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  1. Makes sense. 5 hour energy drinks are still more than a decade away. Maybe have vitamins be replaced by caffeine tablets, or the bennies truckers like so much. Of course, in that case, they should be rarer than vitamins, and maybe make em stronger than coffee. From what it looks like based on the way the game is set up, nutrition consists of calories, protein and fat, and although some have these values listed, I don't think they're fully implemented as if yet. Maybe taking vitamins prior to food will increase nutrition intake provided by the food. As in, useless on their own, but when consumed in conjunction with food, it'll increase the positive benefits of food, or maybe have the character stay full longer(including strength bonuses from being full), and take longer to reach the state of hunger. Something like that, instead of the usual consume them for a specific stat increase, have them instead improve the effectiveness of other items. I think that could add a little more variety to gameplay. Just my thoughts.
  2. To the OP author, I've a slightly related question.. Hammering and folding iron onto itself on an anvil blacksmith style, is that what forge welded means?
  3. I think if you hold ctrl or alt, you can free look around. Doesn't quite simulate mirrors, but it kinda keeps in check with PZ's play style.
  4. Yeah, holding down E will have him climb through, touching E opens windows, holding E while at a closed window will have the character open it and climb through. Also, and I figure this may be less known, but if you hold shift while pressing E will have the character close the curtain. There is also a mod on the workshop for jumping through the window if you sprint through it.(using alt key, kr whatever sprint is bound to). Includes closed windows, with chance of injury you would normally get climbing through a broken window (might include injury not limited to the hand, but I haven't tested that). I myself seldom sprint indoors, so accidental jumps never happen for me, but I also often time forget the mod is installed.
  5. Yeah, like all games where folk modify character skins, there are an abundance of nude mods available already.
  6. Not 100% on this, but I don't think they even hear you walking on broken glass... Unless that was recently fixed.
  7. Fires that are outside of your characters 'reality bubble' actually pause, for lack of a better description. A fire you leave burning on the other side of the map will still be burning when you get back to it. Months later even. I hope Yuri's sexy fire system address that issue. I also hope it is tied to weather. Long drought should increase the likelihood of fire spreading, and rain/snow should lower it.
  8. The character's outfit reminds me of Commander Keen.
  9. Maybe allow dual wield, but make it as impractical as it would be in reality. Hard time scoring a hit with a pistol at close range? Why not do even worse by using 2! Allow players to create their own doomed Hollywood action figure. I'm sure there's be plenty of folk in the real world who get chomped down playing cowboy. It could make for entertaining role play. "So, how'd you die?" "It turns out dressing up like a ninja and doing badass summersaults is a good way to get eaten./John Wayne Wayneing it up was a bad idea."
  10. I think there is a mod that addresses this, but I haven't tried it, and don't remember what it is called, but I adds an addition loot "container" that consolidates all items within reach under one of the tabs. Looked promising.
  11. Indeed it does. But you can define other items you want on, or off that list in sandbox, can you not? Or is that feature incomplete at the moment?
  12. Not exactly a specific solution, but if you sit on the ground, you'll get a buff to fatigue regeneration. Don't know if it's the same buff as using the right click context menu on chairs/beds, butnj wouldn't be surprised if it is. I thought I read that there were certain furniture bits you could rest on, while also sitting on the ground for a double buff, but this may have been fixed already.
  13. I think headgear and certain other items(glasses, I think) dropped by zeds, under the default game modes, are set to.despawn after a day or two, if I understand the mechanic right. Can be turned off in sandbox, or redefine which objects despawn. I figure it's a feature added to help reduce save file size bloat. And based on Pandoras question, I'm going to assume the despawn does not apply. Apologies if I got any of that wrong.
  14. Would be a neat feature, if only to see how others go about surviving the end times. I do have concern over the ability to exploit that on pvp servers. Stream snipers can be annoying, and I'd be worried griefers would employ such a tactic.
