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Journals don't spawn at all

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"Journal" item (the one with 20 pages) doesn't spawn at all. I checked loot tables on bookshelves and desks, no journals at all there.


My modlist:

Boredom Tweaks
Common Sense
Easy Config Chucked
Fencing Kits!
FitnessGains XP Mod
Fluffy Hair
Fuel Side Indicator
Improved Hair Menu
Item Tweaker API
ItemTweaker Extra Clothing Option Addon
Map Legend UI
Mod Options
Out the Window
Read While Walking
Rebalanced Prop Moving
Simple Retextures
Spongie's Clothing
Spongie's hair
Spongie's Open Jackets
Standardized Aiming XP
Standardized Nimble XP
Standardized Reloading XP
Standardized Sprinting XP
Tsar's Common Library
Working Masks
Turk's lasting jarred foodstuffs

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If you have issues with mods, try disabling them one by one or in batches to figure out which specific mod is causing the problems.

Do it on a new save to prevent any issues on your current playthrough, as removing mods can cause items to be permanently deleted.

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Just done a quick search, the journal item is only listed on one loot table: "sidetable", not wure which containers that is - bed side drawers perhaps?  or maybe those small table with a drawer you find in living rooms?

Full tables is:

                "BluePen", 1,
                "ComicBook", 4,
                "Disc_Retail", 2,
                "Eraser", 2,
                "Journal", 4,
                "Magazine", 10,
                "Magazine", 10,
                "Newspaper", 4,
                "Notebook", 2,
                "Paperclip", 4,
                "Pen", 2,
                "Pencil", 4,
                "RedPen", 1,
                "SheetPaper2", 20,

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I did complete reinstall, with purging both Zomboid folders in Steam installation directory and C:/Users/ and unsubscribing from all my mods from Workshop. I see the journal on the list of items but nothing shows in "LootZed" or whatever it is called debug tool to check loot tables in-game. Are they spawning in really specific places?

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