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  1. I think I didn't make myself clear. Let me try again: I kill a zombie wearing bandana on his face. The item is named "Bandana (Face)". I am not using debug mode and I have not spawned anything. I wear it by clicking "Wear". It goes on my head, becoming "Bandana (Head)". I have to manualy right-click it and choose "Put on face" option. Then it goes on my mouth, where it should be. If I unequip it and "Wear" it again, the process repeats. Hope it's clearer now.
  2. As in title, clicking "Wear" on "Bandana (face)" item makes character wear it on head instead of putting it on their face, replacing a baseball cap for example.
  3. So if destroyed saucepan is put on the ground in the rain, picked up and the water is poured from it, saucepan becomes 100% Condition again.
  4. It definitely SHOULD be a thing, I agree!
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