement a feature like depression in such a game setting where it makes totally sense, you should actually go the full mile... you may decide against suicide but depression should have a severe impact. People whose mental state is in jeopardy when playing such games should avoid them anyway for their own safety.
  7. Absolutely, but in the real world the way bigger threat than small groups of roaming zombies would be organized bandits, raiders or bands of militia-rough-necks that want to build _their_ society and you are in the way So that may make sense when NPCs are out there (with enough brains and hostility that they pose a threat) or on a PvP server maybe.. single or coop would be somewhat ruined I guess, at least for me.
  8. You are absolutely right but than there would be no reason at all to skip this trait... it's actually a no-brainer and freebie points as it is already
  9. Ok I hear you... but that's actually an entire new situation. Practically a new game where it would totally make sense and be part of the fun to loot a mounted gun and build other "big-bang machines/contraptions" in general.
  10. I see where you are going but if you face a horde and are not prepared to leave you made a big mistake in the first place... game-wise in pz I mean. That's actually the problem: IF you had a machine gun and could actually deal with a horde you practically beat the game... so it is somewhat run-ending also anyway.
  11. I'd love to see diy constructions like tripwire alarm traps or spiked-barrels or simple trenches to break their legs and such things. Heavy machine guns would make sense near military outposts for sure but has the potential to make dealing with larger groups or even hordes way to easy
  12. Crayfish would be an option, yes I don't think I understand what it is you want to say?
  13. Lobsters live in the ocean
  14. There is a misunderstanding, I do play with many mods active... I just never tried to build a mod myself so I couldn't say if it'd need to be janky if it was modded
  15. Oh wow that's cool... I didn't know that there was a feature like that?! Did someone try this mod on a MP Server?
  16. I actually like the soundtrack very much but I also play with music off because first of all I don't like music in games in general and I also don't like the seemingly random choice of "action-tracks" just because of one moaner shuffling around
  17. I never tried modding pz so I wouldn't know.. then let's hope for the future
  18. would be a nice vanilla feature indeed... do you happen to know mods for this until then?
  19. I'd hate to increase reading speed... gaining knowledge by risking losing precious time (in-game not real time!) should be a decision I have to make. In fact I'd love to reduce the reading speed as it is ridiculous high at the moment but it is unbearable to watch my char reading and I shouldn't be forced to. A voting system for a general ff would be awesome... so some of us could sleep while others read or clean their stuff
  20. One pie for everyone requesting this *g Maybe one day we will be able to fast-forward on MP Server
  21. Well you just could disable the outlining...
  22. Yes this system is somewhat lacking
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