  15. I don't think I'd hazard using tainted water from sewers myself. I mean, there's the games current version of tainted water, but the stuff underground in sewers is probably a little too poo like, even if boiled. Not to mention oil contamination, heavy metal content such as mercury and whatever other ground water run off contaminants. But I do look forward to some underground layers. I never tried it, but I think there was a mod that someone made that added basements, but they were more of a teleport to an underground layer that zombies couldn't get to. Kinda wondering how the devsll implement it myself. I always wondered if it was possible to raise the ground level layer up a floor, and just have zombies spawn heat map moved up to the "second floor" layer, then some kind of system to allow some to spawn in the basement layer. Anyhow, can't wait to see it implemented.
  16. If only I'd have known that. Next time I find myself walking through a fire, I'll take a moment and hit the pause button that has helped me plot my way through other hairy situations. I can't remember how the game handles it, but if I'm standing on top of a fire pit when I kight it, does my character walk to the edge of the fire before lighting it, or does he light his own fire, so to speak.
  17. I like how the additional zeds mod(sorry, can't remember the mods name proper) has a findable map item that is a collectors list of all their outfits. Doesn't quite Grey out as you suggested, but the fact they added 150 unique z outfits was cool enough, but then the list of collectibles you can write on like a map(assuming I remember that right) was an extra bit of icing on the cake.
  18. Reminds me of a time you could put a fridge in a fridge.
  19. I started a new character in Riverside many moons ago. And before any combat, bad food or any other injury just collapsed and died shortly after leaving the starting house. No idea why. Game bug, weird mod conflict, no idea. I know it doesn't quite fit the overall theme of this thread, but I can assure you, it is a moment I'll never forget. When I've more time to make a more involved post, I'll make another post that is more properly memorable.
  20. Good ideas. He'll, I'd be happy with the ability to create 1 custom list alone. A favorites pile of sorts.
  21. And for the sake of flavor, maybe add one of those on rail 2 car assemble able race tracks, to kill boredom. You know the kind, the ones that fly off the rails if you take the corners too fast. But more to the OP, I like the idea. Thematically appropriate for the time line. Not sure if rc planes or helicopters had hit the market by this time, but something to think about as well.
  22. I've heard tell of, then ultimately made a few floating book bookshelfs with hidden compartments. I'd upload pictures, but they were gifts outside of the range of my camera. Basically, attach a thick hard cover book to some L shaped brackets; the horizontal bit on the inside of the back few pages of the book, running away from it's spine, with the vertical bit running upwards towards the book's cover. Part way through the book, cut out the insides of the pages in the last two thirds of the book, leaving the edges untouched, so the book looks normal, but has a secret compartment. Then mount it on a wall with the book's spine facing away from it, and the cover towards the ceiling, where you can freely stack books on top. This makes it look like the books are floating. Book looters will give the bottom book a tug, and will presumably ditch it if you mounted it right, and hopefully don't try to open the book while it is still attached to the wall. Not exactly the most relevant response PZ wise, but this thread reminded me that I made some of those once, and they were pretty darn cool. Cutting out the compartment can be annoying, time consuming, and if your using a dull blade, you run the risk of tearing toward the edge of the pages, which could spoil the illusion. And the book should be thick enough to hide the vertical part of the bracket. It should also be a boring, useless title that no one wants to take or paruse through. Secret compartments aren't much good if discovered, or moved somewhere unknown to the OG owner. Getting back to the topic, I like the idea. PZ could use more hidden loot. There are already hidden floor stashes, and some folk have been requesting the ability to find items buried underground, or make some of these hidden stashes yourself. I'm always down for unique loot options.
  23. I lost too many survivors to my own camp fire. Once in a blue moon, the character stops burning, and survives. The rest of the time they roast to ashes... Until the fire reworking by Yuri comes back into development, it'd be cool if wearing full firefighter gear protects the player from catching fire. Just have it take a longer exposure time to ignite, or have standing in a fire with the gear damages it over time to a point it no longer protects the wearer(living or dead) from oxidizing. Unrelated, but does anyone know if you can use water containers or extinguishers on them selves? I'm loath to try, for obvious reasons. Maybe they do this automatically, and my large amount of fire deaths were characters with empty water bottles? The only logical explanation I could think of why so few survived, and so many more did not.
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