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[41.71] [Multiplayer] Unable to rest using tents

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Version: 41.71 (I am pretty sure this existed in previous versions as well)

Singleplayer/Multiplayer: I have only experienced this bug in multiplayer. I double checked with others and they experienced the same issue.

Mods: None. I only tested on vanilla multiplayer servers.

Reproduction steps:


When putting up a tent on the ground and right clicking it while exhausted there is no rest option. I've been able to rest on beds and on other types of seats on the same servers, just not tents. I've also tried it in a locally hosted multiplayer session with no luck.


I've only tested this on servers where sleep is disabled, not sure if that's relevant.

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Not exactly a specific solution, but if you sit on the ground, you'll get a buff to fatigue regeneration. Don't know if it's the same buff as using the right click context menu on chairs/beds, butnj wouldn't be surprised if it is.


I thought I read that there were certain furniture bits you could rest on, while also sitting on the ground for a double buff, but this may have been fixed already.

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